PART I: The Georgia “Guide-” Stones: Facts, Findings, Ramifications

1. The ‘Blessings’ of So-Called Progress – 2. A Hidden Group, a Pseudonym, and a Breathtaking Project – 3. An Outlandish Structure Indeed – 4. A Brutal Message for Future Generations… – 5. … Complete with a “User’s Manual” of Sorts – 6. Résumé

 PART II: Year 2010: The Georgia “Guide-” Stones’ Hour of Fulfillment?

A Striking Prediction – 1. The Manchurian President’s Marxist Paradigm Shift – 2. The Impending Collapse of the World Economy and the ‘New Solutions’ Waiting around the Corner – 3. The So-Called ’European Integration Process,’ Harbinger of a Future ‘One Human Family’ – 4. The Abominable Role of the Post-Conciliar Catholic Church in Shaping a New Totalitarian ‘Spirituality of Oneness’ – 5. The Unchanged Soviet Union’s Programme of ‘Convergence’ with Europe and the West, on Communist Terms – 6. The Gulf of Mexico Crime Against Humanity: The Beginning of Large-Scale Depopulation – 7. The Tower of Babel, Completed At Last! – 8. The Jahbulon Football Games in South Africa – 9. Queen Elizabeth II: Commander General of the World? – 10. Operación San Lorenzo: The Miraculous Rescue of ‘Los 33′ – Not What It Seemed, and yet a Source of Hope (with an excerpt from Augustin Barruel’s prophetic work, “Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism”, 1797)       

 Epilogue (yet to be written …)

• Appendix: A Final Thought Regarding the General 2012 Hysteria


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The here presented piece – by now 50,000 words in length and full with imbedded web-links to excellent sources – has been the work, literally, of weeks – and is still being extended, improved, and updated from time to time. Going beyond mere technicalities, it will lead you into all the aspects and implications of the topic, be they societal, political, economic, historical, or religious – your patience and sincere interest provided. Do catch this rare opportunity andread, which certainly will mean a good deal of ‘work’ from your side, that – promised! – you finally won’t regret. – The Author.


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Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921): Danse Macabre op. 40 – Poème symphonique d’après une poésie de Henri Cazalis [1875; the year, oddly, in which the Theosophical Society was founded]; Orchestre de Paris; Daniel Barenboim, conductor; Luben Yordanoff, violin – (6′47″) – The premiere of this work on January 24, 1875 (3 years prior, Saint-Saëns had first composed it as an art song for voice and piano) produced a veritable scandal in the musical world of Paris: it was just that much too daring and bizarre for the time. – Give attention to the “Dies Irae” motif that pops up now and then, derived from the famous medieval hymnus “Dies Irae” (i.e. Day of Wrath), that was much used (or rather misused, one should say) in the music of demonic 19th century, beside Saint-Saëns also by Berlioz, Liszt, Mahler, and others. (Click on music icon to listen to the piece; click on the musical notation to see and read more clearly.)



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Progress! A hypnotising, thrilling, tempting concept! However false it may be (and it is), it suggests continuous improvement, permanent development, and CHANGE. Yet, man has not been created in order to subject himself to a never-ending sequence of shift of paradigms. The beneficial just as the harmful have been repeatedly revealed to him throughout the ages, without substantial “change” in message respectively ”change” of the Law! Nevertheless, we of today have been taught to distrust the precious values and never-changing truth of the very fundament of our existence: religion! Instead of following our Holy Books and obeying to the Lord’s commandments, we have strongly established that Mephistophelian habit of always and permanently questioning and finally denying everything of old (as in Goethe’s Faust, Part I, Scene “Faust’s Study 1″,Mephistopheles introduces himself: “I am the spirit that denies!And rightly too; for all that doth begin should rightly to destruction run; ‘Twere better then that nothing were begun. Thus everything that you call sin, destruction – in a word, as Evil represent – that is my own, real element.” – German originalIch bin der Geist, der stets verneint! Und das mit Recht; denn alles was entsteht, ist werth daß es zu Grunde geht; drum besser wär’s daß nichts entstünde. So ist denn alles was ihr Sünde, Zerstörung, kurz das Böse nennt, mein eigentliches Element.” – Goethe, the great alchemist and ‘Renaissance man’ as well as member of Weishaupt’s fiercely anticlerical Illuminati order, remained obsessed with the demonic ‘Faust’ theme, literarily and personally, for the greater part of his life.)   

This “positivist” spirit, that in reality is purely nihilistic, has thrown us into a deep, black hole of emptiness, disorientation, and despair. But it seems we’ve made our choice, we’ve sold ourselves to an illusory promise: the prospect of shaping ourselves and our reality, in fact:creating (something we’ve forgotten is reserved to the Creator, not to us!) a New Man, a New World altogether.

“Progress” is the key word for this highly questionable journey supposedly up to the highest summits, in fact and quite on the contrary, right into a tunnel of darkness and destruction. Why destruction? In order to achieve change, the old has to be replaced, destroyed! Hence, “progress” never leads towards betterment, but always into catastrophe! Its root, again, is discontent, protest, and rebellion; its fundamental nature is no less than ultimate hubris. – Thus, “progress” has become part and parcel of revolutionary propaganda vocabulary. The Soviet Union has had (right into the “post-Soviet” present time) all sorts of things named “Progress:” there are the unmanned re-supply spacecrafts “Progress,” there is (or at least was) a research station in the Antarctic named “Progress,” countless industrial plantstowns,settlements also carry the name “Progress!” Wherever, also in what used to be the so-called Western World, one comes across this actual code word, one almost certainly can expect some sort of revolutionary endeavour behind it! Yet, fortunately, we have a powerful and absolutely incorruptible witness on our side in order to correctly understand what “progress” means and where it leads. This witness is: HISTORY, i.e. the undistorted history! If we look back over the 94 years since the Russian Revolution of 1917, we can easily see the “fruits” of “progress.” These 94 years (including the two recent decades of the alleged “post-communist” era) clearly document that socialist “progress” has not brought about wealth and abundance (other than deceitfully extracted from the West through tricks and schemes and only for the leading “oligarchy” and still-intact Party structures), justice and dignity, happiness and freedom, cultivation of character and spiritual fulfillment. The exact opposite happened: socialist societies experienced “progress” as a never-ending curse for whole generations: thanks to “progress,” they were imprisoned; thanks to “progress,” their shops were empty most of the time and their lives dull and grey; thanks to “progress,” they were forbidden to worship, instead they had to worship the “gods” of the Communist Party; thanks to ”progress,” they forgot how to smile… – Let’s keep with the facts and recognise that it was this kind of ”progress” that killed up to two hundred million, either by German National Socialists or by Russian, Chinese, and other Communists. Hitler-Germany was finished after 12 years (although Pan-German ambitions continued after 1945 and have crystallised, at least in part, in what today is the European Union); but the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics is (despite all cosmetic “reforms” and relabelling twenty years ago) still in place after almost a century, and so is 60-year-old People’s Republic of China, along with a whole number of further socialist and communist regimes all over the world (many of which, in obvious coordination with Moscow, carried out the same scheme as in the Soviet Union, i.e. putting on, from around 1991, a liberalised and democratic mask), so that, as a conseqence, one might ask today: is there, after the gigantic pan-communist long-term deception having been such an amazing ‘success,’ any country left throughout the world that has not meanwhile turned, in varying degrees, towards socialism? – Below: Unchanged Soviet-Russian intimidation orgies at their again fully equipped Red Square military parades on Victory Day, May 9th (celebrating the Soviet Union’s 1945 victory over Hitler Germany); first pic of 2008, the other two of 2009 – mind all the Marxist-Leninist symbols again boldly displayed, as if the ‘dissolution’ of the Soviet Union and the ‘collapse’ of communism never happened; and, indeed, they haven’t: the alleged ‘changes,’ that were taken by the West at face value, were nothing but a farce (as can be learnt from the two books by the most knowledgable Soviet defector ever to reach the West back in 1961, Anatoliy Golitsyn, “New Lies for Old,” 1984 and“The Perestroika Deception,” 1995), designed to prepare for a merger between East and West, albeit on communist terms (for which the meanwhile huge military superiority will be a rather substantial argument…). – The missiles you can see on the third photograph are Topol-M Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles fixed on mobile transporter-erector-launchers (that can go even cross-country, thus being able to hide anywhere). Significantly, the Topol-M was developed to its present hi-tec format in the ‘post-Soviet’ era; it is a fairly unmatched superprecision missile with a range of 10,500 km, a circular error probability of only 200 m and is able to perform complex evasion manoeuvres to escape interception; it usually carries one 550 KT (TNT) nuclear warhead, which equates to 42 Hiroshima-bombs, but can instead be equipped with a multiple independently targetable warhead (MIRV); officially, there are deployed 52 Topol-M’s in silos and 18 on mobile launchers, with an adapation being developed also for submarines; the real figures, however, can be assumed as considerably higher (yet, the West is continuing its suicidal disarmament, with Marxists meanwhile also calling the shots in the political power centres of the once Free World). View also an 80-minute broadcast by the 2005 launched Russian multilingual TV network RT resp. Russia Today (that is a bold and not unsuccessful attempt in mimicking Western-style journalism for furthering “Russia’s” – i.e. the unchanged Soviet Union’s – interests in the world) of the Victory Day Military Parade of the year 2010: Part 1Part 2, (these May 9 Parades had been reintroduced in 2005, first with a historical veterans’ parade), and view it critically as for the same old Soviet information spin being exercised in this piece of official ‘state reportage,’ in which pictures clearly point one way (Russia is ‘back’), and the commentary another (Russia is no threat to anyone); note also that the nomenklatura of the ‘New Russia’ (tellingly including many presidents of ’former’ Soviet republics, such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; further, of course, the allies China and, believe it or not, Germany, which shows ‘former’ East German Agitprop-secretary Angela Merkel’s true colours and Germany’s true strategic orientation) still stands at the Lenin Mausoleum, albeit not on it but in front of it, with the mausoleum itself merely covered by a huge Russian tricolore flag; as well as do focus on the faces, especially those of the old veterans: they are obviously very happy about how things are going for ‘Russia,’ in fact, of course, for the world revolution… On top of that, participated as guests in this 2010 Victory Day Parade, units from the WWII Western allies, United States, Britain, and France!!!! (Furthermore, check out this English written Russian propaganda website that shows the true psychology and state of the ‘new Russia:’ an unchanged Stalinistic Soviet Union, militaristic and aggressive as ever and ready for global war in order to impose communist tyranny upon the whole world, a.k.a. the completion of world revolution and establishing of ‘Global Democratic Peace.’ You can as well check out the official website of Pravda, and what you will find is the most aggressive pre-WWIII propaganda you could ever think of.)

Meanwhile, even the November 7th Revolution Day Parade was revived recently, albeit again in a clever disguise: Now, every year on Nov. 7, a historical parade is held on Red Square commemorating and basically re-enacting the November 7th Parade of 1941 – using the shallow basis of an anniversary of that year, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, instead of 1917, the year of the October Revolution, directly. (In addition, Lenin’s birthday, April 22nd, is still quite popular, albeit officially celebrated only by the now-official communists under Gennadi Syuganov, as well as globally by the duped earth-worshippers who’ve been celebrating it since Lenin’s 100th birthday in 1970 as “Earth Day;” the Day of the Red Army, February 23rd, is also still being celebrated under a slightly changed motto, as is, of course, Labour Day, the highday of international communism. Only Revolution Day, November 7th, had to be taken away from Western attention for a while; but, as we are witnessing, it’s now also on its way back. – On the other hand, the only official public holiday referring to Christianity is Christmas; there is no public holiday in Russia for Easter or any other Christian feast; look it up!). Now, why would a ‘post-Soviet,’ ‘new,’ ‘democratic’ Russia continue to celebrate its old communist high days? The answer is very simple: nothing, except for outward consumption, has ever changed, with the whole set of Marxist-Leninist revolutionary symbols and rituals now again fully in place as if they had never left the scene. Even the last idiot should now be able to realise that the approx. 10 years of seeming democracy and relative freedom starting in 1992 were nothing but a giant deception: The Soviet Union is still perfectly alive, and thanks to the asleep and so supporting West, more so than ever. (Watch the November 7, 2011 ‘historical’ parade, in which  – suitably and very symbolically – the Lenin Mausoleum again can be seen UNCOVEREDas a 58-minute TV recording here; and try to watch, as thoroughly as you can, the faces; plus: for all who have wondered where the old Komsomol communist youth organisation has gone: here it is – officially, as whatever ‘youth clubs and youth organisations,’ and introduced  in this celebration in good old communist fashion as ‘activists’ and ‘patriots’ (one doesn’t need to know Russian to pick this up from the audio) – marching, column after column and to ‘good old Soviet’ military music, over Red Square, for the whole world to see!!! These aren’t strange-enough historical ‘commemorations,’ but very much contemporary manifestations of an unchanged USSR preparing itself for its final act of world revolution (Don’t miss the 280-page compilation by this author, it’s a read-only Word document, entitled: Red Surprise: Russian-Chinese Military Blackmail:  Accept Communism or Face World War III).

Both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley showed us in their novels “1984″ (1948) respectively “Brave New World” (1932) what a “progressive,” socialist, totalitarian system could be like (in what for them, back in the thirties and forties, was the Stalinist and Hitlerian experience extrapolated into the future) as soon as it is endowed with advanced surveillance- as well as mind-control-technology. In a way, Huxley came closer to the truth (well, he was an insider even more than Orwell and wrote his piece even 16 years prior to Orwell’s “1984″) as he quite prophetically envisaged a system in which the people – (sound familiar?) by means of genetic engineering, mass-brainwashing including 24/7 entertainment, promiscuity, and even drug consumption – actually embrace their slavery (which can be seen as the ultimate triumph, another communist code word, of “progress”). For, subtle tyranny of the “evolved” and ”mature” degree (of which meanwhile fairly well established “political correctness,”  a Soviet term, represents a major stepping-stone) is far more efficient (and longer lasting) than open suppression! But, certainly – even in the most sophisticatedly manipulated society – the totalitarian state, for the sake of its very own survival, needs to be always prepared for any sort of eventualities so it can preserve and defend “progress.” It never ceases to be a merciless and brutal surveillance- and police-system.

This treatise intends to present to the reader substantial proof that what Huxley and Orwell (as well as Bradbury and others) wrote about is far from “science fiction” and that what by many (especially those in power) is rejected as “conspiracy theory” has an absolutely serious background. Although there indeed is a huge lot of evidence (a whole lot of books and other sources given on this blog’s bibliography page are dealing with this) – easy to find, easy, yet uncomfortable, to look at, and easy to understand -, there are few indicators as undebatably real, physically accessible, and distinctly outspoken as the so-called “Georgia Guidestones” erected in 1979/1980 by an anonymous “group of Americans who seek the Age of Reason,” and carrying weird, utopian postulates of the most brutal degree. They oddly reveal the genocidal plans of our criminal and rotten world “elite” in the form of a dry and highly socialistic ”decalogue” indicating for everyone (who can read and see) their plans of utter destruction, depopulation, and creation of a “happy” world of dumbed down and brainwashed slaves. – For those who have either never heard about this monstrosity before or only have a vague idea of what it is about, here is its story followed by the very message it contains.



The official story, if it is true, goes like this: In June 1979 there appeared in the remote town of Elberton, Elbert County, U.S.-State of Georgia (a place famous for its high-quality blue-granite quarries and approx. 90 miles east of Atlanta), a stranger, possibly in his sixties, elegant and well-spoken, with an extraordinary project on his mind. Calling in at Elberton Granite Finishing, a mere whole saling company, which the man seemed to be unaware of but also didn’t really bother, he explained what he wanted that company to realise for him respectively for the “small group of loyal Americans who believed in God and country” that he represented and who had been planning this secretly for more than 20 years: a Stonehenge-style granite monument, 18 foot high (he gave figures in metric measurements though), capable of withstanding the most catastrophic events, to be set up on some hilltop literally in the middle of nowhere and meant to communicate a ”message for future generations,” i.e. to instruct the shattered remnants of humanity, who will have survived a future cataclysm, in rebuilding a new society, a better civilisation than the one that nearly destroyed itself, and in finally entering an “Age of Reason.”– The allusion apparently was to this classic of “Enlightened” philosophy of 1794 (the year in which Robespierre’s “Terreur” reached its horrifying peak in revolutionary France, by the way). Its author, freethinker and radical enemy of religion, Englishman Thomas Paine (1737-1809), was a key player in both the French and American Masonic-Rosicrucian revolutions:

The object was to carry a set of ten inscribed statements (displayed in eight major languages) that was “to all mankind,” “non-sectarian, nor nationalistic, nor in any sense political” (the latter phrase we know well from what Freemasons say goes on in their lodges…); the stones should speak for themselves to “all who take note” and should appeal “to believers and non-believers, wherever, and at all times.” In addition, they were to show a brief motto in four ancient scripts, and should even be especially calibrated for astronomical purposes so to be used as a compass, a calendar, and a clock. What this Robert C. Christian asked for seemed, at first, completely crazy: special tools would be necessary, heavy equipment, huge cranes, as well as extreme care to quarry and transport unblemished stone blocks of over 25 tons and almost 20 foot long each (never had there been such an enormous project commissioned in the whole of Elbert County); it meant cutting and polishing; carving some 4,000 plus characters into the stone, including as exotic scripts as that of the Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi languages; not to mention four ancient scripts that are only known to experts and, finally, the application of high-precision astronomical features. A huge lot of work that definitely required also a number of paid consultants and would at least take half a year. And, it certainly would cost the man a fortune. The puzzling question, of course, being: all for placing it on some lonely grazing ground in the wilderness of North-Eastern Georgia? Then President of Elberton Granite Finishing, Joe Fendley (himself said to have been a quite quirky character full with strange ideas, he is meanwhile deceased), didn’t know what to make of this. Yet, the mysterious visitor insisted (showing even that money was not an issue), and so it was arranged that his solvency should be checked at nearby Granite City Bank, Elberton, so that Elberton Granite Finishingcould have payment security before starting with any work. It was here that the man revealed “R. C. Christian” to be but a pseudonym as he and his group had decided to stay anonymous forever in order to keep public attention merely with the stones and also to make them even more exciting by having them surrounded by an aura of mystery. He had chosen this name because of his faith in God, he said (however, “R. C. Christian” rather seems to be a deliberate allusion to the highly secretive Order of the Rosy Cross, an hermetic  fraternity interested in alchemy and all sorts of ritual magic including the Kabbalah and formed in 15th-century- respectively re-established in early 17th-century Germany, and to its legendary founder, Frater C.R. resp. Christian Rosenkreutz; Rosicrucianism is an invisible movement rather than an official organisation, although there are to this day several societies that claim to be the genuine continuation of it; Rosicrucians have been frequently assumed as being at the core of international Satanism; they are held in high regard by Theosophy and their offshoots, Anthroposophy and Arcane School (the latter very influential on the UN), as well as and in general: by Freemasonry; in fact, many prominent Freemasons and Theosophists were also Rosicrucians and vice versa; “Good Pope” John XXIII, who in 1962 launched, without necessity, a reform council known as the Second Vatican Council that then turned out as a veritable cultural revolution within the Roman Catholic Church, is said by a number of serious researchers, such as Piers Compton, to have been a crypto-communist, member of the Grand Orient de France, and covert Rosicrucian and Satanist!). Yet, the bank naturally needed “Christian’s” real identity, and so an agreement was found that he would reveal it on the basis of strictest confidentiality on the side of the bank’s president, Wyatt Martin, who henceforth should be “Christian’s” sole intermediary, never disclose any information to anyone, and destroy all documents and records related to the project when it was finished. After a deposit payment, the remaining amounts would be transferred in tranches, each time from another place as an additional precaution for maintaining anonymity. “Christian” then handed a shoe-box-sized wooden model of the monument plus some 10 pages of detailed specifications to the contractor, restricting all his further correspondence exclusively with the bank manager. When a few days later the first payment of $10,000 indeed arrived, the work was immediately started and was to take almost 9 months. In one way or the other, over 80 people were engaged in it, including an astronomer from the university of Georgia and language experts from the United Nations (!). Rumours spread within the Elberton Granite Association – due to jealousy but of course fuelled by the mystery around the whole project – that Fendley, along with Martin, could have made this up for PR. Both then underwent a lie detector test that proved them telling the truth: the orderer, however anonymous, existed. As during the months of their making the content of the stones’ message became vaguely known, more serious concerns arose in the Elberton community that the site might well over the time turn into a place of ‘pilgrimage’ for all sorts of witches and occultists, which, as a matter of fact, came true.

Although “Christian” had initially thought about setting the monument up in Hancock County, Georgia, some 60 miles linear distance further south (which would have precisely matched the Masons’ favourite 33rd northern parallel, that shows such ominous locations as Los Angeles CA; Phoenix AR; Alamogordo NM; Dallas TX; Atlanta GA; the Atlantic island of Madeira; Casablanca, Morocco; almost Tripolis, Libya; Beirut, Lebanon; the critical Golan Heights between Israel and Syria; Damascus, Syria; Baghdad, Iraq; Natanz, Iran; almost Kabul, Afghanistan; Islamabad, Pakistan; almost Srinagar, Kashmir; as well as not quite Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan), Martin suggested that erecting it here around Elberton would lower the price, ease the work, and even grant the stones a prominent neighbourhood just 15 miles north of Elberton: legendary Al-yeh-li-A-lo-Hee, the Cherokee’s Centre of the World where they used to have their assemblies, dances and worship, as well as had trading exchange with the White Man (that location can be found 3 miles southwest of Hartwell, Hart County, Georgia, to the left, i.e. southern side, of US 29). Having been shown by Martin several possible locations for the monument, “Christian” eventually was very much pleased with a site 7 to 8 miles north of Elberton and just to the eastern side of Georgia Highway 77 (for Google-Earth-users who wish to identify the spot on the map or GPS-users who might be thinking about actually going there, the coordinates are 34°13′55.2” N / 82°53′40.2” W, resp. in decimal notation: 34.231984° N / 82.894506° W). – Click on the Google-Earth-maps below in order to enlarge them, the first showing the Georgia “Guide”-Stones’ position on the Earth as viewed from above the Northern Atlantic Ocean; the second displaying the Georgia “Guide”-Stones’ position on the U.S. map; the third giving them in relation to the southeastern United States; the fourth showing the state of Georgia with its neighbouring states and Interstate Highways; the fifth depicting the area from Atlanta, Ga. to Elbert County in the Northeast of the state; and the sixth has, with North again upwards, the stretch from Elberton, Elbert County, in the South, to Hartwell, Hart County, to the North, with the Georgia “Guide”-Stones halfway in between.

A slight hilltop in the midst of open farmland with fair vistas in all directions, in fact the highest elevation in the county (Christian had allegedly chosen north-eastern Georgia in the first place as it is well away from the main tourist areas, provides a fair climate that reduces weathering effects on stone and engravings, and because his great-grandmother had been from Georgia, the latter of which we certainly won’t be able to verify…). The owner of the property, Wayne Mullenix, agreed to sell the 5 acres in question for $5,000 and lifetime-cattle-grazing-rights for himself and his children. Also, Mullenix’s construction company was to do the ferro-concrete foundation for the structure. Later (via his contact, Martin), “Christian” was to request that property rights of land and monument be transferred to the county so to ensure their protection by “civic pride,” which was followed accordingly.

Finally, after 9 months of intense work by a small army of craftsmen and specialists, the unveiling ceremony took place on Saturday, March 22, 1980. Maybe, the two days’ delay for the exact spring equinox was for the practical reason of having the celebration on the weekend. However, again, strange numerology comes in when one looks at the date: March 22. 3-22! This could well have been a deliberate indication for the involvement of probably themost influential secret society in America: the Skull and Bones Society, also known as the Brotherhood of Death, that has as its chapter number the “322” and a reputation of involvement in Satanic rituals (the “322″ is said to be popular among Satanists of all kinds also because of the verse 3:22 of the Book of Genesis that these circles boldly abuse for justification of their goal of deification of man. Here is Genesis 3:22 (KJV): “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever:”) – The unveiling act was with some 400 chosen guests and included, as a speaker, Georgia Democratic Congressman Doug Barnard, for whom, had the unveiling been scheduled at the exact day of the equinox two days prior, it would have been a birthday present of sorts as he was born on March 20, 1922 (little more is known about the rest of the assembly other than everybody involved in the work was present). Obviously, the procedure was of  quite Masonic character, and, significantly, the documentation (as well as: advertising) booklet edited a year later by Elberton Granite Finishing entitled “The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook” (slow download!) and pathetically saying on its cover, “When man reawakens, let him behold…,” gives some of the main local players, including contractor Joe Fendley, as 32° Freemasons! As for the mysterious orderers, no one ever has achieved to detect their identity. Quite mysteriously as well, the odd monument has over the 30 years of its existence hardly ever been covered by any mainstream media. With a wider public never hearing about them, strangely, the UFO- and especially the New Age underground has been very much aware of the stones right from the beginning. John Lennon’s dark “mother goddess” of earlier days, Yoko Ono (and weren’t especially the Beatles deeply involved not only with communist and New Age propaganda but even, like most of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with Satanism?), even came out in 1993 with a song “Georgia Stone” on a tribute record for John Cage, who had died in August 1992 (the sharlatan composer of the 20th century who stripped music not only of its form but even of all its meaning and who, like Ono, had been a major proponent of the clownesque and, indeed, nihilist “Fluxus” movement). Yoko Ono freely praises the monstrosity as “a stirring call to rational thinking, akin to Thomas Paine’s ‘The Age of Reason’ ”, demonstrating how well she understands the symbolism and allusions that go with it (Thomas Paine was a main representative of late 18th-century Enlightenment). Hence, not before the more recent years of internet communication, more and more people have learnt about this “American Stonehenge,” shocked and puzzled by its design and, more so, by its “message,” that indeed deserves the title “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist” respectively “Ten Commandments of the New World Order.” – As far as “R. C. Christian” is concerned, nobody in town except Martin (who knew “Christian’s” real name) and Fendley (who didn’t) ever met him in person. Interestingly, Christian befriended with Martin mainly via mail, once and again gave him a ring from a public phone, and even met him when he was in the area. The contact seems to have ceased around the time of 9/11, when “Christian”, already in his eighties, may well have passed away. Fendley, the contractor, is also no more among the living (he had become mayor of Elberton shortly after the erection of the “stones”), whereas Martin keeps his agreement of confidentiality with Christian and refuses to reveal any of the secret information given to him (although he seemingly has not followed Christian’s instruction to burn all documents after construction was completed and instead has thoroughly kept them over all those years). As for the anonymous group behind Christian, Martin (who no more lives in the town of Elberton) claims to have never learnt of them anyway, thus Christian’s and his group’s identities remain today what they were then: an enigma.



This stone artefact is so peculiar, not the least through its variety of astronomical features (and thus, probably, occult symbolism), that it seems fair enough, before looking at the text message, to pass on to the reader the facts and figures of it in full detail. The monument consists of six huge, rectangular pyramid-blue-granite slabs, each 1’ 7” thick, weighing together some 108 tons (American short tons) – with a ferro-concrete fundament and sockets of an extra 12.5 tons. Four of the slabs are set up vertical, 16’ 4” high and 6’ 6” wide, in wing-like fashion, a fifth vertical stone, same height but half the width, being placed in their middle, with a capstone of 9’ 8” by 6’ 6” resting on the other five (the whole geometry, viewed from above, resembles a turtle with its legs coming out from its shield), adding another 1’ 7” to a total height of (without sockets) 17’ 11” (i.e. extremely close to 18 feet, the number 18 being of special Satanic significance as it is the ominous number of the beast, 666, disguised as 6+6+6; also the year 1980 adds up to 18 via digit summing).

The “Guide”-Stones represent – as can be seen above in an illustration by Steve Sanford – beside their text messages a multiple chronometer and compass (all, as already mentioned, for the instance of an apocalyptic event). Without the astronomical and constructional advice from specialists, the precision of these astronomical features would in no way have been possible. – The X-like arrangement of the four text-slabs is aligned with the precise angles that mark the extremes of the rising and setting moon throughout its 18.6-year nodal period. The centre column, the so-called gnomen, is aligned with the north-south axis and is, in various ways, modified for astronomical measurement: Through a hole drilled along the N-S axis and in a specific obliquity, one can not only spot (at any time) the polar star but even measure the so-called Platonic Year of 25,850 years (as, over the centuries, the earth’s celestial pole will gradually shift away from the present Polar Star, α Ursae Minoris, and will eventually match a new polar star, also along 66.5° northern ecliptic latitude, instead). An extremely sophisticated, V-shaped, E-W, horizontal viewing-slot allows identification at sunrise of the exact equinoxes (sun in the central axis) as well as solstices (sun beams coming through diagonal along the very edge of the slot). The capstone, that also faces N with its longer side, shows an oblique slot along the N-S axis allowing a sunbeam through at exact local noon time no matter what season of the year that then projects onto the southern side of the gnomen stone and thus identifies, by its vertical position along the stone’s surface, the date in the year (resp., the two alternative, corresponding dates during the year with the same day length: e.g. June 20 and June 24; June 1 and July 13; April 25 and August 19 etc.). But the Georgia Guidestones are not just astronomical “guides” but highly political ones. The four main slabs carry on their total of eight faces one singular “message”, as a matter of fact a cynical, utopian “Decalogue” presented in eight major world languages (selected supposedly to reach maximum percentage of understanding) as are (starting from NE and proceeding in clockwise direction) English/Spanish, Swahili/Hindi, Hebrew/Arabic, and Chinese/Russian (interesting pairs!), whereas the capstone carries ancient inscriptions along its edges in Babylonian Cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Demotic writings supposedly expressing, “Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason.” (If we reflect, for a short moment, on the choice of ancient languages taken for the capstone, we quickly realise another powerful indication of Masonic authorship: Babylon, Egypt and Ancient Greece represent the civilisations that are literally HOLY to the Masons – whereas the ancient India of the Vedas fits in just as well as Hindu philosophy and mythology has been very much embraced by the Masonic brainchild that is Theosophy and that, in turn, is the precursor of modern day “New Age.”) A nearby explanatory stone tablet placed evenly onto the ground says among other technical information already given above: “Author: R. C. Christian – a pseudonym,” “Sponsors: A small group of Americans who seek the Age of Reason,” “Center cluster erected March 22, 1980,” (which is proof of what “Christian” had obviously asked for to be done by other groups in the future: extending the Georgia Guidestones by an outer circle of 12 additional stones, to be named the ”Moonstones” and to carry the identical message in 24 more languages such as French, Italian, or German; so far, however, this extension does not exist); and “Time capsule: Placed six feet below this spot on… – to be openend on… [no dates are given].”, again emphasising the fact that this archaic astronomical installation is waiting for some sort of world catastrophe still to come or even for the end of the world as we know it. Things get even more spooky (politically rather than cultically) as soon as we get on to the text message itself. The reader is requested to go through the following thoroughly and take him- or herself a while for digesting, which will be necessary to comprehend the magnitude of what by an all-powerful shadow elite (widely identified as the successors of Weishaupt’s Illuminati founded on May 1, 1776), some henchmen of which brought this monument into being, has been so monstrously planned over decades and centuries, and is now going to be at record speed brutally implemented for thewhole of mankind. In case you have thought the “New World Order” just to be some conspiracy hysteria or idle talk of some politicians: well, here are the “Ten Commandments,” if you will, of that New World Order, crystal-clear and frightening, engraved forever into granite back in the year 1980! (As for the first line, make sure you read this number correctly as it is given: 500,000,000 – fivehundred million!!!) – Keep also in mind that this is written in coded Aesopian language. What sounds fairly reasonable to the asleep, is but a bold fling in the face of everybody who is fairly awake and can see. Yet, after all, it doesn’t need a genius to grasp what it is all about!



(Above: The Georgia “Guide-” Stones’ – or more accurately put: humanity’s tombstone’s – “message” in English. – Readers who wish to see the “message” in the remaining seven languages, please click accordingly: SpanishRussianChineseHebrewArabicHindi;Swahili.)  

Doesn’t the language remind of Marx’s apodictic Communist Manifesto? And aren’t these ten demands (just as Marx’s ten points) indeed a bold mimicry – and, yes: a mockery – of the Ten Commandments of the Holy Bible? Just look at the way in which the slabs are arranged: as if they were meant to indeed replace the Mosaic tablets that carried those very commandments that formed basically the spiritual foundation not only of Judaism but of all three Abrahamic religions and that have – until recently, one might say – been accepted as law both in the spiritual and the worldly realms! Obviously, thanks to “glorious” Age of Enlightenment and its carrier, Illuminism, that has drastically changed; and the Georgia Guidestones make shameless use of that disastrous situation (mind that they have been placed right on in the middle of the American “Bible Belt”!) – Hence, these strange stones represent a brutal offence and direct provocation against the Lord’s Commandments; insofar, they are – by definition – Satanic! (And hadn’t the sandblaster, whose job was engraving the 4,000 plus characters into the stone, reported that during his hundreds of lonely working hours he had heard “strange music and disjointed voices”?)

As we are overlooking this ”Decalogue” for an ultimate Global Utopia, at first flings in our faces the call for a world population of no more than half a billion (in 1980, when the “stones” were erected, the total population of the world was 4.5 billion, 9 times as much; today, it’s around 6.8 billion: 13.6 times as much!):

1. “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE.” – Why such a demand? “In Perpetual Balance with Nature…” implies an “ecological necessity,” but doesn’t have the intended killing of, given today’s numbers, 92% of the global population, i.e. 12 out of 13 (imagine what a slaughter that would be!), a very different motive?! Most probably that of establishing an easily controllable “world community,” nice and small in number? Indeed, such views of an ever more overcrowded world go back to the erroneous demographic theories by late 18th-/early 19th-century social philosopher and economist, Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), who, in effect, broke with all his Christian Morals by suggesting certain “corrections” to be made to what he believed would turn over time into unfeedable and thus unmanageable levels of overpopulation. His 1798 work, “An Essay on the Principles of Population,” substantially paved the way for, among similar streams of thought, Francis Galton’s eugenicism and Charles Darwin’s ideas of selection by evolution known as the (totally unscientific and solely ideological) Theory of Evolution, that in turn – along with Nietzscheanism, Socialism, and Theosophy – opened up horrendous “new horizons” for the 20th and 21st centuries, in which nymphomaniac feminists and insane, occultist dictators were to decide over who was going to live and who was going to die, and even in our time all-powerful finance magnates name as their greatest concern precisely the issue of alleged “overpopulation” and Royals theorise about being reborn as killer viruses to put an end to this annoyance (all of them, interestingly, pushing forward aggressive, totalitarian ”Green” policies around the globe, that merely and solely are intended to economically strangle and eventually physically kill a vast portion of mankind, whom these self-declared Titans of world history view as insects rather than God-created humans with, in most cases, a thousand times more beauty, dignity, and even intelligence in their hearts and minds than the rotten social administrators themselves).

Today we are being bombarded by ever more dramatic news on man-made “global warming.” The 24/7 climate-change mantra (that is a direct consequence of the United Nations’ ecologically camouflaged depopulation ”Agenda 21″) tries to make us believe the planet’s in peril, drastic measures need to be taken, “carbon emissions” be reduced ultimately to zero, vegetarianism be made mandatory, reproduction restricted, and explained to people what damage indeed every single exhaling or every single fart (sic!) does to the world’s climate (never mind that simpliest biology tells us that CO2 is not a pollutant but on the contrary essential for plant photosynthesis – and, just in case, there are plenty of other propaganda options such as Global Cooling instead of Global Warming, or arguing the planet is running short of drinking water, as is already being promoted). The same line of argumentation (“global problems need global solutions!”) is followed in the realms of world economy and finance; in the so insidiously fabricated, never-ending “war on terror” (that merely serves to implement the harshest police state ever); in the question of the still-existing worldwide nuclear threat; as well as in the area of possible virus pandemics – so to come up with mandatory blanket vaccinations on whole populations, as was so desperately tried on a global scale in the late 2009 swine flu hoax, to either get them microchipped without letting them know or to inflict on them real health problems or death (also, mind that for late 2010 there have been added the harmful H1N1 vaccines of the year before to the regular flu vaccines, which means: the genocidal threat by big pharma hasn’t gone away at all). With that criminal operation overseen by the WHO, the world actually was at the brink of global genocide; and hardly will it ever learn about the true figures of Guillain-Barré-syndrome cases (and even deaths) caused by this totally insane programme. – Yet, the Malthusian depopulation agenda has been far more longscale and much more diverse in approach: The mere existence of nuclear plants over many decades, the heavy atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs until the late 1960s, as well as the intense use of depleted uranium ammunition in fairly all war theatres since Desert Storm, is another huge topic (researched thoroughly by scientist Leuren Moret, whose special field is nano-particles in relation to nuclear radiation). – In case they come again with another pandemia hoax, the only way to make such a renewed scenario again fail is to again refuse vaccination (and certainly, again, to be prepared as for food, drinking water, high-quality-vitamins etc.); and, as for the much more important level of spiritual survival: spiritual centredness: absolutely essential (keep informed and don’t get tricked ever again by such devilish attempts of mass murder on a global scale). – As for Al Gore’s inconvenient lie of anthropogenic climate change: by far not all climatologists agree with the idea of man-caused global warming (for this, watch a thorough 53-minute-lecture by MIT climatologist, Professor Richard Lindzen, a just as informative plus extremely humorous 95-minute-presentation by Anthropogenic-Global-Warming-critic, Lord Christopher Monckton, given on October 14, 2009 at St. Paul MN, an 80-minute documentary titled “Global Warming or Global Governance?”, and finally a 3’34″-clip, in which 1971 co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore (who left the organisation in the mid eighties, when the Green cause increasingly became undermined by Reds, so that today Greens are being compared to watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside), describes the anti-human mindset oftoday’s radicalised environmentalism). In fact, temperatures have, since the year 2000, significantly declined, and many experts await the approach of a new cold period! Nevertheless, the Global-Warming-faction of socialist-globalist social engineers keep on propagating their totally ficititious disaster-scenario in order to force the whole world into radical restructuring and centralisation of power, no matter what (and even boldly ignore that there was no treaty signed in Copenhagen and that the winter of 2009/2010 has proven as the coldest winter in almost 20 years!). Finally, don’t miss the superb 2007 film documentary,“The Great Global Warming Swindle” (75 min.), in which you will see an illustrous selection of top climatologists and metereologists from around the world speak on the matter, as there are: Prof. Tim Ball, Dept. of Climatology, University of Winnipeg; Prof. Nir Shaviv, Inst. of Physics, University of Jerusalem; Prof. Ian Clark, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa; Prof. John Christy, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama, Huntsville; Prof. Philip Scott, Dept. of Biogeography, University of London; Prof. Paul Reiter, Pasteur Institute, Paris; Prof. Richard Lindzen, Dept. of Earth, Atmpospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Patrick Michaels, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia; Prof. Syun-Ichi Akasofu, Director, International Arctic Research Centre; Prof. Frederick Singer, Former Director, US National Weather Service; Prof. Carl Wunsch, Dept. of Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Prof. Eigil Friis-Christensen, Director, Danish National Space Centre. Furthermore, you’re going to hear policymaker Lord Lawson of Blaby, former British MP, and under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Secretary of State for Energy from 1981 to 1983 and Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1983 to 1989; Dr. Piers Corbyn, Climate Forecaster; Dr. Roy Spencer, Weather Satellite Team Leader, NASA; Patrick Moore, Co-founder, Greenpeace (“Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist,” Beatty Street Publishing, 2010); James Shikwati, Director, Inter Region Economic Network, Nairobi, Kenya (“Reclaiming Africa,” 2004); Nigel Calder, Former Editor, New Scientist; and Paul Driessen, Autor:“Eco-Imperialism: Green Power. Black Death,”Merril Press, 2010. – The goal is global perestroika, meaning restructuring, right from the textbook of Mikhail Gorbachev, hence severely damaging (or rather: destroying!) the otherwise prosperous economies of the West (including huge enforced population reduction, as has been tried) and bringing all nations together onto one and the same mediocre level of (ecologically labelled) central planning economy socialism, which economically will be just the same failure as has been the case in the economies of the communist bloc (but when there is no more competition by capitalism because capitalism has been crushed, they probably say, “So what!”), yet politically will be very “successful” in terms of establishing, once again and this time on a global scale, Communist/Fascist tyranny, a global GULag, if you will, ruled and controlled by a tiny clique of super-rich plutocrats who then would have assumed “god-like” power over every single individual on this planet (these are the insane political realities). And indeed, the permanent demand for ever more CO2-reduction (”decarbonisation”) – the debate just goes on – is their magic formula for pushing the whole world into such a radically new system of enforced centralised taxation and political rule (crops are now being burnt for the production of ethanol-fuel the technical characteristics of which are still massively in debate, the main objective seems to be a different one anyway, as is already happening: worldwide food shortage, crisis, famine, and death; another example: Germany is planning to build huge solar power plants right across the Sahara desert, projected costs: 400 billion Euro; will they work or will that project turn out to have been a monstrous nullification of money? Or take the current withdrawal of all traditional light bulbs throughout the European Union by decision of the unelected and unaccountable body of the European Commission: henceforth, everybody has to accept, although nobody wants them, without alternative these energy-saving light bulbs that produce uncomfortable, even harmful (and for materials, damaging) light and contain mercury, a critical instance for which seems not yet to have been developed a safe disposal mechanism, with the long-term danger of mercury contamination of everybody’s drinking water; by mid 2011, first estimations were published reckoning that only 10% of those mercury light bulbs will find their way into the proper disposal facilities, with the other 90% most likely ending up on ordinary garbage dumps, as probably intended – and so on and so forth). As for the monstrous lie of “Global Warming” and the Climate Change Treaty that was meant to be signed in December 2009 at Copenhagen (but then wasn’t), read Lord Christopher Monckton’s closing remarks of the lecture already given above:

“At Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed. Your president will sign it, most of the Third-World countries will sign it because they think they will get money out of it, most of the left-wing regimes around the world, backed by the European Union, will rubberstamp it. Virtually nobody won’t sign it. I have read that treaty. And what it says, is this: That a world government is going to be created. The wordgovernment actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity; the second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to Third-World countries in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, a ’climate-debt’ because we have been burning CO2 and they haven’t, and we have been stroying up the climate. We haven’t been stroying up the climate, but that’s the lie. And the third purpose of this new entity, this ‘government’, is enforcement. How many of you think that the word election ordemocracy or vote or ballot occurs anywhere in the two-hundred pages of that treaty? Quite right, it doesn’t appear once! So, at last, the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement and took over Greenpeace so that my friends who founded it left within a year because they’d captured it: Now, the apotheosis is at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world. You have a president who has very strong sympathies with that point of view; he is going to sign; he’ll sign anything, he’s a Nobel Peace Laureate, of course he will sign it. And the trouble is this: If that treaty is signed – your constitution says that it takes precedence over your constitution -, and you can’t resile from that treaty unless you get the agreement from all the other states partisan. Because you will be the biggest paying country, they are not going to let you out. So, thank you, America, you were the beacon of freedom for the world! It is a privilege merely to stand on this soil of freedom while it is still free. But, in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your president will sign your freedom, your democracy, and your prosperity away forever, and neither you nor any subsequent government you may elect will have any power whatsoever to take it back again. That is how serious it is. I have read the treaty, I have seen this stuff about government and climate-debt and enforcement. They are going to do this to you whether you like it or no. But I think it is here, here in your great nation, which I so love and I so admire, it is here that, perhaps, at this eleventh hour, at the fifty-ninth minute and the fifty-ninth second,you will rise up and you will stop your president from signing that dreadful treaty, that purposeless treaty, for there is no problem with the climate, and even if there were – economically speaking -, there is nothing we can do about it. So, I end by saying to you the words that Winston Churchill addressed to your president in the darkest hour before the dawn of freedom in the Second World War. He quoted from your great poet Longfellow, “Sail on, oh Ship of State, sail on, oh Union, strong and great! Humanity, with all its fears, with all the hopes of future years, is hanging breathless on  t h y  fate!” – Thank You.”

(Weeks later, during the actual UN Climate Change Conference, Lord Monckton was there in Copenhagen and amongst other things, posing as a journalist, interviewed (resp. debated) a Greenpeace activist standing nearby a German Greenpeace campaign gathering outside the conference building. Asked why she had come, the lady replied, “I’ve just come because, well, I’m a member of Greenpeace and we’ve heard that this conference is about people who neglect climate change.” Despite the German written anti-nuclear banner visible in the background saying, “Wir gehen über Leichen – Ihre Atomwirtschaft” (approx., “We stop at nothing – Your nuclear industry”) – notably, NOT anti-CO2, you see: our ‘sustainable’ Pagan Earth worshippers don’t bother much about issues, their irrational, confused minds seek a completely de-industrialised society, without realising, in many cases, that they are being insidiously used by world communism as ‘useful idiots’ for crippling the economies and societies of the Free World (industrialised or, worse, Third-World) as effectively as possible – and despite her obvious German accent and behaviour, she claimed to be “from Norway.” As the interview went on, this stubborn fanatic nevertheless was confronted by Lord Monckton with the shameful reality that by following Greenpeace she was part of a belief system driven simply by: ideology. Which didn’t seem to bother her: Lord Monckton, increasingly annoyed by this combination of arrogance and ignorance, then asked, “Let me ask you this question: If you were to discover that everything that I said to you about the climate – that we’ve had global cooling for nine years, that we have had less hurricane activity recently than at any time in the last thirty years, that there has been no change in the extent of global sea ice, or virtually no change, for the last thirty years -, would you think that therefore the organisation that you believe in has misled you?” – The answer was a firm, yet intimate and tender, breathed “Nooo!” that had all the irrationality and even ‘religiosity’ of the so-called Green movement in it. (Lord Monckton also refers in this little debate to the website of the Polar Research Group at the University of Illinois’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences that gives data on ice concentration on the polar caps and calculations on the sum total of global ice extent, here is the link: “The Cryosphere Today”). Now view this unique document of the “eco”-Communist Fifth Column pars pro toto being faced down by truth (as just described). – Furthermore, at the end of the conversation, the interviewee (who otherwise would have remained an anonymous activist) provocatively asks Lord Monckton about his name, whereafter in return she is asked about hers: Kerstin Blodig (Lord Monckton replies then with a final jolly“Vielen Dank!”). If one googles her name, it turns out that the lady, by her biography, hasnothing to do with ecology or climate science or any science whatsoever but is a musician– indeed with partial Norwegian roots but being a German from Berlin, not a Norwegian -, specialised in Scandinavian- and Celtic-inspired ”World-” if not to say: Earth Music. Let’s wish her all the best for her further musical career especially as indeed she is an excellent musician, and quite an eloquent one at that.)


Also, it is interesting to see top figures of the world’s political and financial elite using the same lingo as can be seen here on this granite slab: their main worry is, and they say it frankly, overpopulation. In fact, this modern-day eugenicist alarmism was powerfully revived in the sixties and seventies when 1968 founded Club of Rome came out in 1972 with its first much debated “study” The Limits to Growth. Further reports of that organisation were to follow on a regular basis such as, among others, Mankind at the Turning Point (1974); Rio Report: Reshaping the International Order (1976); The First Global Revolution (1991), meaning, world revolution was being proclaimed in the very year of the “dissolution” of the Soviet Union – yet, nobody has given notice to this strange timing; The Limits to Certainty (1989/93); Taking Nature into Account: Towards a Sustainable National Income (1995), in other words: towards “eco-”socialism; or The Population Blow Up and After [emphasis by the author] (2006). After what? After the slaughter is achieved? – Also, during the Carter Administration was issued in 1980 infamous Global 2000 Report, that, like the “findings” of the Club of Rome, propagates economic (and demographic) contraction as necessary for man’s survival on this planet. The logic is: either birth rates go drastically down, or death rates will have to go tremendously up! For the last half a century or more, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global network of Central Banks, the meanwhile established World Trade Organisation (WTO), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the World Food Programme, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the Earth Charter Initiative, countless NGOs that have sprung up especially since the seventies (among them the highly influential Gorbachev Foundation, that since its beginning in early 1992, immediately after the relabelling of former USSR, has been tirelessly pushing toward convergence of both systems), powerful multinational industrial, trading, banking, and service corporations that in most cases are part and parcel of the “agenda,” last not least the millions of loyal helpers everywhere, whether in the international decision-making forums, in national politics, the media, entertainment, culture, and so forth – have all been working, knowingly in full or in part, towards the same goal: the establishment of a totalitarian Utopia, one key pre-condition of which will be: depopulation down to less than a billion. There have already over decades been going on severe activities towards “zero population growth”: think of the rigorous one-child-policy in the People’s Republic of China (that includes, of course, merciless, state-enforced sterilisations and abortions); think of the brutal enforced sterilisation programmes in India and elsewhere; think of the immense demographical effects in the industrialised countries where women today on an average give birth only to somewhere around 1.5 children (to keep population levels constant, it should be well over 2.0), caused by persistent feminist indoctrination and subsequent abortions in the millions (indeed, the communist offspring of feminism has done a “great” job in ruining the family structure and thereby society). Not enough with that, are we confronted with a tidal wave of propaganda for a “fashionable” lifestyle other than heterosexual (see for this Henry Makow’s excellent book“Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order: The Attack on Your Human Identity”); on the other side, think of the huge death toll AIDS has brought first of all to the African continent; think of the numerous wars and civil wars that have turned so many countries into oceans of blood; think of the diabolical use of vaccines for very different objectives (i.e. mercury overkill in flu vaccines, having multiplied the number of autistic children in the United States between 1992 and 2006 by a factor of fifteen – today, a shocking estimate of 400,000 American children, i.e. around 1.5 % or 1 out of 67 (!!!), are autistic – click on graph to enlarge); so, if you want to go into this very, very disturbing topic, don’t miss the greatly informative 90-minute lecture of 2005 by Springfield radiologist David Ayoub M.D. titled Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda (more lectures and other sources by and with Dr. Ayoub can be found here:

and, finally, think of, in case you’re aware of it, the ongoing and systematic manipulation of our food and drinking supplies, reducing ever more the nutritious value and vitamines and increasing all sorts of (bio-)chemical cocktails in what is supposed to keep us healthy (however, it won’t any longer) – all by legal force and initiated by an FAO/WHO connected, unaccountable international body, called the Codex Alimentarius Commission (for this, see Dr. Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health in a 3-part-Youtube-series and read his book “The Human Time Bomb” as well as Scott Tips’s book “Codex Alimentarius: Global Food Imperialism”), that is in fact exerting a gigantic bio-chemical warfare programme against mankind in order to kill millions and billions “quietly” (and World War, as an “alternative,” surely would meet the “demographic objectives” in a much shorter period of time). So, if we put things into historical context: the same sinister forces that have, blinded by an illusion called “progress” as well as by infinite greed for money and power (and without the slightest concern about the environmental damages they created) forced mankind into abandoning their traditional ways of life (that were truly “sustainable” in the most natural and spiritual sense) and brought hyper-industrialisation to a world that not always welcomed it, are now telling the people: in any case, seven billions is just too many, the unfit and useless must leave, and maybe we’ll even have to go back to the Stone Age so to preserve “Mother” Earth! No one in the mainstream debate dares to question how it can be that those who were and still are the problem can seriously be the ones who hold the solution! And what is their plan for the survivers of their “big culling” (if it all ever happens, yet, according to Scripture it will happen): they will have to conform and accept their status as serfs to this ever-same, arrogant, and depraved so-called elite, that has but used environmentalism for their scheme of establishing world tyranny; serfs mercilessly forced  into the Utopian control-grid of Big Brother’s “all-seeing eye,” thereby ceasing to be humans as we know them (according to New-Age-apostle, former Findhorn co-director and today head of the Lorian Association, David Spangler, everybody will have to undergo a “Luciferic initiation” in order to enter the New Age: doesn’t sound too friendly – see for that also another piece by the author of this website,“Message from Master Globi Nairobi, the Mystical Sage from Mount Kilimanjaro: A Short Satire and Subsequent Considerations on the Deadliness of Masonic/Theosophist/Red-Brown-Green Luciferianism”). – And what cynicism! But also: what a hoax! If sincere sense of responsibility (along with wisdom) had been the guideline of the rulers of the recent centuries and not an ever stronger liaison with the devil, the world would certainly be a different one! For many technologies and items there probably wouldn’t be a need (and, let’s not forget: without the usage of electricity in the first place, which has been the only pre-condition for the breathtaking acceleration during the last, say, 130 years, there wouldn’t have taken place any sort of technological revolution other than chemical and mechanical). For instance, the whole field of genetic engineering would never have been embarked on. Same with computer-technology. Same with Nuclear Physics. Same with Synthetic Chemistry. As, from the standpoint of a sound mind: is it necessary to try to make the creation better than it is? Trying to improve what already is perfect? What an idiocy! – All new inventions would have been carefully evaluated as for their actual benefit respectively their possible dangers and, in case, been added to the treasures of traditional knowledge that had served mankind for centuries. No values, whether knowledge, traditional custom, or religious belief would have been eliminated. Mankind would have incredibly prospered instead of declined to this sad and tragic state. World population would probably have increased just as well, but so what! Economic productivity grows along, unless there is socialism, with the larger numbers of people (and planet Earth still easily can feed several extra billions – it doesn’t even need genetically modified seeds or all the chemical cocktails used in our modern, industrialised agriculture – the problem is, as always, mismanagement, waste, and pollution only, caused by our bizarre, super-complicated, and artificial hi-tec life style). Also, vast parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific region (what is known as the ”Third World”) would not have been so cynically brought down to the degree of misery they are experiencing today (once conquered by the colonialists, these countries have been culturally destroyed, brought down to their knees, and kept there ever since; not enough with that: subsequent communist “liberation” has made things even worse for them; the same fate the whole world is now awaiting in the face of the upcoming global communist tyranny!). – We have been deprived in all imaginable ways of what once was a good life. This is no naïve romanticism, as for sure life then was so much harder than it is today. Yet, it was a life so much more worthwhile (as well as, much slower and much more peaceful). The overwhelming majority of people still lived in the countryside, living their lives with nature. Men, whether farmers, shepherds, settlers, or craftsmen, still did physical work which kept them physically strong and healthy – they were men. Women were also working, just as physical, and just as hard as the men in whatever their daily duties were. At the same time, they kept their families together, providing for husband and children a home – they were women. Nightlife was unknown. So was boredom (and so was medically prescribed mass sports as people did enough physical exercise anyway!). People were perhaps not as “cosmopolitan” as today, and their lives may seem, from modern point of view, monotonous, yet they lived real lives with realchallenges which made them to be real people. Now, everything has turned more and more into a virtual fantasy land where everybody is more and more losing all sense not only of reality but even of necessity. People’s health is deteriorating as office work and computer “games” won’t give to their bodies the exercise they need nor to their souls any real food or relief (not to mention the disastrous diet on which most people are living today). Furthermore, spiritually speaking, people in the old days lived content lives; with religion still held in honour, they asked from the Lord as well as gave thanks to the Lord. Look at people today: as long as they have not, they complain and envy others; as soon as they get what they want, they take it for granted. A world that doesn’t value any more, that has forgotten the quality of gratitude, has lost all value of itself. No more dignity. No more respect. No more shame. A huge collective of “free” beings who have no idea to what extent they are more enslaved than their supposedly enslaved forefathers. The elders served, with patience, respect, and piety. That is why they shone like the sun! The young of today have no patience, no respect, and don’t even know how to spell the word “piety.” Everything’s provided for them, no limits have ever been set to their Garfield-egos that indeed frighten the world. What the elders had known: self-restraint, discipline, hard work, those of today have never experienced. They demand without end and are total slaves to their material and sensual desires.  They think their way of life is freedom: it’s the exact opposite. As a consequence, their eyes, their faces are dead. Never will they reach a similar radiation of content and peace like the man on the photograph below – plus, would they have the shock of their life should they ever be subjected (which nobody wishes them) to forced labour by a totalitarian police state, as has been already indicated by the new U.S. administration could be introduced in the United States. – (Below: The old way of life, still to be found in “pockets” of stubborn conservatism scattered here and there around the globe…)

But let’s return to the Georgia “Guide”-Stones. The first line of their message says, “MaintainHumanity under 500,000,000 …,” not ‘”Reduce…” Who is the addressee then? Obviously, the world (or rather: the administrators of that world) after the big killing, and it will be killing, not a natural event (this would also explain why the place has been kept secret for all those years: the monument is a message, indeed and literally, for “future generations,” not for us). Their first law would then be to never again allow world population to grow beyond the level of what today, 2010, is (as much and no more) the population of the EU of the 27 or, if you will, what is just a bit more than the added population of the three NAFTA countries, Canada, USA, and Mexico (that soon might form another “Union” super state similar to the E.U., i.e. a “North American Union” or N.A.U., like the Asian-Pacific space and Africa are too in the process of erecting a centralised governing structure – but that’s another story…). And keeping things there once and for all (as their plans are altogether meant for “once and for all” – the word“perpetual” says it clearly), would possibly be quite easy for them – which already leads us to the second ”commandment”,

2. “GUIDE REPRODUCTION WISELY – IMPROVING FITNESS AND DIVERSITY”, as soon as they are technologically advanced enough to declare obsolete the traditional mode of reproduction of the human race along with the introduction of breeding factories. Nonsense? – Well, similar activities, yet on a less sophisticated level, had already been exercised in Hitler Germany: in a project romantically named ”Lebensborn,” young, racially desired people were brought together for the mere sake of breeding the new Germanic “master race.” The new borns were then handed over to state run educational units to be brought up in the “right” National-Socialist spirit, “Mum” or “Dad” being for them alien categories (recently, as of early 2011, this author came across a report on the new design of U.S. passport application forms: they no longer give “father” or “mother,” but henceforth, Orwellian-style, “parent no. 1″ and “parent no. 2.” Americans, wake up! You are now ruled by communists!) – What we are dealing with today respectively in the very near future, is this very same ideology: a eugenicist technocracy that has effectively gained control over both birth and death. What more power can you ever gain than that! This fundamental aspect of the Nazi era and the dawning New World Order is the key for understanding what this whole “project” is about: to manifest and realise Nietzsche’sÜbermensch, to turn man into a god, indeed the very fundamental goal of Freemasonry! In fact, the New World Order (as the continuation of Hitler’s Third Reich) is the ultimate climax of Satanic blasphemy and hubris (and the time mark 2017, at the latest, is certainly a crucial one as it marks, first, the quintcentennial of Luther’s launching of the Reformation in 1517; second, the tricentennial of the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717; and the centennial of the October Revolution in Russia in 1917!). But, just as this Satanic triumph will seem to have been accomplished, this greatest evil ever to come over mankind will fall, must fall, as all tyrannies and bizarre power fantasies did that were directed against the Lord of the Heavens instead of seeking His good-will and blessings.

3.“UNITE HUMANITY WITH A LIVING NEW LANGUAGE” obviously means an enforced one-world-language, whether English or Esperanto (the latter certainly a special darling of the modernist utopians!), in any case filled with new meanings that guarantee not only politically correct talking and acting but even thinking (Orwell illustrates to us in “1984″ how important the change of the language is for the totalitarian ruler: what cannot be named (or no more related to, because meanings have changed), cannot possibly be thought either (thought control! – today, this ideology of Soviet-style political correctness is being propagated under the labels of“tolerance” and “fairness” – and some people are beginning to understand that, once again, it has become dangerous to speak out…), hence the landslide impoverishment of our language, whether English, German, or any other, that already has taken place during the last decades; our youth is slowly but surely heading towards the vocabulary of chimpanzees – ironically, most of them make it through the university system – which means that also universities have been hugely affected by this overall restructuring process, they are no more the bastions of exquisite knowledge and education they once used to be, rather they have turned into minimalistic training- and political-brainwashing-institutions that breed the apparachiks and engineers of tomorrow’s tyrannical system).

4. “RULE PASSION – FAITH – TRADITION AND ALL THINGS WITH TEMPERED REASON”: What sounds so noble and elegant, is indeed the command to overrule and finally crush passion, faith, and tradition (and it is more than probable that psychiatry will once again play a very sinister role in quietening dissenters, conservatives, and believers; after all: hadn’t defined Sigmund Freud religious faith as a childhood neurosis??? – Thus, everybody who does not fit the mindset of the New Age, will be swiftly declared INSANE). Tyranny doesn’t like passionate people, it wants sheeple (that is why we are seeing, among other substances, such horrible concentrations of fluoride and chlorine in our tap water: they reduce our will power and ability to think clearly. And certainly are religion and tradition, as has been widely explained throughout this article, in the deadly focus of the upcoming Socialist-Fascist-Satanic New World Order. The plan is to establish a new (Masonic) cult, exactly opposite to the authentic faiths we know (it comes along as ‘Oneness’ and many other labels). What we’re in, is big. What we’re going to face, might well go far beyond what other generations before us faced and suffered. However, it’ll be more than a choice between revolt and opportunism, or courage and cowardice. Rather, it’ll be a truly apocalyptic choice between the Lord of Heavens and the forces of darkness. Will we survive when holding on to our religious principles? God knows. Many before us have walked upon this Earth and left it tortured and slayed because they refused to let go of their faith in the Almighty God. However, there is more than this material world; and the True, Eternal God it is Who counts, not the riches and comforts of this life that is limited in time anyway! This is no plea for presenting oneself for execution (and certainly no plea for going wild), rather an attempt to remind the reader of the priorities as they should, under whatever circumstances throughout life, be set from the standpoint of religious belief. True believers, whether Jews, Christians, Muslims, or others, are not people who flee this world (although they seek to overcome their worldly attachments); however: their first priority is their Lord, the Creator, no matter what. To Him they pray, to Him they give thanks and Him they ask for forgiveness. Never would they abjure Him in order to be allowed physically alive by some tyrannical police system. –

5. “PROTECT PEOPLE WITH FAIR LAWS AND JUST COURTS” – The next three points regard the political and judicial system of the future global order. Interestingly, they do not speak about inalienable, inborn rights of the people but about “p r o t e c t i n g  people and nations with fairlaws and just courts.” In other words: inalienable rights do not exist. Protective (or rather:overprotective) ”Mother Government” (respectively the centralised world government and jurisdiction – as checks and balances vanish under tyrannical rule) defines your rights and can take them away again any time it chooses. Sounds rather Soviet, doesn’t it. Also, the word “state” is avoided as there won’t be any sovereign states left. “United Nations” only (or rather:regions, as the term “nation” will sooner or later be wiped out as well) will constitute the new political structure of the world, being given limited authority for regional governance but of course being under effective control of the world’s power centre (as meanwhile has become reality within the European Union).

6. “LET ALL NATIONS RULE INTERNALLY RESOLVING EXTERNAL DISPUTES IN A WORLD COURT” –  In fact, such a United Nations International Court of Justice already exists. It was established, or rather: reestablished, in 1945 as a board of 15 judges closely linked to the UN Security Council and with its seat in The Hague, Netherlands. So, what is new then in this “commandment”? Formally, nothing. However, this “Decalogue” is too obviously aboutgovernance and not about the judiciary; i.e. it is merely about power! Let’s not forget: no checks and balances in a totalitarian state! Legislature, executive, and judiciary are all one and the same! Seen in that light, this dictate is but a technical guideline for division of labour between central (global) governance and national (regional) governance. The way it is formulated, it is about the “merciful” granting of limited, regional autonomy in decision-making. At the same time, it’s very clear that the central governing body will have always the final say.

7. “AVOID PETTY LAWS AND USELESS OFFICIALS”. This is a very “generous” one as it wants to rid us of something that is quite an annoyance to everybody: bureaucracy and inflationary law making. It has even a “refreshing” taste of perfected communism where, according to theory, the state has withered away and the dictatorship of the proletariate has been succeeded by the so-called “state of the whole people.” Beware: A world police state, even if it rules only over half a billion of people (as it has killed over 90% of mankind) and even if it has reached absolute power and control over people’s minds, by way of propaganda and even use of psycho-drugs and/or electronic mind-control, will still remain a monster, albeit an extremely smart one that has widely replaced spies by omnipresent cameras and computers. There would certainly be NO laissez-faire in such a state; at best, people would be allowed, within cosy-looking iron frames, to stretch out and enjoy themselves happily (as is already the case today!): permissiveness in the little things, utmost cruelty in the crucial things; after all, it’s supposed to be an effective and therefore Happy New World (the intelligent combination of beautiful Scandinavian “hive”-collectivism and the North-Korean iron fist). – But again,

8. “BALANCE PERSONAL RIGHTS WITH SOCIAL DUTIES” reminds of Nazi Germany’s “Reichsarbeitsdienst” as well as of the methods by which the Soviets recruited people for whatever proletarian industrial or harvest “battle” was to be fought (the new U.S. administration has strongly emphasised that it intends to go down that road, just as many other countries are now debating obligatory civilian service for men and women, which would serve asthe bridge towards a totally collectivised society). In many ways, the shift of paradigms has already been subtly achieved without the majority of the people realising; what’s missing, is the final smashing of the traditional order as a whole (the current multiple crisis will most likely do the job).

9: ”PRIZE TRUTH – BEAUTY – LOVE – SEEKING HARMONY WITH THE INFINITE” is classical double-speak: At first, the phrase seems just to encourage, in almost lovely and colourful hippie fashion, honouring a range of positive characteristics. Yet, to prize can not only mean to honour but also to reward! In that case, the meaning would be: “Reward [1. truth, 2. beauty, 3. love, 4. seeking harmony] with the infinite.” All of a sudden, we have, also here, a commandment – where some might have seen just an empty declaration of “peace and love” – that says, “Reward … with the infinite!” If one goes even one step further and presumes covert meanings in these wonderful words themselves, one could easily end up with: “Reward [1. sincerity (for truth), 2. physical perfection (for beauty), 3. loyalty (for love), 4. conformity (for seeking harmony)] with the initiation into the Luciferian mind-expansion (for the infinite).” Far-fetched? Not really! As indeed, this would be the perfect guideline for true Satanic tyranny: an obligatory one-world, Theosophist cult, overwhelming by its permanent propaganda, that will reward the willing but crush without the slightest mercy all “sceptics,” “resisters,” “deniers,” conservatives, and traditional believers, who would rather be left alone from this collective “love attack” that doesn’t accept a “No.” It will be, like in the days of Hitler (or in a possibly reactivated Obama-mania), a collective “bliss” so intoxicating and powerful that very few will be able to stand back. “The Force,” to speak in Star Wars terms, will conquer them all, just as it did back in the 1930s! – The “decalogue” closes as shockingly as it has begun:

10. “BE NOT A CANCER ON THE EARTH – LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE – LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE” – In other words: For nature’s sake, leave – respectively, get out of the way and die! (The ecological argument as an excuse for global genocide: couldn’t be any clearer.) – It is this line that Yoko Ono cites verbatim in her 1993 song “Georgia Stone!” And it is this sort of ecologically camouflaged eugenics that is now in full swing, as has shown the absolutely bizarre avalanche of propaganda for the (allegedly failed) Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009. Yet, there is not only an ideology involved here but even a religion: earth worship: “Mother Gaia,” the living organism and supreme goddess etc. – If you go through the (soon to come) bibliography section, you can find, in chronological order, a huge number of book titles, websites, and more, by such “confessing” Gaia worshippers as Al Gore, David Spangler, Ernest Callenbach, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Chris Griscom, James Lovelock, Robert Muller, Maurice Strong, jazz-saxophonist Paul Winter, along with Mikhail Gorbachev (who, as an old-style Leninist, doesn’t believe in anything except Lenin and, presumably, the Satanic force behind Lenin); but he and his comrades have been most warmly welcomed in the (Masonically controlled) New-Age and environmental movements of the West, so we’re witnessing a merger of both hemispheres concerted by Illuminists on both sides and at the expense of the whole of mankind; as, what will the unimaginably cruel result be: a global Soviet Union!



Although the Georgia “Guide-” Stones were meant to strictly speak for themselves, surprisingly, the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook of 1981 contains some quite lengthy political and philosophical contemplations (that even include hidden threats) authored by the mysterious group of orderers themselves, who seem to have felt a need for additional “guidance,” so to speak (five years later and under the very authorship of “R. C. Christian”, more of the same was published in a 123-page-booklet titled “Common Sense Renewed;” the book was released in a quite limited edition and was mainly distributed among policymakers within the U.S. and abroad; possibly, it can still be ordered from Elberton Granite Finishing or at times pops up at, in the latter case at astronomical prices). Let’s see what the authors were saying, as indeed this text gives a good understanding (and proof of what has been laid out above by this author) on what their political “vision” actually was of how the world should be governed respectively ruled. – (This author has decided not to “pre-process” the text by putting bold print here and there, especially as this little treatise by the New-World-Order social engineers is essential in every fraction of a sentence. Thorough and conscious reading will be sufficient, as will reading between these smooth lines be necessary for the reader to see where these people are heading… – Also, please keep in mind that the erection of the stones and the essay below are of 1979-1981 (interestingly the exact time of the just as eugenically inspired “Global 2000 Report!”) – not to mention the planning period for that project of “over 20 years,” as “R. C. Christian” indicated, meaning that this anonymous group’s evil ideas of “global depopulation,” “world governance,” “political correctness,” and ”sustainable development” (that are omnipresent today but were rather new in the mainstream debate in 1980) go at least back to the year 1960! – Therefore, it is more than probable that these authors are, in some way or the other, part of the inner circles of the so-called world elite that is planning in slightly different time ranges than the ordinary person would ever imagine…)

“It is very probable that humanity now possesses the knowledge needed to establish an effective world government. In some way that knowledge must be widely seeded in the consciousness of all mankind. Very soon the hearts of our human family must be touched and warmed so we will welcome a global rule of reason. – The group consciousness of our race is blind, perverse, and easily distracted by trivia when it should be focused on fundamentals. We are entering a critical era. Population pressures will soon create political and economic crisis throughout the world. These will make more difficult and at the same time more needed the building of a rational world society. – A first step will be to convince a doubting world that such a society is now possible. Let us keep in view enduring appeals to the collective reason of humanity. Let us draw attention to the basic problems. Let us establish proper priorities. We must order our home here on earth before we reach for the stars. – Human reason is now awakening to its strength. It is the most powerful agency yet released in the unfolding of life on our planet. We must make humanity aware that acceptance of compassionate, enlightened reason will let us control our destiny within the limits inherent in our nature. – It is difficult to seed wisdom in closed human minds. Cultural inertias are not easily overcome. Unfolding world events and the sad record of our race dramatize the shortcomings of traditional agencies in governing human affairs. The approaching crisis may make mankind willing to accept a system of world law which will stress the responsibility of individual nations in regulating internal affairs, and which will assist them in the peaceful management of international frictions. – With such a system we could eliminate war. We could provide every person an opportunity to seek a life of purpose and fulfillment. – There are alternatives to Armageddon. They are attainable. But they will not happen without coordinated efforts by millions of dedicated people in all nations of the earth. – We, the sponsors of The Georgia Guidestones, are a small group of Americans who wish to focus attention on problems central to the present quandary of humanity. We have a simple message for other human beings, now and in the future. We believe it contains self-evident truths, and we intend no bias for a particular creed or philosophy. Yet our message is in some areas controversial. We have chosen to remain anonymous in order to avoid debate and contention which might confuse our meaning, and which might delay a considered review of our thoughts. We believe that our precepts are sound. They must stand on their merits. – Stonehenge and other vestiges of ancient human thoughts arouse our curiosity but carry no message for our guidance. To convey our ideas across time to other human beings, we erected a monument – a cluster of graven stones. These silent stones will display our ideas now and when we have gone. We hope that they will merit increasing acceptance, and that through their silent persistence they will hasten in a small degree the coming age of reason. – The monument is located in Elberton, Georgia. This site was selected because of the availability of excellent granite, and because the climate is kind to exposed stone. – The monument has been named The Georgia Guidestones. It consists of four large upright blocks of granite, each measuring two meters wide and five meters high. They mark the extreme positions of the rising and setting of the sun [FALSE: of the moon! – The author.] in its cycle of 18.6 years. They surround a central stone which is oriented north and south. This stone contains ports aligned with the celestial pole and with the paths of the sun and moon as they cross the horizon. The central stone also marks the passing of the sun at noontime throughout the year. – The capstone is inscribed on its margins with an appeal to reason. This brief note is voiced in four archaic languages. – We believe that each human being has purpose. Every one of us is a small but significant bit of the infinite. The celestial alignments of the stones symbolize the need for humanity to be square with external principles which are manifest in our own nature, and in the universe around us. We must live in harmony with the infinite. – Four large stones in the central cluster are inscribed with ten precepts, each stone carrying the same text in two languages. In the English version the message totals fewer than one hundred words. The languages have been selected for their historical significance and for their impact on people now living. Since there are three thousand living languages, not all could be chosen. – We envision a later phase in the development of the Georgia Guidestones. It is hoped that other stones can be erected in outer circles to mark the migrations of the sun and perhaps certain other celestial phenomena. These stones would carry our words in the languages of other individuals who share our beliefs and will raise similar stones at international boundaries in the languages of friendly neighbors. They would serve as reminders of the difficulties which all humanity must face together, and would encourage mutual efforts to deal with them rationally and with justice. – We profess no divine inspiration beyond that which can be found in all human minds. Our thoughts reflect our analysis of the problems confronting humanity in this dawning of the atomic age. They outline in general terms certain basic steps which must be taken to establish for humanity a benevolent and enduring equilibrium with the universe. – Human beings are special creatures. We are shepherds for all earthly life. In this world, we play a central role in an eternal struggle between good and evil – between the forces which build and those which would destroy. The Infinite envelopes all that exists, even struggle, conflict and change, which may reflect turmoils in the very soul of God. – We humans have been gifted with a small capacity to know and to act – for good or for evil. We must strive to optimize our existence, not only for ourselves but for those who come after us. And we must not be unmindful of the welfare of all other living things whose destinies have been placed in our trust. – We are the major agency through which good and evil qualities of the spirit become active in our world. Without us there is very little of love, mercy, or compassion. Yet we can also be agents of hate, and cruelty and cold indifference. Only we can consciously work to improve this imperfect world. It is not enough for us to merely drift with the current. The rational world of tomorrow lies ever upstream. – In 1980, as these stones were being raised, the most pressing world problem was the need to control human numbers. In recent centuries technology and abundant fuels have made possible a multiplication of humanity far beyond what is prudent or long sustainable. Now we can foresee the impending exhaustion of those energy sources and the depletion of world reserves of many vital raw materials. – Controlling our reproduction is urgently needed. It will require major changes in our attitudes and customs. Unfortunately, the inertia of human custom can be extreme. This is especially true when those for whom custom is a dominant force are uninformed of the need for change. – Nearly every nation is now overpopulated in terms of a perpetual balance with nature.  We are like a fleet of overcrowded lifeboats confronted with an approaching tempest. In the United States of America we are seriously overtaxing our resources to maintain our present population in the existing state of prosperity. We are destroying our farmland, and we have grown dangerously dependent upon external sources for oil, metals and other nonrenewable resources. Nations such as Japan, Holland and Haïti are even more seriously overpopulated and, therefore, in greater jeopardy. In these circumstances, reproduction is no longer exclusively a personal matter. Society must have a voice and some power of direction in regulating this vital function. The wishes of human couples are important, but not paramount. The interests of present society and the welfare of future generations must be given increasing consideration as we develop mechanisms to bring rational control to our childbearing. – No person should be brought into the world unwanted and unneeded. No child should be conceived through carelessness. If each life is to have value, every conception must be part of an ordered plan of two parents who are aware of their responsibilities to that child and to society. – It is extremely important that every national government develop immediately a considered ‘Population Policy.’ The need is urgent. It should take precedence over other problems, even those relating to national defense. Population control is a global problem. The actions of one nation have far reaching effects on others. Overcrowding human beings in conditions of squalor and ignorance is dehumanizing. It is an evil which cannot be tolerated. – Each nation must consider the present and future availability of all resources required for its long continuing survival. With proper allowances for the interchange of commodities which may be overabundant in some areas while scarce in others, it must then make rational estimates of the optimum population which can be sustained by those resources on a perpetual time scale. Each nation must accept responsibility for making this determination for its own people. It may give assistance to its neighbors as it chooses, and as assistance is requested. But in the final analysis, each nation must determine its own population goals and must formulate plans which will achieve them. No nation, having regulated its own population, should be expected to burden its citizens with the unwanted surplus of improvident neighbors. – Nations with optimum populations can provide comfort and education for all their own citizens and can give assistance to others. They can be good world citizens. Nations which are overcrowded and poverty stricken are problems for the entire world community. – There are still significant reserves of fossil fuels and mineral resources, sufficient perhaps for a century of adjustment. But the time is running out. Immediate action is required to avert disaster. – A few generations of single child families will permit improvement of living standards in even the most impoverished countries. In all nations the final determinant of living conditions will be the ratio between available resources and the number of citizens who must share them. – Irresponsible childbearing must be discouraged by legal and social pressures. Couples who cannot provide a decent home and support for a child should not produce children to be a burden for their neighbors. Bringing unneeded children into an overcrowded lifeboat is evil. It is unjust to those children. It is harmful for the other occupants and all living things. Society should not encourage or subsidize such behavior. – Knowledge and techniques for regulating human reproduction are now in existence. Moral and political leaders throughout the world have a grave responsibility to make this knowledge and these techniques generally available. This could be done with a fraction of the funds which the world now devotes to military purpose. In the long run, diverting funds into this channel could do more than anything else to reduce the tensions which lead to war. – A diverse and prosperous world population in perpetual balance with global resources will be the cornerstone for a rational world order. People of good will in all nations must work to establish that balance. – We have confidence in the informed judgement of humanity. We believe that the problems of population control will be solved before mass starvation or conflict destroys the earth. Human reason can be adequate to meet the challenges thrust upon it in future ages. We remind those who come after us to apply that force in all areas of their lives. – We urge a world language, but do not intend the elimination of national languages. Every spoken language is useful, for it helps to segregate its unique segment of humanity from the general mass, permitting it to develop its potentials in its own environment, influenced by its own traditions. Variety is intrinsically good and must be encouraged. Literature and all the arts flourish under the sheltering protection of a language which has developed in a common nest. But national languages can be divisive, and can permit secluded islands of misunderstanding to develop and grow into sources of major difficulty. – No existing language has been consciously designed by human effort. Attempts have been made, but tend to adapt from existing patterns rather than working from a totally new foundation. Languages spoken widely today have developed in ways which reflect our inner nature as it has thus far evolved on the tree of life. They continue to change and evolve as if they too were living creatures. – We suggest that scholars throughout the world begin now to establish a new basis upon which later generations can develop a totally new universal language for men and machines. It will be adapted to our speech mechanisms, and to the language faculties and patterns impressed in our nervous systems. – With appropriate stabilizing mechanisms a common tongue for all nations may some day span chasms which would otherwise divide the human family. It will make possible the accurate transmittal of human thought down the long reaches of time. It need not be spoken by all. It will be most useful for those who bridge international barriers, and for scholars who interpret the past in the remote future. It will help maintain unity in diversity. – With the completion of the central cluster of the Georgia Guidestones our small sponsoring group has disbanded. We leave the monument in the safekeeping of the people of Elbert County, Georgia. – If our inscribed words are dimmed by the wear of wind and sun and time, we ask that you will cut them deeper. If the stones should fall, or if they be scattered by people of little understanding, we ask that you will raise them up again. – We invite our fellow human beings in all nations to reflect on our simple message. When these goals are some day sought by the generality of mankind, a rational world order can be achieved for all.”

This text is powerful confirmation for what the 10 dictates on the stones indicate anyway: the goal is “effective world government,” for which people’s hearts still need to be warmed: a confession – certainly unintended – that shows what such world government would in any case be: highly unpopular (at least as long as the brainwash, in fact, has not yet been achieved)! All the talk of mankind being ”one human family” should sound quite familiar to us of today as we are being so heavily attacked by this “one world-one planet-one religion”-propaganda, whereas terms such as “group consciousness” rather let us recall (beside our possible grim future) Orwell’s 1984 or the historical experiences of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. “Human reason” resp. an “Age of Reason” is frequently emphasised, not only linking the author or authors to Thomas Paine’s work The Age of Reason (published in the very year 1794 when the French Revolution reached its most horrible climax), but, more generally, to the whole philosophy or rather doctrine of the so-called Age of Enlightenment, that – the word says it anyway – is non-different from the intentions of Illuminism, of which Adam Weishaupt certainly was not the first proponent; in fact, he and his co-conspirators should be seen as the logical culmination of Masonic ideology whose idea of a “Supreme Being” had been verydifferent from and, in fact, incompatible with Christian belief long prior to that ominous year of 1776, when Weishaupt founded in Ingolstadt, Germany, – 9 weeks before the U.S. Declaration of Independence – his Order of the Perfectibilists or Illuminati. Masonry, whether ”traditional” or radically “illumined,” is distinctly un-Christian, if not to say: anti-Christian. Masons arebuilders, they wish to form and erect a “New World,” obviously being in so many ways unhappy with the world as it was created. They want to compete with the Creator, even to the point where they might have to destroy His Creation in order to be “satisfied” with erecting some hybrid technoid “civilisation” instead (a whole movie-genre, so-called “science-fiction,” bases itself on this devilish logic). – Technically speaking, their “philosophy” is a highly dynamic one, or – to put it differently – Masons are agents of change, i.e. of revolution! Qualitatively speaking, they are (whether aware of it or not, and for their “elders” certainly this is the case): definitive Satanists. – It is no conincidence at all that on Karl Marx’s so monstrous and blasphemous gravestone at Highgate Cemetery, London (where besides him are buried his wife, one of his daughters, one grandson, and his housemaid with whom he also had a child)  is written, beside the usual communist phrase, “Workers of all lands, unite!”, the following (enlarge the photo below so you can read it clearly): “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however is to change it.”

Yet, Marx (direct ideological successor of Weishaupt as well as Babeuf and predecessor to Lenin and all the rest of them) is still being sold to young students of philosophy, politology, or national economics as either a philosopher or an economist! HE WAS NEITHER (as his gravestone so blatantly reveals): He and his comrades just used these realms for their ends; yet, in reality, they were solely and merely lifelong full-time-revolutionariesobsessed and driven by this Satanic desire for destruction, as so shockingly is expressed in a piece of Marx’s poetry written in 1837 after he had entered as an 18-year-old those Satanic Left-Hegelian circles around Bruno Bauer in Berlin: “I shall build my throne high overhead / Cold, tremendous shall its summit be / For its bulwork – superstitious dread / For its marshal – blackest agony. – Who looks on it with a healthy eye / Shall turn back, deathly pale and dumb / Clutched by blind and chill mortality / May his happiness prepare its tomb” (Invocation of One in Despair; Marx was only 19!). This is the sole intention of communism: to destroy (and not even to replace the current world by a “better” world, not at all); to destroy and to triumph (although an illusion) over God the Almighty! THIS is the real motivation behind Communism (Red or Green) as well as National Socialism, their close ”spiritual” cousin Theosophy (plus offsprings all the way to New Age), and their common father Illumined Masonry: the Satanic triumph over the Lord and His Creation! Nothing else! (For this, read also the Karl Marx section of this author’s soon-to-be-presented article “Returning to the True Faith of Old that Recognises the Supremacy of God, the Lord and Creator of All Things.”) Certainly, it’s not well known that Marx, along with the whole bunch of socialists and radicals of his time and of all later times, indeed was a practising Satanist, yet, this horrible historical truth can be found thoroughly documented (among other sources) in the book Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001), a Lutheran pastor who had experienced much suffering under the communist regime of Romania until he was redeemed in 1965 by Christians from Norway. He then happened to research the historical roots of communism, probably in an attempt to better understand the horrors he had gone through himself, and where his research led him was exactly that: the darkest districts of the left-handed path (after completing his publication, Wurmbrand didn’t go any further and again dedicated himself fully to his spiritual duties, quite aware of the dangers of negative infiltration). – Already in the second paragraph of the essay given above pops up the issue of alleged “population pressure.” The “overcrowded” world should face the “problem” and take ”immediate action to avert disaster”. Only then would the building of a “rational world society” be possible (well, who has asked for such an obscurity in the first place?). At the same time, the authors boast that, as multiple crises emerge (and that clearly is a sinistre threat!), mankind will be “willing to accept a system of world law” anyway. ”Reason” should overcome closed-minded tradition, everyone should accept his role in the collective as a “small but significant bit of the infinite.” The “infinite” isn’t the Creator of the Abrahamic tradition at all! It is rather the vague concept of G.A.O.T.U., Freemasonry’s “Grand Architect of the Universe” – or more plainly, as revealed now and then by Masons, Theosophists, and more of their ilk: Lucifer (a supposedly more “shining” variant of Satan; but, don’t get fooled: Lucifer’s programme is certainly Satan’s programme, no way around it). By following him, they hope to be elevated to the level of gods themselves; that is the insidious promise by the arch enemy, and that is the ideology that today rules the world! –Optimisation of man’s existence is needed, the authors say, improvement of an imperfect world towards ”the rational world of tomorrow” that “lies ever upstream.” Has mankind ever invited these self-declared “do-gooders” to take over the decision-making for the whole planet? Hardly! They have, over a long time, systematically undermined all structures of society everywhere in the world and are now eager to impose their sick concept of Orwellian world technocracy upon us all. Hence, we are being “informed” that human reproduction can no longer be “exclusively a personal matter,” but henceforth should be controlled and regulated (as was indeed introduced around 1980 in communist China); no one should be brought into life “unwanted, unneeded,” or “through carelessness” (sic!). “Irresponsible childbearing” has to be “discouraged” by legal and social pressures, “society should not encourage or subsidize such behavior” (i.e. it should be forbidden by the state plus ostracised by the society collective: charming!). If each life is to have value, they are saying, strictest birth control is necessary. What twisted logic, what a bizarre as well as arrogant mathematical equation: In order to guarantee the value of life (who decides what life is valuable and what not?), life has to be terminated; or: Reduce quantity of life in order to raise quality of life! That’s the crazy mindset of these people. That’s what the so-called “science” of eugenics (nowadays more innocently termed “birth control,” “family planning,” or “population policy”) is about. As, what is their worry in reality? The well-being of mankind? Rubbish! What they care about, is their positions of power, or more distinctly, their project of waterproof and irreversible Satanic world tyranny, which – in order to be under effective control – cannot accept a total world population at the present level. THEREFORE their infinitely evil plan to “cull the herd” by more than 90%! There is no ecological necessity! There is no economic necessity! The “necessity” exists only in their power-ridden, criminal minds. (And let’s not forget that such a mad political system would not only restrict reproduction on a massive scale and fully prohibit it, like Nazi Germany, for those found ”unfit,” but also try to get rid of all “useless eaters,” meaning the disabled, the chronically ailing, and, most probably, the elderly who are no more “economically productive.”) Further we are told that, same twisted logic again, because “overcrowdedness” is so dehumanising, it cannot be tolerated; in other words: End Poverty! Kill the Poor! (a good slogan for a T-shirt, perhaps). – Very obviously and despite all well-presented charity activity, there is not the slightest thought about a much more constructive alternative to end poverty: elevating the poverty-stricken, whether in the so-called Third World or within the industrialised countries, to a living and educational standard that allows them not only to have proper nutrition, housing, and health services, but moreover circumstances in which they are enabled to live worthwhile lives and can prosper, not on the basis of a UN-socialist supply system but according to their very own traditional custom and values and coming  from productivity of their own (there’s a famous quote by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher saying, “Socialism is a wonderful idea – until you run out of other people’s money”; in other words, using the socialist globalists’ dearest catchphrase of sustainability against them: socialism is utterly unsustainable; it is unable to maintain itself simply because it is a recipe for destruction, not maintenance). As, only a people that can feed and maintain itself, can be a proud and vital people! And that’s why the monopolisation of food-, seed-, and agricultural industry is so crucial for the globalists: once a country is brought down to its knees and in starvation, it will beg for being allowed into the New World Order. The authors even describe how it should be done: every country should figure out their national population objective and should present ways explaining how they’re going to achieve it (the central world authority, of course, would then decide whether what a country proposes is enough or not). Of course, this “system” has already been, partly hidden, in place over many decades. The difference for what is planned ahead is not so much the “methodology” but the scale! Therefore, a drastic measure is suggested: several generations in a row should be allowed one child per family only (the Chinese model)! The demographic dilemma resulting from such idiotic policy can be seen already today with ever lower numbers of youth growing into the age-group of the productive but still having to carry, in increasing disproportion, a growing number of retired. Imagine the degree of disequilibrium after, say, two generations of single-child-policy (China has meanwhile reached, after 30 years of rigorous one-child-policy, exactly there)! It is clear that for the time frame within which the old-fashioned mulitple-child-generation is still alive (i.e. for three generations), this imbalance would be a major structural problem: for national budgets, health services, pension funds and so on. In fact, the system, unless radically restructured, would collapse. Therefore the intense debate in China (that has been hit, in fact, with its one-child-policy by a second Cultural Revolution of sorts, quieter but just as destructive) about actually introducing euthanasia against their ailing elderly. A horrible thing to imagine: a demographically crippled society just killing off its old people because it doesn’t quite know how to feed and keep them. Yet, that may well be the future, and not only for China (where, for Heaven’s sake, have we reached?). The anonymous authors even add a subtle threat expressing their confidence that mankind will in time solve the “problem” at hand ”before mass starvation or conflict destroys the Earth,” which sounds like: Do it our way, or go the rough way! Indeed, there are documented statements by prominent eugenicists who expressedly say just that! – Finally, they elaborate on the question of a one-world-language. As such an issue is not so easy to present as a necessity (unless they take the risk of coming across really ideological), they concede that traditional languages are nice and beautiful and certainly worthwhile and will never die out, BUT – nevertheless – it needs a one-world-language, for the sake of better international understanding etc. Whatever their friendly words about the value of traditional languages: all lies, don’t believe one single word! They want a singular language to be spoken by everyone on this planet, otherwise why all the effort. This is not an idle non-issue, as it may appear; it’s an important goal. As, by wiping out language one wipes out all cultural and traditional inheritance a hundred times more effectively than by any other means! Language is the key for TOTAL transformation! For these ends, the constructed (hybrid) language of “Esperanto” was developed in the 1880s by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, not without coincidence in the decade of breakthrough for international socialism; and indeed, Esperanto has been a must within “progressive” circles from the early 20th century right to this day (see the website of so-named “Universala Esperanto-Asocio” that is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands: – Below: The grave of the father of Esperanto, Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof (1859-1917), at Warsaw’s Jewish Cemetery:. Note the hermetic-communist five-pointed star with the ‘E’ in the middle: the emblem of the Esperanto movement!

As a matter of fact, internationalists coolly refuse the counter-argument by a sound mind that the best way for overcoming language barriers is to learn foreign languages (which is a wonderful thing to do, by the way, as it enables people to get a much better idea of what a respective nation or culture is about). But communists do not wish diversity or intercultural enrichment, they want uniformity and cultural impoverishment. However, the authors of these explanations even seem to have something completely else in mind than Esperanto or some sort of degraded English: an extremely simplified artificial language that is easily producable and understandable resp. processable by people and computers; which is, already in 1980, a powerful indication of where they’re heading: a world of cyborgs, where men will be machines and machines almost men (see for this a 5-page- TIME-article of Febr 11, 2011 on the ‘predictions’ by artificial intelligence avantgardist and futurist Ray Kurzweil, 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortalas well as the Ray Kurzweil books, Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever (with Terry Grossman), Plume, 2005, and The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend BiologyPenguin, 2006)

Hitler Germany had the minimalistic slogan “Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Führer!” (One People! One Empire! One Leader!). The same totalitarian approach is true of the men at work today! They surely seek to mould the whole world into ONE, whether the world likes it or not. Oneness, and you can take this term even ’spiritually’ if not sexually, is their goal, their intention, their desire: a giant, collective Luciferian orgasm of sorts (for those who were admitted into the New World Order); the wildest dreams of every Yoga practitioner, every LSD-freak, every Magus, every tantrist, and every communist anyway, come true! Hence, the highly esoteric design of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP-15) logo, depicted below: a seemingly fluorescent globe covered by a spiderweb of thin blue lines: Lenin’s “ideal” of pure communism, the “state of the whole people.” – This ball even resembles a butterfly-cocoon, another well-known symbolism indicating metamorphosis – powerfully confirmed by the logo of the follow-up conference, COP-16, at Cancún, Mexico from late November into December 2010: what’s prominently displayed here, is none other than a MONARCH butterfly (a key symbol in the sickening twilight-zone of trauma-based mind-control and Satanic ritual abuse, that extends far into popular mass culture, without most people realising). In other words: COP-15 seemed to represent the cocoonic stage, whereas COP-16 (indeed, in comparison, a breakthrough) shows rather the final outcome and synthesis: the ready and perfect butterfly; a new humankind, radically transformed after all (and wasn’t New Age icon, Barbara Marx Hubbard, in 2009 wildly campaigning for a futurist conference in Perpignan, France, titled “RENAISSANCE 2″? – That’s their goal: a second and ultimate Renaissance, i.e. the triumph of Paganism and factual godlessness in the guise of ‘Humanism’ and ‘Reason,’ and thus the irreversible birth of their long-awaited ’New Man’).


Verily, Freemasonry’s insidious “philosophy” of omnipresent, global control is about to be fully implemented right in front of our eyes. What has been sold to us as something to serve us as a new level of global communication and mutual understanding (the “worldwibe web…” along even with globally available mobile telecommunication), is merely their method of imprisoning all mankind within their evil control and surveillance grid; nothing to do with freedom, everything to do with enslavement (therefore, the ‘free’ internet may well soon turn out to have been a monstrous trap through which to catch as many critical-minded people as possible…)! The same symbolism can be seen on top of the entrance columns of Freemasons’ Hall at London (built in the years 1927-1933), which hosts 1717 founded United Grand Lodge of England, the lodge of lodges, one might say: a globe, recognisable with its parallels and meridians, with some sort of fishers’ net thrown partly over it: a disturbing design indeed. Also, that frontal tower of this ‘Holy of Holies’ of World Freemasonry is crowned by a prominent Red Star (see the photograph below): this is London, not Moscow, one might think; yet, that marker shows us where communism has initally been thought out! And what a convenient symbolism lies in the instance that communism’s “prophet,” Karl Marx, is buried in London (as is Sigmund Freud, by the way, another pioneer of a radically godless society, in which religion would be defamed as a “childhood neurosis” – which too has already taken place somehow in the communist world by their use of forced political “psychiatry” for putting down, breaking, and re-programming people who wouldn’t “fit in” their glorious new society).

Then, of course, there is the highly Masonic UN flag: Its bold spiderweb-geometry makes 32 segments plus the inner circle – makes 33, according to the highest degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Also, the stylised olive twigs (and it’s supposed to represent olive, according to the official UN description) on both sides count 13 leaves each, a number highly prominent in the Masonic world (the York Rite has 13 degrees) as it reminds of the dramatic crushing of the probable forerunners of Masonry, the Knights Templar, on legendary Friday, October 13th, 1307 – a date that gave rise not only to widespread superstition around any Friday 13th, but even to the death-and-rebirth symbolism of the 13th Grand Arcane card of the quite Qabalistic Tarot system. Not enough with that, shows the design a world seen from its northern celestial pole through crosshairs, thus revealing the true aggressive and indeed deadly nature of this alleged “peace”-organisation and of the “illumined” elites who brought it into existence.


For the reader with a musical ear: want to hear the (unofficial) anthem of the UN? Here it is: This “Hymn to the United Nations” was composed by Catalan star cellist and life-long supporter of international socialism, Pablo Casals (1876-1973), and first performed on United Nations Day of 1971 under the auspices of UN Secretary General of the day, U Thant. Though fairly classic in style, it is nevertheless a musical document of dreadful utopianism, perfectly along the lines of Huxley, Orwell, and Bradbury. Brace yourself! (3’21″)


Finally, let us remember – following a bizarre scare video (“Please help the world!”) on the expected consequences of alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming – the highly New-Age-style, even Utopian musical opening ceremony for that Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of December 2009, arranged by Danish jazz trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg: a young women’s choir of the Danish Radio dressed in ancient Greek looking robes (a choir of priest virgins, it seemed) sang a most spheric, kind of Bernsteinian elegy accompanied by the just as spheric Miles-Davis sound of Palle Mikkelborg’s trumpet (who was dressed, like the harpist, in existentialist all-black, except for his notorious white Buddhist shawl). See that so religiously flavoured, 8-minute ceremony here. Interestingly, on his quite magical website, Mr. Mikkelborg states that he has never had a musical ambition in his life, only a spiritual one – without really explaining what sort of spirituality he is talking about (see the website for listening to some more of his music: – Thus, this conference opening on December 7, 2009 (all, suitably, taking place in ‘human-faced-socialist’ Scandinavia) may well have been already an opening ritual for their much-advertised new cosmic world society: all interconnected, all one, no more separation after all! Ready for the New Age? Well, better hurry up and tune in with the grand stream of collective consciousness that (like Hitler Germany) only knows two options: either you’re in, or you’re out! – (Also view a recording of their December 15th-”High Level Segment Opening Ceremony” – with Anthropogenic Global Warming sympathisers such as Ban-ki-Moon, Al Gore, or The Prince of Wales in the audience: again sings the Danish National Girls Choir a piece communicating rather ‘meditatively’ the importance for everyone “to plant a tree” (trees, of course, as the symbol of the new Earth religion).

Yet, there is more. Not only have the editors of the Georgia Guidestones Guidebookpresented these explanations authored by the orderers, they also gave several pages of contemplations on the Utopian “10 commandments”, point by point, by a literature expert from New York City, who indeed deserves a closer look. His name: Dr. Francis Merchant (1912 – Jan. 5, 1981). Although the booklet gives a fair deal of his literary achievements, it omits the most important fact about this man, that – especially in connection with the Georgia “Guide”-Stones’ message – is absolutely striking: According to a 2001 biographical obituary by his widow, Gloria Bader Merchant, Francis Merchant was (just like herself) a life-long, fiery follower of Theosophy– see that document here. And yet another clue: That PDF-document turns out to be attached to the website of a so-named “Institute of Theology”, by own definition an “Independent Catholic,” “Christic“ organisation (strangely without headquarters given): as one goes through the site’s content, it quickly becomes clear that this is a boldly pseudo-Christian, through and through Theosophical entity spreading Rosicrucian-Theosophist false doctrine under the guise of a somewhat reformed Christianity. Just see its website and the application page therein that even prominently displays: a ROSE CROSS in combination with an hermetic/communist five-pointed star and a Freemasonic triangle. – During his college and university years, Francis Merchant had already read a number of books by Theosophist Alice A. Bailey (1880 – 1949) as well as the Agni Yoga books by Russian occultist and wife of painter and occultist, Nicolas Roerich, Helena Roerich (1879 – 1955), who was also the translator of Helena Petrovna  Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine” into the Russian language. (Below: Our “friendly” counter-mystics and pioneers of a Satanic Kingdom on Earth, Masonic-spiritist founders of the Theosophical Society, “Madame” Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott.)

Whilst writing his dissertation on the Irish poet and, again, lifelong Theosopist, “AE” alias George William Russell (1867 – 1935), Merchant happened to get directly in touch with the Theosophist Alice Bailey. He quickly grew into Bailey’s Arcane School and, because of his fluent German, was sent after World War II to the Arcane School’s branch in Britain from where he directed the work of their German students. Again in the mid fifties, some five years after Alice Bailey’s death, he interrupted for a while his teaching career and worked as a full-time member at the New York headquarters of the Arcane School. One gem of his Theosophist/Luciferian poetry: “We fight for Light / By day and night / Forever strive / To keep alive / The spirit’s glow / Midst ebb and flow / Of that great dance / Called circumstance.” – That a man of such distinct Theosophist-Masonic background pops up in that handbook almost as a footnote, elaborating on the 10 points of the Georgia “Guide”-Stones, is overwhelming proof of what actually keeps hiding in the shade: none other than the tightly UN-affiliated Arcane School of Alice Ann Bailey, of whom many influential figures, such as former long-term assistant Secretary General Robert Muller (who meanwhile deceased in September 2010), have been members. In addition, like with the sand-blaster who actually heard disjointed voicesduring the countless lonely working hours of engraving the message into the stone, there also happened something very odd to Francis Merchant: Immediately after completing his discourse on that same 10-point-message and even before the Georgia Guidestones Guidebookwas published, he unexpectedly DIED on January 5, 1981, age 69 only (the same age at which Alice Bailey had died in 1949)! Hence, one needn’t be a particularly superstitious person to realise that there seems to be a great deal of Satanic energy involved with these supposedly reasonable Georgia “Guide”-Stones! – In many ways, especially for the eugenical part, Merchant’s stance is quite revealing. In fact, are his brutal, Masonic New-World-Order-arguments perfectly identical with those of the New-World-Order propagandists and global-warming-alarmists of today. It all falls into place as soon as one sees that Communists (Red or Green), Theosophists, and Rosicrucians (as well as Freemasons) are birds of one (Satanic) feather and have always consciously worked hand in hand! Here are Merchant’s explanations in full – after everything already said, without further commentation:

1. Maintain humanity less than 500 million in perpetual balance with nature:China, with its billion inhabitants, has reached the limit that the land can support in population. The government has recognized that an increase in the number of its citizens would imperil the nation. Laws have been passed designed to limit the size of families. The official view is that two children per family are sufficient; penalties are assigned if there are more. – India, too, is deeply concerned about the problem of over-population. Programs have been instituted to reduce the soaring birth rate. – How many people can the Earth support? Even today starvation in various parts of the world is not simply a threat – it is a reality. – Nations are often considered separate from the Earth of which they are a part. However, the planet is a unit composed of interrelated countries. Nations are artificial groupings created by man. They are part of a single whole – the Earth. Volcanic eruptions, floods, and drought affect all life on the planet. A catastrophe in one area is the concern of everyone. Planetary thinking involves a larger perspective than a nationalistic outlook. – There is but one Earth and one humanity inhabiting it. Only such a perspective can enable us to plan wisely for the present and future generations.

2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity: The individual dies, but the race lives on. Each generation creates its successors. The process is not merely an individual matter, but affects the race as a whole. The person who wastes his substance dissipates a remarkable energy of which he is the custodian. – Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most important acts a man can perform. Small wonder that marriage has been designated as a sacrament. Reproduction is a miracle of creative power. – To cheapen the marital relationship, to degrade the creative act by pornography, to indulge in promiscuity simply to satisfy carnal appetite reduces the meaning of life to an animalistic level. To create progeny, yet not accept the responsibility of parenthood, is a form of egotism and unreason. Because biologists classify man as an animal, some people assume that they are justified in acting like one. – Drugs, alcohol and dissipation have a negative effect on the unborn. It is not right that they should be made to suffer because of the shortcomings of their parents. To tamper with the health of unborn children is surely unjustifiable. – It is difficult to regulate reproduction by law, but a higher standard should be formulated.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language: Continents separate peoples, and so does nationality, but language is an even greater barrier to international understanding. Ideas must pass through the prism of different vocabularies and alphabets to be understood. The nations of the world, because of improved communication, are being drawn closer and closer together, making the language barrier an ever greater obstacle. This problem should be recognized, and efforts should be made to arrive at some creative solution. – a new language, acceptable to all nations, would facilitate world understanding. It would enable the inhabitants of the Earth, regardless of geography, to communicate with each other – the European with the Asian, and the African with the American. What improved transportation has done in bringing peoples together in space, a common language would do in bringing them together in thought. – No nation need give up the use of its own tongue. All nationalities could continue to cherish their own cultural treasures and their own prized mode of communication. A new language would be a secondary tongue that would be used to promote international understanding. – The development of a new language requires much thought. Some tongues, Russian, for example, are too strongly inflected. English grammar, on the other hand, is comparatively simple. With modifications, it might be a servicable instrument. Linguists have already done much to make basic English a readily acquired skill. There may be other alternatives. A language of symbols [???], for example, might serve a useful purpose.

4. Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason: Science bases its judgements on the evidence provided by experiments. A theory that cannot be supported in practice is discarded. Ideological thinking is of a different order. In spite of contradictory results that flow from the application of a theory, it is stubbornly justified and upheld. The ideologue is wedded to his beliefs regardless of logic, fact, or evidence. Such an attitude is unscientific, fanatical, and unreasonable. Many people, like the ideologue, persist in their convictions in spite of all proof that they are mistaken. Passion and instinct pull the chariot of the soul in one direction; reason, in another. The conflict must be resolved by making the irrational urges subservient to the logic of the soul. Many people, however, can adduce specious arguments to justify unwise, sometimes absurd, behavior. This type of thinking is called rationalization; it is simply the distorted shadow of reason. – Psychiatry tells us that rationality is a fundamental criterion in determining sanity. Addictive behavior, because it is not controlled by judgement, suggests imbalance and disequilibrium. When decisions are made on the basis of compulsive drives without weighing issues, the resulting behavior verges on irrationality. – The universe is put together by divine reason. Man is privileged to emulate the Great Architect by ordering his small world according to the rational faculty with which he has been endowed. The compass of reason, when rejected, leaves the individual adrift in a stormy ocean.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts: Being imperfect, man makes imperfect laws, but they represent as much of the Spirit of Justice as he is capable of comprehending. In his own small way, he tries to express in human affairs his interpretation of the principles that govern the universe. Naturally, he falls short of the ideal. – The purpose of law is twofold – to set up standards and to protect those who abide by them. The protective aspect is sometimes overlooked. Without law, life becomes a jungle in which might supersedes right. The weak are then at the mercy of the strong. The lawless have no reason to complain of unfairness; having repudiated the law, they cannot appeal to it for protection. – To devise fair laws requires wisdom, and to create just courts, integrity. Society does not seem to produce an over-abundance of persons who possess these qualities. However, the affirmation of the ideal, although it is but a preliminary step, provides us with directional intention. – Perhaps it would be of value to ponder on the laws that we would devise to govern our own conduct – and then apply them to the community and to the nation. – The philosopher, Kant, suggested that each person ask himself, “If everybody did what I do, would the world be better off or worse?”

6. Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court:The history of the human race resounds with the clamor of war. The passage of time has not reduced conflicts, but increased them. Moreover, wars have become ever deadlier because science devises weapons that are ever more destructive of life. In fact, man’s power to destroy is so great that a nuclear holocaust could endanger the planet and all its inhabitants. – Statesmen, realizing the danger of catastrophic wars, have created international organizations to insure peace. The League of Nations was formed after the First World War, and the United Nations, after the Second. – Today the horizons are again clouded and the threat of international conflict hangs over the future life a pall. Man’s will to destroy has apparently outstripped his will to establish durable peace. – A general answer to the problem – and it can only be very general – would be to let each nation rule itself internally to the best of its ability, but that all external disputes that put the future of humanity in jeopardy be submitted to a World Court arbitration. Such a solution would require cooperative action on the part of all nations. However, a climate of world opinion favoring such a resolution of international conflicts can be created even now. The alternative, recurring man-made cataclysms, should persuade people that the path of reason and persuasion is wiser.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials: Innumerable laws have been written covering almost every aspect of life – and each generation adds a host of additional statutes. The multiplication of laws beyond a certain point tends to be restrictive and produces that modern phenomenon, the bureaucrat, who interprets and administers legislation. Even today, businessmen and college bursars complain about the quantity of paperwork required to comply with federal and state regulations.  – Petty laws bring justice itself into disrepute. In a maze of legal technicalities, the real issues are often obsured. Many persons who are admittedly guilty go free because of incidental procedural irregularities. – When the laws become highly complicated, the government creates an army of bureaucrats to enforce them. These officials do not add to the productivity of the economy, but exert great influence in determining what can and what cannot be done. If no regulation is bad, excessive regulation is worse. – “The law is a lamp,” the Scriptures tell us. Petty regulations and useless officials obfuscate the truth. When the law is regarded as a capricious set of arbitrary and hindering rules, the light of true justice is dimmed.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties: No man is born free. He is imprisoned in a body, subject to time, compelled to follow a pattern that starts with birth and ends with death. To overcome his natural ignorance, he must put forth persistent efforts to acquire knowledge. Life offers opportunity and a choice, but not freedom. – Rights concern what society owes the individual, but there is another consideration. What does the individual owe society? Receiving and giving are two elements of a single process that is sometimes referred to as reciprocity. Insistence on always being the recipient of good and never the giver of it defines a one-sided relationship. Even in speech, we must be able to express our own thoughts as well as to listen to those of others. – Every right implies a duty. Life is given in order that we might do something meaningful with it. What boots it if a man has unlimited freedom and uses it to live meanly, miserably, and ignobly? Rights conferred must find their expression in duties fulfilled. – Our obligation as human beings is to act like human beings – and not like creatures of the jungle. Our rights must never include the right to deprive others of theirs. It seems more satisfying to think of what others owe us than of what we owe others, but such a view is egocentric. – Each person might find it helpful to make a list of rights he does not possess – namely, misuse of the gift of life, bringing discord into the lives of others, darkening the horizons of those who strive lightward.

9. Prize truth, beauty, and love, seeking harmony with the Infinite: ”Where your treasure is,” we are told, “there will your heart be also.” That which we prize is an index of character and striving. It is spiritually profitable to distinguish between treasure and its many glittering counterfeits. Reaching for tinseled, self-aggrandizing things, we often find ourselves clutching a handful of cobwebs. What, then, should we cherish? – A. The Treasure of Truth. Every truth is part of a larger one. At no point can we stop and say that we have encompassed its fullness. Its manifestations are apparent on earth, but its roots are in infinity. The search is never-ending, for truth progressively expands until it becomes a sun. In the quest, falsehoods are burnt to ashes. The lamp of reason discovers the truth that “shall make you free.” – B. The Treasure of Beauty. Written into the foundation of the world is the principle of Beauty, and its manifestations are everywhere apparent to the discerning eye. The stars, the sunlight, the flowers, and the mountains bear mute testimony to this principle in nature. – “Array thyself with glory and beauty,” the Scriptures tell us. The task is surely not easy to accomplish. The outer beauty should find its reflection within. The rose that wafts its soft fragrance on the summer air should, symbolically speaking, bloom in the depths of the heart. – C. The Treasure of Love. Man, having been brought into being by the love of the Creator, has been endowed with the power to express in more limited form a measure of his Creator’s munificent quality. – By availing himself of this opportunity, he builds a ladder that stretches from earth to infinity. – How can man, an ephemeral creature of a moment, be in harmony with the Infinite? The skeptic impugns the possibility, but in metaphysics the answer can be affirmative. As the vast sun is reflected in a small mirror, so is infinity manifested in finite man.

10. Be not a cancer on the Earth – leave room for Nature, leave room for Nature! – The afflictions from which human beings suffer are legion, but one of the most dreaded forms is cancer. In this disease a part of the organism increases at the expense of the whole. This concept may be speculatively extended in considering the earth and the four billion inhabitants it bears. The devastating wars in which humanity engages are afflictions of the planet. Each individual, analogous to a cell in the human body, may be a diseased or health-producing force in the corpus of the Earth. – No one lives to himself alone. He is part of a community, of humanity, of the planet. It lies in his power to be a cancer or a salutary agent. This choice is not a theoretical matter. It will inevitably find expression in action. – Man shares the planet with Nature, and what he does affects his environment for better or worse. He cannot cut down forests, pollute rivers, or foul the atmosphere with impunity. In destroying Nature, he destroys himself. – Such considerations, far from being abstract, have direct relevance to man’s future. It is not the part of wisdom to shift the problem to governments and wait for them to take action. Each individual must take his own creative decision and in so doing create a climate of thought that will promote the health of the planet and the well-being of all humanity.



Thinking the Georgia “Guide”-Stones’ brutal message over and then perhaps contemplating on the whole of history that has led to this sad result (that still is part of God’s plan, lest we forget!), one might start wondering whether the actual “cancer” (“Be not a cancer on the Earth…”) in this gigantic Greek tragedy could possibly be found somewhere completely else than with you and me: that is, within the very circles that have brought this monument ofwickedness and shame into existence. Looking back over the decades and centuries, meanwhile, during which this generational “gentlemen’s club” of fanatical Utopians, indeed: psychopaths, have increasingly spread throughout the world their evil under the guise of ‘Humanism’ and ‘Reason,’ one might like to ask: who do they think they are? The answer is:They know well who they are, what they’re up to, and whom they are working for: they are the heirs of Babylon and Egypt; their god is not the God of Abraham, of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. In fact, despite their Pagan idolatry, their rituals, demonic invocations, and manifold witchcraft, they have no God. Except one; who is their example, their “Grand Architect” and comrade, as well as overall ‘inspiration:’ the arch-enemy, the fallen one, Satan himself.


*    *    *








There are some reports in circulation mentioning a “noted Atlanta psychic” by name of Naunie Batchelder who is said not only to have been electrified enough by the Georgia “Guide-” Stones as to get married underneath them but also in a 1981 article of the E.T. monthly of that time, “UFO Report,” to have predicted the Georgia “Guide-” Stones’ true purpose to be revealed within a period of 30 years (which would in that case point to the years 2010/11). Whether this purported prediction was based on vision, inside information, or just a good guess, remains unclear. Nevertheless, this hardly more than anecdotal instance leads us to the very serious question: could we indeed have arrived by now at the phase of implementation of this cruel and totalitarian ’decalogue from hell?’ – Much is speaking for such an assumption. In fact, from 2009 all the way into 2010, the world has been confronted with an insane acceleration of events, political and other, as if all demons at once had been set loose upon mankind. Let us recall the murderous staccato of evil that has certainly brought humanity during those passed two years onto the brink of slavery, if not of annihilation altogether.



First, the year 2009 started – as we all know and after an election campaign that had eventually grown into a rolling mass movement – with the inauguration of probably the most mysterious (if not to say: Manchurian) U.S. president ever to enter the White House. Suitably, the flawed (and thereby doubled) inauguration procedure was in itself a display of unprecedented mystery. Much could have and should have been investigated and reported by the mainstream media about this shining super-nova from outer space but, again, for some mysterious reason wasn’t: The birth-certificate issue has not been resolved to this day; and, for the most part, America and the world still know next to nothing about the background and biography of this man. Thus, left in the dark about what’s hiding in the shade, a majority decided it would be a good thing to have him as their new president, failing to see that he is less a politician in the traditional sense than a die-hard, albeit well-concealed Marxist revolutionary, who couldn’t care less, as he sometimes boldly signalled, about a country that in so many ways obviously isn’t his (not to mention his endorsements by the Communist Party USA, the Marxist ‘Nation of Islam,’ and Obama’s just as Marxist ‘Trinity United Church of Christ,’ that not only even today describes itself as “unashamedly black,” but, on an earlier version of their website back in 2008, as shown below, said they were ”agents of change for God who is not pleased with America’s economic maldistribution” and stating in point 10 of a ’10-point-vision’ to be “working towards economic parity” – in other words: for communism; screenshots taken on September 1, 2008; click to enlarge, and enlarge fully to view clear!).

No matter how far the previous U.S. administrations had already pushed the country away from her constitutional foundation (with the Bushes, 41 and 43, turning out as ruthless globalists, NOT American patriots or conservatives, thereby proving Dwight D. Eisenhower’s dire warnings of a future slide into a military-industrial dictatorship entirely accurate), this 44th president, who might even hold this high office illegitimately, represents the embodiment of all nightmares of former American generations come true. Thus, this “new FDR” – or more correctly: this ultimate Communist Troyan Horse – may well, at some stage, oversee the final ‘transition’ of what once was the United States of America into an infamous Soviet “AMERIKA,” himself then having been the last president in a long row since George Washington’s inauguration on April 30, 1789. – Again, the scope of this new “leader’s” fatal mission cannot possibly be overestimated: Without doubt, he was carefully prepared and chosen by powerful pro-communist forces to execute their abominable plans of erecting a merciless one-world-dictatorship – the timing of Barack Obama’s “appearance” on the world political stage, given all other simultaneous developments, being in no way a conicidence! (Below: a typical piece of communistic “Obama Art,” Cuban-style…)




Second, just ahead of that 2008 U.S. presidential election, the world of finance saw the (construed) arrival of its most dramatic crisis since the days of the Great Depression, with millions of U.S. citizens losing their homes and jobs and economies around the world sliding into an ever more strangling deflationary situation (that was subsequently ‘fought’ by governments via close-to-criminal ‘bail-outs’ and ‘quantitative easing,’ which soon might trigger hyperinflation and total economic collapse – as obviously intended by the shadow elite, following their mad and blasphemous logic, “ordo ab chao” – order out of chaos). With next to all-powerful financiers behind him, who seem to be pushing forward global communism no matter what, Obama now indeed became the mythical figure of light for hope and change who would in some mysterious way put it all right again; hence, his election victory by a rather comfortable margin. Yet, not only was in those weeks and months this Bolshevik so powerfully rammed into the White House – along with a whole number of other extremely dubious figures from the extreme left, including Obama’s fellow Alinskyite Hillary Clinton -, there also grew viral in policymaking circles around the globe, in the face of crisis, much talk of the emerged chance and necessity of finally creating a ‘New World Order.’ That phrase famously having been used not only by George Bush the Elder on several occasions in 1990/91, but by false ‘reformer’ Mikhail Gorbachev even earlier in his December 7th, 1988 address to the United Nations General Assembly, that was full of coded Aesopian language directed at what Lenin once had termed the ’interested,’ as well as by pro-communist ‘science-fiction’ writer H. G. Wells in 1940 as the title for an indeed programmatic political treatise. Finally, let us be clear about the fact that all generations since 1935 who have been using U.S. dollar cash money have permanently been confronted with the deeply Freemasonic Great Seal of the United States in use since 1782, depicted on the reverse of the one-dollar-bill: well known to everybody, the back side of that so ominous seal, that is full with 13-numerology, carries a Masonic unfinished pyramid seemingly emerging out of  deserted land and headed by the ‘Eye of Providence,’ that in reality is High-Grade- (also known as ’Red-’) Freemasonry’s all-seeing eye of Lucifer, and showing the year 1776 (MDCCLXXVI), that was not only the year of the American Declaration of Independence but also the founding year of the ultra-radical and highly subversive order of the Illuminati that, starting from Bavaria, in less than a decade was to effectively undermine both European and American Freemasonry and must be assumed to have taken on other names and organisational forms ever since (most likely, including Marxism); furthermore, that scene is framed by two Latin phrases: on top is the self-confident statement, ‘Annuit Coeptis’ (He [Who?] has favoured [our] undertakings), probably derived from a passage in Vergil’s Aeneid, where Ascanius, son of Aeneas, prays to Jupiter, “Jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis” (Jupiter Almighty, favour [my] bold undertakings), so blatantly showing that the United States are NOT founded on Christianity but on Babylonian-Egyptian-Greek-Roman-Qabalist-Rosicrucian-Masonic ‘values;’ whereas underneath the pyramid there’s the revolutionary imperative ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ (A new order of the centuries [resp.: ages]), that of course means just the same as the phrase ‘New World Order’, that too, in turn, is being varied in a number of ways, as can be seen in buzz-words such as ’New Global Order,’ ‘New Social Order,’ ’Global Governance,’ ‘One World,’ ‘One Human Family,’ simply ‘Oneness,’ or, in Soviet terms: ‘Global Democratic Peace’). Strangely, an initial version of the Great Seal had carried the more pious textual background, ‘Deo Favente Perennis’ (With God’s favour, everlasting), which, however, was quickly changed; on the other hand, every dollar note (or, more correctly: Federal Reserve Note) shows on its reverse the fairly unconvincing phrase ‘In God we Trust,’ which reminds us of the truism that words can have different meanings to different people.


Let’s have a look at some of the statements, uttered in late 2008/early 2009 by ‘statesmen’ and ‘elder statesmen’ alike, regarding the due formation of a ‘New World Order’: The most drastic note was by left-wing British Prime Minister of the day, Gordon Brown, who indeed said on January 26, 2009 that the current threats and challenges to the world economy should be seen as ”the difficult birth pangs of a new global order […] Our task now is nothing less than making the transition to a new internationalism with the benefits of an expanding global economy, not mudding through as pessimists, but making the necessary adjustments to a better future and setting new rules for this new global order.” Also, there were remarks by still omnipresent politico, Henry Kissinger (who has done, as the Soviet operative that he is,tremendous damage to the United States, especially by opening in the early seventies close economic ties of the U.S. with Communist China, which has meanwhile resulted in China having become a deadly serious threat, along with still-Soviet Russia, to the very existence of the United States); Kissinger, asked in a CNBC interview on January 5, 2009 about the foreign policy challenges faced by the incoming Obama administration, answered, obviously alluding also to the economic crisis, “… His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a New World Order can be createdIt’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.” But also France’s allegedly conservative President, Nicolas Sarkozy, who already on September 25, 2007 had earned standing ovations from the UN General Assembly for his pledge for a ‘New World Order,’ emphasised when in the second half of 2008 presiding the European Council on September 23, 2008 in a speech to the same forum that “capitalism should be more regulated.” Sarkozy also envisioned “a common economic space that would unite Russia and Europe. […] What Europe is telling Russia is that we want links with Russia, that we want to build a shared future with Russia, we want to be Russia’s partner.” Such remarks as the one by President Sarkozy can be regularly heard within the political triangle of Russia, Germany, and France (including, of course, EU institutions) and make only sense to the observer aware of the tight joint strategy of these three powers, that are working over-time on their project of a merged European-Russian sphere, in other words: a socialist (communist) super-state from, as the Soviet phrase has it, the Atlantic to Vladivostok (which is situated in the Far East, just north of the Korean peninsula) – although the Germans have in mind a slightly differing version, namely a Pan-German Europe all the way to the Urals, boldly ignoring unchanged Soviet Russia’s insistence on a communist world federation beyond any nation state, thus also beyond a nationalistic Germany; for Americans and Canadians alike should be added that there sometimes pops up the even bolder code “From Vancouver to Vladivostok,” certainly having in mind the longer stretch across the North American continent, the Atlantic Ocean, and the whole of Eurasia, which self-evidently expresses the Russian Leninists’ unchanged goal of complete communist world domination!). Then, at the London G-20 summit on April 1 and 2, 2009 (that obviously was a first breakthrough in the global coordination of economic matters), former East-German agitprop-secretary in the Communist youth organisation Freie Deutsche Jugend and now all-German Chancellor Angela Merkel, pronounced her wish of a yet to be formulated, globally applying “Charter for Sustainable Growth,” to be implemented under the umbrella of the United Nations… – Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the word “Council,” as in European Council (in French: ‘Conseil;’ in German: ‘Rat’), equates to the Russian word: SOVIET!!! (European Council, in Russian, is: Европейский совет; see for this the Russian Wikipedia page on the “European Council”). And – as a great first-hand confirmation, so to speak – icon of the red-green-New-Age-communistic one-worlders, unchanged Marxist-Leninist, and since 1992 untiring spearhead of the World Revolution, Mikhail Gorbachev, indeed joked (well, he wasn’t joking) at a brief visit to London on March 23, 2000 that the European Union was “the new European Soviet”(according to the late Christopher Story on page 10 of his unique reference work, “The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States – A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution,” this was reported in the Daily Telegraph the following day, March 24, 2000 in the Peterborough column). The same rhetoric, transcending the European context and even more outspoken, was to be heard then – in a clear act of division of labour between the unchanged Soviet power centre of Moscow and the ‘post-Soviet,’ ‘independent,’ so-termed Near Abroad – from Kazakhstan’s dictator ‘president’ Nursultan Nazarbayev on March 3, 2009: “We must switch to a new global currency system, which will be based on a single global monetary unit.” Note the term ‘monetary unit,’that indeed seems to indicate, beside a one-world-currency, how close we are to the ultimate Orwellian nightmare of a unified ‘world society’ firmly locked and enslaved within a cashless system, in which ‘Big Brother’ would be able to track every single move and every single financial transaction, impose random taxes without people being able to defend themselves against them, notwithstanding the technical option of excluding dissenters from all forms of trade and commerce, leaving them stranded in the street without access to food or drink or anything else: such outcome, naturally, would  mean the definitive end to all personal liberties and any true, God-given human dignity whatsoever, in other words: the most rigid, effective, and powerful tyranny ever to befall mankind. Which brings us all the way back to the famous warning in chapter 13 of the Revelation of St. John (13:11-18, KJV):

(11) And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. (12) And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. (13) And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, (14) And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by [the means of] those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. (15) And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (17) And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (18) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

(Strangely, in a 1980 German Bible edition by the Katholische Bibelanstalt, Stuttgart, there are some editorial remarks ahead of the Revelation of St. John boldly denying the prophetic content of this so important apocalyptic text; translation and bold print by this author: “… The Revelation of John does not seek to predict the course of world and church history. Likewise, it is not its intention to precisely describe the sequence of events surrounding the due Return of Christ …” – Tellingly, among the group of eight bishops and cardinals who tutored this Bible edition was then Archbishop of Vienna, powerful Franz König (1905-2004), a man famous for his modernist-reformist views fully in line with the Second Vatican Council Masonic revolution, widely apostrophised as the ‘Red Cardinal,’ and even purported as a covert Freemason himselfdue to his close relations with the Austrian Grand Lodge and the (then ruling by absolute majority) Austrian Socialist Party as well as his engagement in the post-conciliar Vatican’s communism-friendly ‘Ostpolitik,’ that did NOT achieve its purported objective of bringing ease to Christians under the Communist yoke at all, but merely strengthened Communism, leaving all believers suffering unchangedly brutal religious persecution most cynically and completely abandoned.)

In mainstream publications, any correlation between Rev. 13:16-18 and our meanwhile omnipresent barcode (UPC) product identification system firmly in place since the 1980s (and its possible future direct application to human beings) is being rejected and ridiculed as paranoid conspiracy “theory.” Yet, the “conspiracy theorists’ ” claims that every UPC-code shows an unchanged pattern of three sixes (thus, the mark of the beast of St. John’s Revelation) cannot be denied, at least as for the visual appearance of these three so-calledguard-bars. Let’s look, therefore, more closely at how a barcode is configurated. As is widely known anyway, the sequence of lines that make up a barcode is an optical representation of a total of 12 numbers underneath it, divided by the central guard-bar into a left half and a right half with six numbers on each side. Every number from 0 to 9 is expressed by a seven-bit resp. seven-digit binary formula of ones and zeros composed in such a way to guarantee least similarity among each other and subsequently optimum recognition by scanners, with zeros appearing as empty spaces and ones as fine lines (which explains the varying thickness of lines within a barcode, depending on how many ones in a row (maximum 4 ones) appear as representing the respective number); in addition, the configuration for numbers of the left half of the barcode is different from that for numbers of the right half of the code. As we try to compare the three fixed, identical “guard-bars” to the two sets of representations of the numbers from 0 to 9, one time for the left, one time for the right half of the code, we must know that in doing so we compare, technically speaking, apples and pears. The reason for this: the numbers are represented by seven-digit binary bars, whereas the Start- and Exit-bars consist of three digits only, and the middle bar of five digits. Let’s look and see:

Start bar:        101

Middle bar:    01010

End bar:          101

These are the three fixed “guard bars” that allegedly represent the “666;” by appearance, they are identical as what meets the eye is each time two fine lines with the same minimal distance between them; the empty spaces (zeros) outside the two lines in the case of the five-digit middle bar don’t affect the depiction of two fine lines with a minimal distance in between, digitally expressed by “101;” the reason for the bold print of “101” will become clear in a minute. – Let us now look at the 7-digit representations of the numbers 0 to 9, one time for the left half of the code, the other time for the right half:

Left half                                Right half

0                  0001101                               1110010

1                  0011001                                1100110

2                  0010011                                1101100

3                  0111101                                1000010

4                  0100011                                1011100

5                  0110001                                1001110

6                  0101111                                1010000

7                  0111011                                1000100

8                  0110111                                1001000

9                  0001011                                1110100

As we analyse these 20 7-digit binary combinations, we find that only 4 of them show just 2 ones, in varying distances: The 3 of the right side has them distanced by 4 zeros, the 7 on the right by 3 zeros, the 8 on the right by 2 zeros; and only the 6 of the right side showing two ones with 1 zero in between, thus perfectly matching the two fine lines of each of the three guard-bars, that subsequently by appearance are non-different from sixes of the right code pattern, thus, INDEED, 666! – Below you can see a random bar-code with the identical three “guard-bars” to the left, to the right, and in the middle, marked orange, and two bars in the right half of the code representing sixes, one of them here marked blue: the guard bars and the “6″ of the right side are absolutely identical!

During the last 25-30 years, we have been accustomed to the barcode (as well as to cashless paying systems) as a harmless means to streamline and make more efficient payment-, trade- and transport logistics. Beware, the next step is intended to be the ‘mark of the beast,’  and it won’t be just a barcode attached by whatever means to your body, it will be a veritable radio-frequency-microchip-implant remote-connected 24/7 to a government database; all financial transactions, health services, civilian-, administrative-, legal issues, everything, will be managed solely via this chip – no more cash (and no more credit-cards either), thus no more private transfer of money, and certainly no more tax-evasion, plus permanent tracking of every movement via radio-frequency (and there is indication of an even more sinistre variant: the manipulation and control of human thought and emotion via radio waves by an RF-chip directly implanted into the brain turning in such case man into a mere robot, we are close to a veritable nightmare…). Indeed, the fully mature RFID-chip-implant-technology (that, as an intermediate step, has become reality with the new so-called “electronic passport” that has built in a chip not only, weird enough, for storage of biometrical data but also for radio frequency localisation) has been most aggressively, and quite successfully so, advertised already over many years especially for newborns and elderly people, arguing with that technology they can never get lost – as well as for managers for super-fast flight check-ins on airports. Plus is the RFID-chip by now mandatory in a whole number of countries for both zoo animals, farm cattle, and pets such as cats and dogs, and has also been applied on wildlife in a whole variety of conservational projects around the world, which seems rather to serve the purpose of making poaching impossible for all who might try to flee the upcoming Orwellia and seek refuge in the wilderness (in fact, according to the UN’s infamous Agenda 21, the open land will become a no-go area with people packed in run-down urban centers, Chinese-style). You see, the power-ridden Satanic “elite” has literally thought of everything… (Below: an X-ray showing a hand with an RFID-chip hardly larger than a grain of rice implanted, as is mostly the case, in the fleshy area between thumb and index finger; this, however, being almost Dinosaur technology of the 1990s.)

Thus, it certainly is no more a matter of decades but merely years until such a gruesome scenario of pure Satanic world rule is going to materialise, and just as certainly it can and will be crushed solely by the Grace and Mercy of the Heavens, something every man and every woman of faith and good will should wholeheartedly pray for! – Furthermore, whilst the whole world is heading ever deeper into the financial mess, and ever more countries turn out to be effectively insolvent – such as Iceland, Greece, or Ireland -, there is building up simultaneously ever more dangerous pressure from ‘below,’ whether through (Moscow controlled) trade unions or just as communist-directed anarchist groups who now seek to destabilise already affected countries even further: pressure from above plus pressure from below: the perfect recipe for utter destruction… (Below: May 4, 2010: Acropolis Hill at Athens, Greece, besieged by Greek communists waving red flags and calling the peoples of Europe to revolution; complete with hammer and sickle, as one can see. – Due to the harsh “austerity measures” imposed on the country, Greece is now ever deeper sliding not only into economic desperation but ultimately into outright political chaos! Meanwhile, as of late 2010/early 2011, the same bleak prospects of getting reduced and strangled down to the miserable state of an IMF/EU/German protectorate are awaiting further European countries such as Ireland, possibly Portugal, maybe even Spain, and who knows if and when the falling of domino blocks will come to a halt. – Interestingly, the unchanged communist Soviet-Chinese bloc seems to be applying a double, if not threefold strategy in now getting full control over Western Europe, as is also happening at the same time elsewhere in the Western world: pressing “eco”-globalism through their Marxist alarmist friends at the expense of Western nations; pushing anarchy through their allies in Western trade unions and definitely through anarchist groups; and, finally, introducing themselves most civilisedly to troubled Western European governments as helpers and financiers in times of crisis; great proof of the latter occured on June 28, 2011 in Germany in the course of China’s ever-smiling Premier Wen Jiabao’s pompous state visit, where Premier Wen indeed stated, “When Europe is in difficulty, we are stretching out our helping hand,” – which they certainly won’t do out of Christian ‘caritas,’ and not even for mere financial gain, – after all, they are die-hard communists -, but of course solely for the furtherance of their world revolution and destruction of the hated ‘capitalist class enemy,’ ironically by capitalist means!)



Third, the year 2009 was crucial in the socialistic European Union’s continuous coup d’etat by installments (or: Gramscian revolution by stealth) against the sovereignty of its member states as the long-propagated ‘European Constitution,’ meanwhile under the cloak of the ‘Lisbon Treaty,’ approached the last mile of its ratification process (that can be seen in the animation below as having started in February 2008 with Hungary and having reached completion with the last signature by Czech President Václav Klaus on November 3, 2009).    ll

After its initial form as the projected “Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe” had been utterly defeated in the only two referenda held in France and the Netherlands in the year 2005, the refurbished version as the “Treaty of Lisbon” only had to overcome one single referendum in the Republic of Ireland on June 12th, 2008, that too ended with a 53.4% majority against what by the Irish (and certainly by many other European nations who never even once were called to the polls) was understood as the final nail in the coffin for national sovereignty. Yet, as the Eurocrat totalitarians won’t take a No, the Irish vote, though valid, was boldly ignored and a second referendum set up for October 2nd, 2009. This time, Brussels made sure that nothing could go “wrong,” and unleashed a massive media campaign mainly playing on Irish fears possibly to be “left out in the cold.” However, the landslide outcome of 67.13% pro this much tighter pan-European framework suggested some other “methods” involved in the process but mere argumentative persuasion, that is to say: an actualrigging of the vote, for which a number of strange irregularities were indeed witnessed. As MEP Nigel Farage, 2006-2009 leader and certainly most colourful member of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party – by critics such as David Noakes, however, termed as mere “controlled opposition”: see David Noakes in a 2-hour-interview on the subject here (1/11) ) put it, the second Irish referendum was no different from “a corrupt election in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan.” Hence, all that remained was the signatures by presidents Lech Kaczynski of Poland (who later so tragically lost his life on April 10, 2010 in the highly suspicious “plane crash” near Smolensk) and Václav Klaus of Czechia, then possibly the only two personages left on the European political stage with an astonishing degree of dignity and principle (albeit themselves both products, of course, of the earlier communist apparat prior to 1989). Also, then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, himself a full-hearted advocate of globalisation anyway, “explained” the order of the day in a quite sinistre and thuggish manner to the Czech President,“It is now of course a matter of President Klaus, but I believe that the EU made clear the help we can give to the Czech Republic to enable them to sign and ratify the Lisbon Treaty,” a clear threat! Thus, President Klaus’s disillusioning assessment of the state of affairs that he gave on October 18, 2009: “I do not consider the Lisbon Treaty to be a good thing for Europe, for the freedom of Europe, or the Czech Republic. However, the train has already travelled so fast and so far that I guess it will not be possible to stop it or turn it around, however much we would wish to.” – Being the fierce critic of both the ongoing EU power grab and the eco-Marxist, globalist agenda that he is (see also his book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles – What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?, Competetive Enterprise Institute, 2007), President Klaus, who made his signature dependent on the Irish referendum and even the decision by his colleague in Warsaw, pious Catholic Lech Kaczynski, finally gave in on November 3, 2009 – a decisive historical date – and signed the document (immediately after the Czech constitutional court rejected a complaint against the Treaty) privately in a separate room of Prague Castle without cameras present and later announced to the press very technically and in an act of timeless and rare statesmanship that he had done so at 15.00 o’clock, stating that the Czech Republic [and along with it, all other EU member states, one should add] now had ceased to be a sovereign state (the whole situation remotely reminding of 1938 Austria and Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg’s words at his enforced resignation on March11, 1938 in the face of the annexation of Austria by Hitler Germany, known as the “Anschluß,” when he proclaimed, helpless and defeated: “Gott schütze Österreich!”, i.e. “God protect Austria!”) – Below: Majestic Prague Castle, the place where on November 3, 2009 the sovereignty of every single European nation was finally forced into eradication forever.   ll
Right after news broke of the last signature attached to the Treaty, a widely unanimous “Halleluja” filled the air. President of the European Commission (and once Maoist student leader in his youth days), José Manuel Barroso, boasted, “The road has been a marathon of hurdles, but the last hurdle is now removed,” of course without elaborating on the nature of that Marathon (in which hurdles are not taken, but ‘removed’) as well as the nature of the Finish now obviously reached (just as Euro notes depict, instead of real people and real places or items, typified gates and, on the reverse, bridges literally leading from nowhere to nowhere, which tells us all about the insidiousness and stealth of  the so-called “European Integration Process,” that thoroughly conceals the most important point: its purpose and direction, that of course is a new version of a USSR, driven partly by pan-German hegemonial ambitions and certainly by the Moscow-controlled left who seek to merge Western Europe with the still intact Soviet Union on communist terms). Further, newly inaugurated German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, hailed the outcome as “a really good day for Europe” (never are we being informed about the substance of that not until recently established myth called “Europe,” the most ludicrous feature of which is that it still needs to be “built”…). And yet again was uttered a distinctly coded socialist statement by Gordon Brown, who said, “Today is a day when Europe looks forward;” ‘Forward’ being an old communist parole used for leftish propaganda publications throughout the world right from the days of the formation of the ‘movement;’ thus, Mr. Brown expressed that Europe now was looking toward communism! – From that November 3, 2009 on, things speeded up tremendously, and it turned out that the fully ratified Lisbon “Reform” Treaty was to be put into effect already by December 1, 2009, with two new powerful posts still to be staffed: the post of a President of the European Council with a two-and-a-half-year term of office (once re-electable) and the post of a High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (foreseeing a five-year term). The choice then having fallen on two political figures fairly unknown on the international scene, the Belgian Herman van Rompuy and the Briton Cathy Ashton, brilliant UKIP MEP Nigel Farage quipped during a session of the European Parliament at Strassbourg on November 25, 2009, “… Well, we have our two pygmies, we’ll have the blind leading the blind …”, which brought him heavy protests, true or staged, from the greater part of the European Parliament. Certainly, we shouldn’t regard the two merely as a “couple of political pygmies,”especially as for Mr. van Rompuy, although there was much speculation about a mere power grab by the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, at the expense of the two new posts. Be that as it may, one remark by Mr. van Rompuy was certainly an eye-opener, in which he characterised the year 2009 as “the first year of global governance,” in other words: of a one-world government, respectively of infamous New World Order. – We better take them serious. These people know exactly what they say and why they say it…
Fourth, on June 29, 2009 current Pope Benedict XVI (whose reputation as a conservative is nothing but a clever fabrication!!!) released the third Encyclical of his Pontificate, Caritas in Veritate (“On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth”), a Papal document – similar to its two predecessors – of tremendous importance far beyond the boundaries of Catholicism, that not only stands in direct continuity with Paul VI’s communistic Encyclical Populorum Progressio of 1967 but seems to mark the very starting shot for the implementation of political, economic, and religious unification of mankind under the deceptive paradigm of  a ‘One Human Family,’ in other words: a rigorously centralised, socialistic one-world system – accomplished through gigantic redistribution of wealth and eradication of all cultural and religious differences -, under the merciless dictate of a ‘politically correct,’ New-Age-flavoured ‘Humanism’ that doesn’t take a No (and for which the Papacy so obviously is intended to soon become the shameful centre of its new, false, one-world-Luciferic-hybrid cult).

In this Encyclical – if not to say: Manifesto, Pope Ratzinger (who was – despite his then young age and as a fierce follower of the teachings of Teilhardian theologian Karl Rahner and close friend and colleague of radical theologian and now apostate “World Ethos” guru, Hans Küng – one of the driving forces in the communist-Masonic cultural revolution within the Catholic Church from 1962 to 1965 a.k.a. the Second Vatican Council, and is to this day an unchanged progressivist, admiring as ever the ‘accomplishments’ of the Age of Enlightenment) spreads out his vision of the building of a ”good society” for the whole of the “human family” (indeed, of the formation of a New Man !!!), based on “solidarity, fraternity,” “justice, and peace.” In other words: LIBERTÉ! EGALITÉ! FRATERNITÉ! (Tellingly, he quotes his modernist predecessors, John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II extensively, with the pre-conciliar, true Popes hardly ever being mentioned!) Who would have thought, say, 70 years ago that the deadly postulates of the French Revolution and of Marxist collectivism would ever be preached from the Papal Throne? But – it happened. The formerly grand and glorious, powerful and strong Roman Catholic Church – since the beginning of its de facto sedevacancy in 1958 systematically brought down to spiritual bankruptcy by Masonic ideologues, one-world-ecumenical propagandists, Satanic practitioners, and pedophile homosexuals so that the truly faithful have been literally forced underground – is now but an all-tolerant, colourful, happy-clappy, multi-cultural, inter-confessional, communistic sister organisation of the United Nations, and the whole world, all branches of society, is firmly under control of the evil one, with no one left – except for God in Heaven – to be able to stop this infinitely dark ‘super-force’ from completing its robotic march into that murderous great nothingness where there will be no more hope or comfort or goodness, no more devotion or piety or gratitude or love. Read this Papal Communist Manifesto (that you can also find on the official Vatican website) in this identical Word-2000-document that only has, in addition, all the ideological phrases and coded double-speak highlighted by bold-print. Blatant proof, just one paragraph out of countless writings by Joseph Ratzinger, can be found in his 1982 work (English edition 1987), “Theologische Prinzipienlehre: Bausteine zur Fundamentaltheologie,” (Erich Wewel, München 1982), English title: “Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology” (Ignatius Press, San Francisco 1987; pp. 381-2), boldprint and underlining by this author:

“If it is desirable to offer a diagnosis of the text [the Vatican II Constitution Gaudium et Spes] as a whole, we might say that (in conjunction with the texts on religious liberty and world religions) it is a revision of the Syllabus of Pius IX, a kind of countersyllabus. Harnack, as we know, interpreted the Syllabus of Pius IX as nothing less than a declaration of war against his generation. This is correct insofar as the Syllabus established a line of demarcation against the determining forces of the nineteenth century: against the scientific and political world view of liberalism. In the struggle against modernism this twofold delimitation was ratified and strengthened. Since then many things have changed. The new ecclesiastical policy of Pius XI produced a certain openness toward the liberal understanding of the state. In a quiet but persistent struggle, exegesis and Church history adopted more and more the postulates of liberal science, and liberalism, too, was obliged to undergo many significant changes in the great political upheavals of the twentieth century. As a result, the one-sidedness of the position adopted by the Church under Pius IX and Pius X in response to the situation created by the new phase of history inaugurated by the French Revolution was to a large extent corrected via facti, especially in Central Europe, but there was still no statement of the relationship that would exist between the Church and the world that had come into existence after 1789. In fact, an attitude that was largely prerevolutionary continued to exist in countries with strong Catholic majorities. Hardly anyone today will deny that the Spanish and Italian Concordats strove to preserve too much of a view that no longer corresponded with the facts. Hardly anyone today will deny that, in the field of education and with respect to the historico-critical method in modern science, anachronisms existed that corresponded closely to this adherence to an obsolete Church-state relationship. Only a careful investigation of the different ways in which acceptance of the new era was accomplished in various parts of the Church could unravel the complicated network of causes that formed the background of the “Pastoral Constitution”, and only thus can the dramatic history of its influence be brought to light. – Let us be content to say that the text serves as a countersyllabus and, as such, represents, on the part of the Church, an attempt at an official reconciliation with the new era inaugurated in 1789.”

Thus, the polemic uttered by this author against Pope Ratzinger’s 2009 Encyclical Caritas in Veritate two paragraphs above, citing the deadly parole of the French Revolution, “LIBERTÉ! EGALITÉ! FRATERNITÉ!”, isn’t far-fetched at all! Indeed, this revolutionary maxim – Satanic to the core – should be written over every church entrance throughout the world (maybe it soon will be), so as to at least create a bottom line of ‘honesty’ as to where this “Conciliar” church really stands!

(Readers who wish to learn more about the huge topic of Vatican II and its fatal consequences are kindly referred to traditionalist Catholic priest Rama P. Coomaraswamy’s (1929-2006) reference work, The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, [orig. 1981], updated and revised edition, World Wisdom, 2006 (read either online for free or order here); to the late R. P. Coomaraswamy’s still active website; to the books by the late Irish Catholic scholar and priest, Father Malachi Martin SJ (1921-1999), among them especially the ‘faction’ work Windswept House: A Vatican Novel, Doubleday, New York 1996; there are also a number of talks and interviews by and with Father Malachi Martin available on the web as videos, at Youtube and elsewhere; don’t miss the very deep 50-minute speech (1/6) on our modern culture’s ‘great death wish’ that he gave in 1991 at a conference of Human Life International (the portrait presented on that video, however, is not that of Father Martin but of another churchman, Illinois Traditionalist Catholic priest, Father Peter Michael Mascari (1920-2002) of Roman Catholic Faithful, RCF – below you can see a photograph of Father Malachi Martin);

further to the 11-volume-collection by Brazilian Church historian and researcher Atila Sinke Guimarães, Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? (Volume I: In the Murky Waters of Vatican II) [i.e. Jesus’ famous words on the cross, ‘My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?’ – so far, five volumes have been translated into English]; another must-read is Piers Compton’s The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican, Spearman Books, 1983; ‘The Broken Cross’ was also reviewed in a superb and stringent 2002 online article by Canadian book author and webhost Henry Makow: “Is the Pope a Catholic?”. – Certainly, you shouldn’t miss famous founder of the Society of Saint Pius X, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s (1905 – 1991) I accuse the Council, Angelus Press 1998 [orig. 1976]. Finally, check out the excellent Traditionalist Catholic Also, there was an absolutely fearless and immensely inspired voice against the evils of Vatican II in Germany by name of Fr. Hans Milch, parish priest in Hattersheim near Frankfurt/Main, a small town of 25,000 population. Fr. Milch (1924-1987) was allied with Archbishop Lefebvre’s Fraternity of St. Pius X. He founded in 1972 the ”Community for Prayer and Expiation” (‘Gebets- und Sühnegemeinschaft’), Spes Unica, followed in 1977 by the more politically active ”Community for Fight and Expiation” (‘Kampf- und Sühnegemeinschaft’), Actio Spes Unica, the latter still in existence today: (readers who know German can download for free a selection of Father Milch’s lectures and sermons as mp-3 audios here; or they can order a 2-DVD-set with Fr. Milch’s complete speeches, lectures, and sermons for the ridiculous amount of € 25.- here). In October 1979, Fr. Milch was finally suspended and thus overnight was left without income and without a home of his own. His community, though, stood behind him, and by October 1982  he was able to open a newly built chapel for his traditionalist group, St. Athanasius, that was consecrated by none other than Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. His public speeches were carried by faithful traditional Catholicism, nothing else. His polemic against the progressivist ‘optimism,’ against the indifference and non-commitedness of the post-Conciliar epoch must have won him fierce enemies. And so it happened that, on August 8, 1987, he was most horribly stabbed to death by a confused member of his church community. Was there more to it? Probably. The funeral was attended by over a thousand faithful, whereas the official Limburg Diocese in a cynical obituary note so typical of this modernist Conciliar church gave their farewell “to a confrère with whom dialogue had no longer been possible.” Shame on them! Here are two important lectures by Fr. Milch presented on this author’s Youtube channel, each one as the original German audio complemented with a meticulous English translation inserted as text. Although it takes a bit of concentration to read the English while hearing the German, it nevertheless provides the authentic historical atmosphere of those lectures. Here they are: First, a 31-minute-speech, rather a sermon, of October 7, 1979 (11 days before Fr. Milch’s suspension and therefore still in his Church of St. Martinus at Hattersheim). The title: “The Imminent Fall of Europe – The Church: Sole Authority for Possible Rescue.” – Click on the following three links to view this 3-part production: Part 1 (14’41″); Part 2 (14’23″);Part 3 (5’59″).

The other lecture presented here was Fr. Milch’s last public appearance on May 3, 1987 at Eltzer Hof, a former baroque Palais in the city of Mainz. The provocative title of this incredibly profound 78-minute-speech was, “Key Sentences of the So-Called [2nd Vatican] Council: The Supreme Shepherd’s Anti-Christian Machinations.” Here are the links:Part 1Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6. 


Yet, our triumphant 68ers, who after their Gramscian Long March through the Institutions have effectively occupied the key positions of power globally along with an even younger generation of loyal followers, keep telling the young: You have no idea what life was likebefore our wonderful revolution of ’68! And right they are: the young have noe clue; they grew up in a widely distorted societal environment with age-old religious and moral values collapsed as if they had never been more than a house of cards; most of them were never introduced into fine and orderly religious practice; in other words: they have never seen anything else than this spiritual desert we are living in today. Likewise, and even more fundamentally, the Second Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church, that – mind! – preceded the collective madness of 1968 by several years, was another decisive whatershed, most probably, although not much noticed, an even greater one, respectively: the real one! As a rule: there’s a simple way for properly understanding the full impact of the Renaissance period; the Reformation; the Age of Enlightenment culminating in the Masonic twin revolutions in America and France; the rise of the communist ideology throughout the 19th century reaching its first great victory with the Bolshevist Revolution in Russia and the toppling of most monarchies in Europe and beyond; the formation of the League of Nations and, after 1945, the United Nations; the breathtaking expansion of world communism in the decades of the Cold War (and its silent march of triumph since the end of that Cold War); along with it, the growing of the Communist so-called Fifth Column in the West; and, most crucially among them all, the abolition of the Khalifate in the Islamic World by godless Kemalism in 1924 plus, some 40 years later, the insidious wiping out of authentic Catholic Faith by the Masonic Popes John XXIII and Paul VI through their progressivist Second Vatican Council held 1962-1965, that to this day has been the fundament of the ‘New Church’ (both Christendom and Islam by now lie in shambles, due to a long history of aggressive subversion; in the case of Islam this attack against the innermost mystical tradition has been carried out, with disastrous consequences, by so-called Salafism resp. Wahhabiism). Now, there is a way to assess and understand every single one of these historic cataclysms: Comparing what they left behind with the state of affairs before their occurence. Before/After. Very simple. And absolutely important. As, without such historical digging (and it’s digging, because neither school nor university are going to tell us), we remain captives of an utterly manipulated and deformed historical world-view and thus view of ourselves. In that sense, let us compare Pope Ratzinger’s dry and bloodless academic sophistry – with all its openly displayed Humanism and pledge for a (Utopian) one-world society and (of course) with its complete absence of warnings of the emerging of that Utopia – to the clear, right-to-the-point, as well as deeply spiritual and timelessly Catholic encyclicals by the true Popes until Pope Pius XII (who all, by the way, tirelessly kept warning of the deadly spiritual and overall civilisatory threat for the whole of mankind from the Satanic evils of Masonry, modernism and communism). Seeing the huge gap between the old Catholic Church and the post-conciliar “church” of the modernists is indeed heartbreaking. All the ancient grandeur and majesty; all the mystery and depth and Holiness; all the warmth and compassion; all the gentle soft-spokenness on the one side and firmness, strictness, discipline, and Supreme Papal authority on the other: GONE. Need proof? Well, today’s Vatican still has at least the last five pre-conciliar Popes from Leo XIII to Pius XII presented on its official website. Have a look and read as much as you can from the following encyclicals, and you’ll quickly sense the abyss that separates the former Roman Catholic Church from the present-day joke of a watered-down, syncretist “interfaith-church,” that as a matter of fact has been given a completely different function: namely, to be the very vehicle and structure for its former eternal enemy, the Masonic-New-Age hybrid Luciferian (i.e. Satanic) cult (so, if you think you’re giving your children a proper Catholic education by having them in a modern-day Catholic school, given today’s confused situation, think twice!). And it is this modernist, multicultural, Masonic standpoint and mission of the ”new church” that has made a keen modernist and Fabian Socialist such as Tony Blair to ‘turn to Catholicism’ (so to draw everybody else in that direction): The church just isn’t the Church anymore, rather it has become the citadel of the Prince of this World (with churchmen no longer teaching morality and self-restraint but, on the contrary, having themselves turned into questionable role-models for “Anything Goes”). – Here now comes that little selection of superb encyclicals by Popes Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, and Pius XII (although Benedict XV, the “peace Pope” of 1914-1922, possibly should have raised the alarm against the Russian Bolshevist Revolution of 1917 and the numerous revolutionary attempts throughout Europe following the end of World War I more resolutely; and Pius XII – according to the late traditionalist Catholic priest, Gregorius Hesse – already paved the way for the modernisations, ‘adaptations,’ and indeed the Novus Ordo Mass itself by his 1947 encyclical, Mediator Dei). 


LEO XIII (pontificate Febr. 20, 1878 – July 20, 1903):

Quod Apostolici Muneris – On Socialism (Dec. 28, 1878)

Humanum Genus – On Freemasonry (April 20, 1884)

Dall’Alto Dell’Apostolico Seggio – On Freemasonry in Italy (Oct. 15, 1890)

Rerum Novarum – On Capital and Labour (May 15, 1891)

Custodi di Quella Fede – On Freemasonry (Dec. 8, 1892)

Inimica Vis – On Freemasonry (Dec. 8, 1892)


PIUS X (pontificate August 4, 1903 – August 20, 1914)

Pascendi Dominici Gregis – On the Doctrines of the Modernists (Sept. 8, 1907)


BENEDICT XV (pontificate Sept. 3, 1914 – Jan. 22, 1922)

Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum – Appealing for Peace (Nov. 1, 1914)

Paterno Iam Diu – On the Children of Central Europe (Nov. 24, 1919)

Annus Iam Plenus – On Children of Central Europe (Dec. 1, 1920)


PIUS XI (pontificate Febr. 6, 1922 – Febr. 10, 1939)

Divini Illius Magistri – On Christian Education (Dec. 31, 1929)

Casti Connubii – On Christian Marriage (Dec. 31, 1930)

Quadragesimo Anno – On Reconstruction of the Social Order (May 15, 1931)

Nova Impendet – On the Economic Crisis (Oct. 2, 1931)

Vigilanti Cura – On the Motion Picture (June 29, 1936)

Mit brennender Sorge – On the Church and the German Reich (March 14, 1937)  

Divini Redemptoris – On Atheistic Communism (March 19, 1937)


PIUS XII (pontificate March 2, 1939 – Oct. 9, 1958)

Quemadmodum – Pleading for the Care of the World’s Destitute Children (Jan. 6, 1946)

Anni Sacri – On a Program for Combatting Atheistic Propaganda throughout the World (March 12, 1950)

Humani Generis – Concerning some False Opinions Threatening to Undermine the Foundations of Catholic Doctrine (August 12, 1950)

Luctuosissimi Eventus – Urging Public Prayers for Peace and Freedom for the People of Hungary (Oct. 28, 1956)

Laetamur Admodum – Renewing Exhortation for Prayers for Peace for Poland, Hungary, and the Middle East (Nov. 1, 1956)

Datis Nuperrime – Lamenting the Sorrowful Events in Hungary and Condemning the Ruthless Use of Force (Nov. 5, 1956)

Le Pèlerinage de Lourdes – Warning against Materialism on the Centenary of the Apparitions at Lourdes (July 2, 1957)

Miranda Prorsus – On Motion Pictures, Radio and Television (Sept. 8, 1957)

Ad Apostolorum Principis – On Communism and the Church in China (June 29, 1958)

Meminisse Iuvat – On Prayers for the Persecuted Church (July 14, 1958)


Strangely, the design on the official Vatican website’s main page (as of early summer 2011) uses bitten-into-apple geometry (akin to the Apple corporate logo), that – if applied by intention – would mean extremely sinistre play with the key moment in the Book of Genesis, when Eve accepts from the serpent, that is Satan, the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, representing the act of Original Sin for all generations of men to come, followed by the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Given the fact that the present-day church is ‘run’ by Masonic-Luciferian wolves in sheep’s clothing, it is hard to believe that this design was chosen by chance. Worse even, seems the central circle with the fine bent lines going through it horizontally to be a reminder of chip technology, which – again, if intended – would represent an even more sinister allusion to what possibly lies in front of us, and what has been discussed further above in this article: the ‘Luciferic initiation’ as propagated by New Age proponents such as David Spangler, Chris Griscom, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and many others, by means of a two-way-RFID-chip implanted into everyone’s body (or even brain), which would put an end to God’s great miracle that man has been since the beginning of time (click on image to enlarge).


There is little question the Popes of earlier centuries turn in their graves given what has become of their Eternal Church! Below, as a graphic reminder of what we are talking about and what the modernist church, like their Satanic ‘colleagues’ in Theosophy and the New Age, indeed seems to be celebrating: the segment of Michelangelo’s famous frescoes on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling – all of them, by the way, completed within just four years from 1508 to 1512 – that shows the downfall of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden (click on image to enlarge):

For those still in doubt, there is final, powerful, and undeniable proof demonstrating how HAPPY Communism and Freemasonry actually were with the conciliar popes, and have continued to be with all popes ever since, one should say: i.e. two extremely telling historical documents published on the tradition-in-action website on July 2 and July 9, 2011 as part of their series, ‘Progressivist document of the week:’ notes of condolence by Communists and Masons mourning the deaths of popes John XXIII and Paul VI, respectively; one time published on June 4, 1963 in the Mexican newspaper Il Informador as a paid ad by the Mexican Western Grand Lodge, following the death of John XXIII; the other time released in August 1978 in Italian newspapers and posted on the walls of Rome and surroundings by the Communist Party of Italy, following the death of Paul VI. – Below there are these two ads, first that of 1963 regarding John XXIII, second that of 1978 regarding Paul VI, each time followed by the English translation. Read them thoroughly and make sure you fully comprehend their far-reaching implications: as indeed, the blatant, crystal-clear language, and there is certainly much more proof of this kind, reveals to us the TRUE NATURE of these two popes, of the Second Vatican Council launched by them, and of this current, FALSE, post-Conciliar ‘church:’ the Church has effectively been hi-jacked by the enemy and perverted into a Satanic counterfeit! She no more fulfils, as an institution, Her Divine Mission and Magisterium but, on the contrary, now serves the deadly intentions and goals of Masonry and of the world revolution!

“The Mexican Western Grand Lodge of free and accepted Masons, at the death of Pope John XXIII, publicly expresses its sorrow for the loss of this great man, who made a revolution in the ideas, thoughts and forms of the Roman Catholic liturgy. The Encyclicals “Mother and Teacher” [i.e. Mater et Magistra: On Christianity and Social Progress, released on May 15, 1961] and “Peace on Earth” [i.e. Pacem in Terris: On Establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity, and Liberty, released on April 11, 1963] made a revolution in concepts favoring the rights of man and his liberty. Mankind has lost a great man, and we the Freemasons recognise his elevated principles, his humanitarianism and his condition as a great liberal. – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, June 3, 1963. The Mexican Western Grand Lodge. José Guadalupe Zuno Hernandez Esquire. Paid announcment.”


“The Communists of Rome and Provincia express sorrow and condolences for the death of Paul VI, Bishop of Rome, and remember him not only for his passionate effort and elevated humanity with which he worked for the peace and progress of the peoples, by promoting dialogue, understanding and possible agreements among men of different faiths and ideals, but also for his constant concern for the moral and material restoration of Rome. – P.C.I. [i.e. Partito Comunista Italiana; Ed.], Roman Federation of the P.C.I.

And didn’t the recent parody of a beatification, that of ‘larger-than-life,’ from-behind-the-iron-curtain Woodstock-Pope, John Paul II, indeed take place on May 1st, communism’s ritual High Day?! (Just as the great EU enlargement of 2004, to which Polish Pope Karol Wojtyla had greatly contributed and that took in 10 new member states, eight of them ‘former’ communist states, ALSO was set into force and triumphantly celebrated not on January 1st of 2004, but on May 1st!!! – Moscow must have with every one of these events a wonderful and cosmic laughter!) Nowhere in the mainstream media landscape was this more than peculiar choice of date analysed and explained as what it certainly was: a signal to the so-called interested, ‘we are on your side,’ as well as a bold mockery of everybody else!

Regarding the grim reality of present Pope Benedict XVI’s unbroken radical progressivism (along the pantheist-communistic-Masonic lines of Teilhard de Chardin, Yves Congar, or Karl Rahner, and in seamless continuation of his modernist predecessors from John XXIII to John Paul II), there is documented (according to a brief article on a clear admittance by himself in a 1985 interview with him, then as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, by Italian journalist Vittorio Messori for the Catholic magazine Paoline. Messori – who  in his article termed Ratzinger a ‘balanced progressivist’ (!) – asked about the Cardinal’s earlier days as co-founder, back at the end of the Second Vatican Council in late 1965, of the progressivist theological magazineConcilium: “Was it a sin of youth, Your Emminence, this engagement with ‘Concilium’?” – Ratzinger’s straight-forward reply: “Absolutely not. I did not change;they changed.” – In other words: the world in general and the post-Conciliar church in particular have shifted in this half a century so dramatically towards the left that the unchanged priest revolutionaries of the 1960s (one of which was present Pope Joseph Ratzinger) today are being most mistakenly perceived as ‘conservatives’!!! They key of course, as always, being: gradualism: in the end, the frog will not have realised the water it sits in having reached – slowly, slowly – boiling point, and will be cruelly killed. Should indeed the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s Fraternity of St. Pius X, for which there are now indications, be brought back under the umbrella of that very ’modernised’ church it had set out some 40 years ago to stand up against, then indeed harsh times are to be expected for those ‘remnants’ of noncompromising traditionalist Catholics who still would choose Catholic Truth rather than deceptive co-optation, most possibly outright religious persecution and, who knows, martyrdom; they would be ridiculed, defamed, condemned, ostracised – as is already happening – with the whole repertoire of communist bash phrases such as ‘fundamentalists,’ ‘Fascists,’ ‘racists,’ ‘xenophobes,’ ’bigots,’ ‘dangerous enemies of world peace and progress,’ or merely ‘anachronistic nuts,’ and, like in the French, Bolshevist, and Nazi revolutions, things sooner or later will turn very bloody; the Pope (or should one say: the fifth anti-Pope in a row?) certainly won’t help them (and the same is probably awaiting also the Muslim community, that might well soon see a change in approach from carrot-and-stick to a firm dictate trying to impose the merciless rules of the New World Order on them just as on everybody else). Regarding the all but new threat for traditionalist Catholicism to be deceptively delivered back under the modernist church’s deadly umbrella, read this outstanding and alarming article, that contains a desperate as well as furious open letter written in 2009 by a long-time SSPX-churchman, who had recently been expelled from the Pius Fraternity, to their General Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay. This letter, that also mentions that Bishop Fellay had publicly accepted “95% of Vatican II” already in the year 2001 (!),  fatally reminds of the 1960s and ’70s when, following the seismic shift of Vatican II, faithful, resisting priests – possibly in the tens of thousands worldwide – were criminally kicked out of the Church; now, 40 years after its founding, this kind of anti-Christian ‘cleansing’ seems to have reached the Pius Fraternity itself. The article also shows, among other photographs, the following most harmonious handshake between Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Fellay. Although the handshake as such was not commented upon in the article, it is nevertheless blatantly clear for everyone who can see that this was not a conventional handshake, but a conspiratorial freemasonic handshake, with Pope Ratzinger’s thumb  on Bishop Fellay’s middlefinger’s knuckle; there is no such way of shakehands in the ordinary world! As for this Pope, there is plenty of photographic material anyway showing him exchanging Masonic handshakes with the great and the good. Yet, as the photograph below implies, if Bishop Fellay, who is supposed to carry on the SSPX’s founder’s legacy of holding up traditional Catholic faith no matter what, is part of that sinistre ‘club’ as well, then indeed woe to all traditionalist Catholics, particularly those of the SSPX: their head is yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Now, let’s look more intimately at this current Pope’s progressivist ‘weltanschauung’ as well as his shocking degree of ‘clairvoyance’: In 1969, then a priest and theology professor of 42 years who had already played quite a role during the Second Vatican Council , Fr. Ratzinger laid out in detail the following depressing vision about  the future of the Church (obviously, without being depressed himself at all) in one of several lectures he gave for German radio stations at the time:

“Let me go one step further. From today’s crisis, a Church will emerge tomorrow that will have lost a great deal. She will be small and, to a large extent, will have to start from the beginning. She will no longer be able to fill many of the buildings created in her period of great splendor. Because of the smaller number of her followers, she will lose many of her privileges in society. Contrary to what has happened until now, she will present herself much more as a community of volunteers […] As a small community, she will demand much more from the initiative of each of her members and she will certainly also acknowledge new forms of ministry and will raise up to the priesthood proven Christians who have other jobs. In many smaller communities, respectively in social groups with some affinity, the normal care of souls will take place in this way […] There will be an interiorized Church, which neither takes advantage of its political mandate nor flirts with the left or the right. This will be achieved with effort because the process of crystallization and clarification will demand great exertion. It will make her poor and a Church of the little people …. All this will require time. The process will be slow and painful […] From this interiorized and simplified Church, a great force will pour out. The men of an [artificially] planned world will feel unspeakably isolated. When God will seem to have totally disappeared for them, they will experience a complete and horrible poverty. And then they will discover the small community of those who believe as something entirely new […] Her [the Church’s] real crisis has hardly started. We still have to go through some great storms […] Certainly she will never again be the dominant force in society to the degree that she was until recently.” – (From: Joseph Ratzinger: “Glaube und Zukunft” (i.e. Faith and Future), Kösel-Verlag, München 1970 – excerpt and English translation, as presented here, found on

How did today’s Pope know so well then in 1969 what was to be coming? Who is this Joseph Ratzinger? Certainly, his influence during the Second Vatican Council, despite his then young age of only 36 years, should not be underestimated: As an expert theologian at the Council, well interconnected with the other rebels Hans Küng, Yves Congar, Karl Rahner etc., and private secretary and speechwriter of the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joseph Frings, another leading figure among the modernists, Fr. Ratzinger also prepared for his Cardinal the text for a specific intervention brought forth by Frings in front of the 3,000 plus Bishops on November 8, 1963. It was a frontal attack against the proceedings of what then still was named the ’Supreme Congregation of the Holy Office,’ after Vatican II renamed into ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ (that – mind! – Ratzinger then was to preside over from 1981 to 2005). The intervention, written by Ratzinger, received standing ovations by the greater part of the assembly and ultimately turned out as a major blow to the Holy Office, of which many said it died on that very day! In the light of these events, progressivist Ratzinger’s appointment, almost 20 years later, for Prefect of precisely that Congregation – whose responsibility had been for centuries the guarding over and keeping clean of Catholic doctrine – all of a sudden appears what it really is: an event akin to a coup d’etat, albeit one as part of a whole series of such coups designed to pervert, invert, and destroy the Church! Now, as Pope, Ratzinger is able to oversee the completion of this work of destruction, of this unprecedented and total apostasy, from the very top of the hierarchy, so that it is no exagggeration at all to view him as a sinistre Master of Ceremonies within an utterly bizarre Greek tragedy, as the final nail in the coffin for a Church that has already been widely desacacralised and de-ecclesialised from within over more than half a century, at last transforming her into a radically decentralised democratic club of lay ‘priests’ and merging her with the fiercest enemies of Christendom, i.e. the New Age and communism, so to form, along with what’s left of the other world religions, that new, hybrid one-world-religion so vehemently favoured by Freemasonry; all being part of setting the stage for the advent of their long-awaited (false) Messiah, in other words: of the Anti-Christ! – Hence, the Pope’s most vivid relations with the United Nations, the so-called Green movement, and all those globalist ‘elites’ pushing that overall Satanic programme of ‘eco’-Stalinist enslavement forward no matter what. Read for this an excellent 84-page-PDF-document, presented on ‘’ and with a foreword by Cliff Kincaid, written by the author of the 490-page-reference-work ‘False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion’, Sophia Perennis, 2004,Lee Penn: The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House to the United Religions Initiative (2010). Here is author Lee Penn’s opening paragraph (page 24):

“When the Pope agrees with Mikhail Gorbachev, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Henry Kissinger, the new President of the European Union, and other secular leaders on the need for global governance and a new world order, we can know that the world has indeed experienced a “harmonic convergence” and entered a new age. With the publication of ‘Caritas in Veritate,’ the encyclical on Catholic social teaching released in July 2009 by Benedict XVI, this dark convergence has happened. In addition, new movements – carefully tended by some of the best-connected people on the planet – are mobilizing  people at the grass-roots level for a new degree of religious unity. The United Religions Initiative, a fast-growing interfaith organization first announced in 1995 in San Francisco, is an example of this. With leadership from the elite and mobilization of the populace, a new world order is being established now, in plain sight. The only open issues are who will direct this new planetary regime, for which goals, and at what cost to Western liberty and Christian faith.” (Read that full document here:

Supposed ‘Supreme Pontiff’ Benedict XVI with the Satanic bent cross first used by Masonic Pope Paul VI in one hand and flashing the Masonic M sign with the other. – Also, this is one of the photographs that show very drastically the pure evil emanating from the eyes of this man: indeed, they look so chilling and frightening that one wonders whether they are the eyes of a human being or, possibly, those of a demon straight from hell!



Fifth, occured so many more major events in the years 2009 and 2010, both political and symbolic, that it would be an almost never-ending task to cover them all in full detail. The true scope and objective of the fraudulent H1N1 vaccination scheme in late 2009 might well never come to the light of day. Was it merely an unfortunate situation dictated by the profit interests of the pharmaceutical industry? Or was it possibly, as some investigative researchers have claimed, a concerted frontal attack against humankind, either to accomplish global genocide or blanket-microchipping of every human on Earth?

April 2010, then, brought with it more disaster. First, there was the more than dubious plane crash outside Smolensk, Russia, on April 10th, in which died a considerable portion of Poland’s conservative political elite (unless it was all staged, and they continue living somewhere in the hide), including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, who all of them were about to attend a memorial gathering at the location of the infamous massacre of Katyn committed by Russians against Poles in World War II. The rudimentary evidence that leaked out, however, showed a crash site without victims. The alleged dense fog that was given as the cause of the tragedy almost certainly was a myth. Questionmarks and more questionmarks. The immediate outcry of the Polish nation spoke a clearer language, as hardly anybody believed in the official version of events as held by Russia. Apparently, Poland had been politically decapitated and forced back into Russia’s direct sphere of influence by yet another most cynical act of slaughter and barbarism. Interestingly, weeks later, also Ukraine’s fragile “Orange Revolution” represented by Viktor Yushchenko was brought to an end, with Moscow-friendly rival Viktor Yanukovich now becoming the one and only strong man in the country. Strangely, immediately after this landslide shift of power, Ukraine signalled to be willing for closer cooperation with the European Union. Powerful confirmation in both cases – Poland and Ukraine – that Moscow is still perfectly in control of the process of convergence between the ‘former’ Soviet Union and ‘former’ Communist Eastern Europe with what once was Western Europe (in addition, the ash-cloud from that unpronouncable Icelandic vulcano, that over many days put down most of Central and Northern Europe’s air traffic, seemed to occur just in time for keeping any international guests away from the Kaczynski funeral in Krakov, thus leaving once more so unfortunate Poland effectively in isolation: the man who decided upon the flight bans, that also caused considerable chaos and economic harm, European transport commissioner Siim Kallas (born 1948), is Estonian and was firmly part of the Soviet apparat prior to 1991…).

Do read for this whole topic of Soviet-communist continuity in the “post-Soviet, new Russia” and the pan-communist, EU/Soviet agenda of merging the whole of  Europe with this unchanged Soviet Union, on communist terms (as an intermediate step towards an all-unified communist world federation), the following books – in fact, this is the top reference literature on the topic -, and read them well: 1) Anatoliy Golitsyn: New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and DisinformationDodd, Mead & Co., New York 19842) Anatoliy Golitsyn: The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Towards the Second October Revolution, Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 1995; and 3) Christopher Story: The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States – A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution, Edward Harle Ltd., London, New York 2002 –

and/or view, as an introduction into this huge field, the following interview/lecture-videos: 1) Yuri Bezmenov (another very knowledgable Soviet defector, who had formerly been a KGB-propaganda- and disinformation expert working for the Novosti  ‘Press Agency’ as well as in diplomatic service at the Soviet embassy in New Delhi): “Deception Was My Job” – On the Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press and Overall Communist Revolutionary Strategy; recorded in 1984; host: G. Edward Griffin; 83 minutes; 2) Yuri Bezmenov: Public lecture on Soviet Subversion and communist longtime strategy; given in 1983 at Los Angeles; 63 minutes; 3) Christopher Story (lifelong political analyst, who also edited and published Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book, The Perestroika Deception): “The Perestroika Deception” – “There has been no change at all” [after the alleged collapse of communism of 1989/91 in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union] …; recorded in 2003host: Bill McIlhany; 56 minutes; and 4) Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, author of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” speaking about the insidious gradual merger of the formerly Free World with the still intact and unchanged Communist world, on communist terms, not only pushed ahead by the leaders of the communist sphere but by the very so-called elites of the West; interview recorded in 2006; 71 minutes.

Also, there’s a very comprehensive 280-page compilation by this author, attached to this weblog as a read-only Word document. Do read it: Red Surprise: Russian-Chinese Military Blackmail: Accept Communism or Face World War III.



Then, April 20, 2010 – oddly,  Hitler’s 121st birthday (121 is the square of the Satanic number 11) – saw the beginning of a truly apocalyptic catastrophe (that isn’t over at all, as of Febr. 2011), a catastrophe possibly even larger than the 1986 nuclear cataclysm of Cernobyl and, due to systematic disinformation, completely underestimated if not meanwhile ignored and forgotten: the Gulf of Mexico BP oil disaster, more appropriately put: the Gulf of Mexico genocidal operation!

Only four months after the doubled failure of the globally coordinated H1N1-vaccination and COP-15 ruses, it seemed a new and even more horrifying attack on mankind had been unleashed. Whether actively triggered or merely allowed to happen, the event seemed to feature spooky parallels with 9/11: unusual sales of BP-shares in the weeks prior to April 20 – including BP’s then CEO, Tony Hayward (whose out-of-touch lamento, “I’d like my life back!” has already gone down in history) – suggested a certain degree of beforehand-knowledge; the technicalities on the Deepwater Horizon immediately preceding the oil rig’s explosion were full of inconsistencies; as the tragedy unfolded, an ever tighter media-blackout was implemented, with ever more obvious collaboration of the US federal government with BP, instead of action on behalf of U.S. citizens’ interests. Obviously in order to limit costs, it must have been determined to cover up rather than clean up the spill. Insane application, both underwater and via aerial spraying, of the ultra-toxic dispersant Corexit 9500 (the full composition of which has remained a secret, yet: it contains ARSENIC, some even speculate: synthetically engineered microbes, with its toxicity even multiplying in combination with oil) dumped the oil from the ocean surface down into the whole of the water column and, in part, right to the sea floor, with no further way of removing it and with natural degradation turning out as much slower than expected; the disastrous result: an effectively killed Gulf and unknown numbers of residents suffering of what is now known as the “Blue Plague” (that, weirdly enough, resembles the symptoms of Ebola-induced hemorrhagic fever), meaning severe intoxication by components of crude and dispersant and, who knows, maybe affection by oil- (as well as cell-) eating bacteria, if that’s true, which has led some to speak of the biggest open-air gas chamber in the history of mankind, with unforeseeable consequences possibly worldwide. (See for the whole issue Deborah Dupré’s truly dedicated human rights website as well as the excellent website; both of them have been presenting full coverage of all Gulf of Mexico related affairs on a daily basis since the beginning of the disaster). Weeks passed until the full dimension of the leakage became known in the first place. Experts who spoke of an uncontrollable gusher that would last for years ended up “heart-attacked;” Gulf Coasters, whether out-of-job fishermen engaged in the cynical and indeed murderous “Vessels of Opportunity” programme or other residents, who dared speak out in the face of economic, ecological, and health collapse were intimidated; the growing numbers of Gulf Coast residents with ever worse respiratory problems, skin rashes, internal bleedings, overall exhaustion and fatigue, decline in concentration and so forth were systematically misdiagnosed, mostly just given antibiotics, if not boldly sent to a psychiatrist!!! All government agencies responsible for proper testings, information of the public and, finally, taking precautionary or possibly evacuatory measures went silent. A whole population of up to 40 million people (many of whom still ignoring the accumulating danger to their health), i.e. one eighth of the U.S. total population (!), have been, whether they know it or not, effectively abandoned, with BP and the federal government endlessly delaying their promised support and compensation, with health services looking the other way, with a U.S. President telling the public in July/August 2010 the oil’s gone, and fishing and swimming is safe again; the method of verification with seafood, however, having been for  a while: sniff testing! As early as July, all the way up to the Canadian border, people suddenly witnessed unknown damages to their plants and trees, not due to drought but always occuring after rainfalls that obviously were toxic! Amazed and terrified, they filmed their seemingly burnt garden plants and put their videos on Youtube for the whole world to see (which should have sounded the alarm bells nationwide, but didn’t; after all, what this means is that from 2011 huge crop failures and skyrocketing food prices are to be expected); their voices more often than not revealed a niggling sense of helplessness and uncertainty. Fears arose the oil could even negatively affect the oceanic currents, perhaps stall the Gulf Stream and throw at least Northern Europe and the British Isles into a veritable Ice Age; it’s too early to say, yet the winter of 2010/11 has indeed proven for vast parts of Europe and also North America as a record winter (with the eco-totalitarians’  ”Anthropogenic-Global-Warming” mantra quietly leaving the stage). All in all, the slow kill along the Gulf of Mexico and beyond more and more resembles the early stages of what is shown in this horrible, horrible 2009 movie, “The Road” (whose trailer reads, “10 years from now, one event will change the face of the Earth; wake, search, move, hide; at the end of civilization, an epic journey is about to begin; this fall: run, protect, sacrifice, kill”), that was done in a very similar style as the brutal 1987 12-hour-TV-miniseries, “AMERIKA” (“America, 1997; after ten years of Soviet occupation; ten years about freedom in a land called AMERIKA…”) and even has as main actor Viggo Mortensen whose likeness with the main actor in AMERIKA, Kris Kristofferson, is striking. Is America facing the transition to a communistic Amerika? (Well, given a Bolshevik being president, one could even say the U.S. has already reached a post-revolutionary state of affairs!) Or even worse: is it on a “Road,” along with the rest of the world, to extinction? – The Satanic “logic” at work in world events certainly wouldn’t bother to kill us all. Indeed, there’s a mind-boggling fictional short-story titled “Petroleum, Petroleum” that was written as early as 1903 by German-Austrian banker, Qabalist, THEOSOPHIST, and writer, Gustav Meyrink. In it, a misanthropic scientist and oil expert suceeds in causing an unstoppable oil gusher starting from the Mexican Gulf shores that eventually kills all life whatsoever on this planet, whether in the waters, in the air, or on the lands (read that text in an English translation here). Could this spooky short-story of a few pages – that was written, mind, by a versed occultist and distinctly introduces itself as a PROPHECY – represent Satan’s very “road-map” to the ultimate destruction of the whole of creation and thus the blueprint for what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico today?

And we haven’t even touched upon the Japanese tragedy (affecting also the whole northern hemisphere) that began on March 11, 2011, less than 11 months after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon; already the 9.1 earthquake and subsequent tsunamis wiped out most of the coastal line of north-eastern Honshu, from Wate province in the north to Ibaraki province in the south, killing at least tens of thousands of people. However, what turned an earthquake catastrophe into a veritable doomsday scenario, was the accident at the Fukushima One nuclear plant caused by probably both earthquake and flooding (if not a cyber-attack against that plant, by whom can only be guessed).

The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant as of presumably mid 2011: reactors 1, 2, 3, and 4, starting with reactor 1 from the left. – Click twice to enlarge fully!

As a result, vast parts of Japan, including greater Tokyo, are now slowly, slowly turning into a death zone, fatally without the Japanese government or the Japanese media informing the public the way they should and taking the necessary measures (the same, though on a much lower scale, applies meanwhile to Canada and the United States, whose western shores are being increasingly affected as well, with little or no official recognition of this fact); in case you haven’t come across the following excellent websites, have a look and, in case, visit them regularly so to keep informed: http://enenews.com; – Below, from left to right, reactor buildings 1 (covered now by a tent construction), 2, 3, and 4 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, or what is left of it, as of December 10, 2011. Constant re-criticalities, ongoing release of considerable amounts of radioactivity, the imminent danger of melt-throughs of core material into the ground and resulting hydrogen explosions that could throw the whole lot up into the atmosphere, not to mention the chance especially of reactor building no. 4 to fall apart or its spent-fuel-pool (that contains fuel rods with a sum total nuclear amount as high as all atmospheric nuclear bomb tests in history combined) to crack in the case of another stronger earth quake. From what one can read on the websites given above, that meticulously collect information from all sorts of Japanese and other sources, not much is being done any more at present, except measuring and watching (as for reactor building no. 4, they’re now trying the seemingly impossible, i.e. to seal off the whole bloc). In general, however, the situation is being described as “out of control,” with no end in sight whatsoever. Experts now speak of a 50 to 100-year time line as for fully resolving this crisis. One only wonders whether Japan and the world have that much time. Already in the early stages of the disaster, Arnold Gundersen (, a former nuclear engineer who has lost after the Fukushima accident his former belief in nuclear power and is now using his expertise to inform the public as well as to counsel U.S. decision makers as to either improve nuclear safety or ideally get out of this old technology altogether, warned that if no. 4 spent fuel pool got out of hand and burst in flames, the outcome would be comparable to a ”Chernobyl on steroids.” This danger, that still holds the horrible possibility of Japan being split in halves by a corridor of heavy radiation,  is still going to be acute for the coming 4 to 5 years.

How depressing, if not hopeless, the situation really is, can be seen in the personal story of 27-year-old Yokohama blogger Iori Mochizuki, who on his one-man-24/7-blog not only provides superbly comprehensive information on the Japanese nuclear crisis, but also, now and then, used to give quite personal background about himself and his surrounding. Observing even in his city of Yokohama, which is on the south-western edge of Greater Tokyo, alarming radiation readings and people, including himself, getting increasingly sick, he made a tough decision, though having little experience with European-Western culture (or what is left of it) other than through his Japanese outlook: on December 16, 2011 (after 9 months of accumulating nuclear radiation in his body), Iori Mochizuki left his country, most probably forever, and certainly not in a spirit of adventurism but, so sadly, as a radiation refugee (and, apparently, far from being the only one). After an entiring flight from Tokyo via Moscow to Vienna (he gives photos on his blog that prove he didn’t make this up!) and a train journey right across Europe, which led him first to Paris, then to Lyon, and finally further south, he has now taken a new residence somewhere in the south of France, presumably. Read excerpts from his heartbreaking personal reports, always given with the link to that particular article of his, that show how deeply this catastrophe has affected not only people’s daily lives and has put their health at unforeseeable risks, if not wiped out their future altogether, but indeed has destroyed whole families, showing, as a side note, that other aspect of the mentality of the Land of Smiles, that seems now to have great difficulty (beside the lack of information given to them) in recognising what they’re in and that would prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand and continue business as usual, as if the problem by such stubborn stoicism would go away by itself, resp. as if catastrophe needs to be embraced, in suicidal fatalism, as irrevocable destiny. Iori Mochizuki, who has worked in some function as an engineer within his parents’ firm, has not only lost his country and job, but – so it seems – also his parents and family, which makes him not only a radiation refugee but, even more tragically, aradiation orphan (but at the same time, given his continuing effort to inform the world, a hero – who knows, maybe even a saint – for Japan and mankind!).

Nov 29th ( Yesterday was a mess. I told to my parents that I’m going to move. It was a miniature scale of Japanese society. Dad told me: “Traffic accident is more dangerous than radiation.” Mom told me: “If I quit, the company goes broke. We better die together. If we have cancer, we can kill ourselves anytime.” Of course they read only mainstream media and TV (NHK) I said: “No, just move or kill yourself. You work to live. You don’t live to work.” I told them even if I become homeless somewhere I don’t know, I’ll still scratch my back to live. Life is still worth living. They were like, there is no meaning of life if you become homeless. In short, they want me to die to support their luxury life. They even told me not to tell that I avoid radiation to my coworker because he may be scared then, he might want to move as well. The coworker has 1 year old baby. He does need to escape but they want him to stay, to support their luxury life. This is exactly how Japan is. “The purpose of my life is to live. Nothing more. so I will try to live whatever happens” I told them, and left the office. [ … ] 

Nov 30th ( You arere like cockroach or rat.” Dad said. Mom said, “Refund your education cost before you leave or make a contract with us.” In Japan, money is concealer of childishness. As far as I know, they did not refund their education cost to their own parents. Dad clearly said, company is more important than his life. His precious-more-than-life company is yet going bankrupt. I thought their sense of value is deformed. Judging it’s nothing but a waste of time to talk to them anymore, I slammed the door and left forever. They’ll use the rest of my salary to cover up my education cost. There is no merit for me to go to work and see them anymore. They even googled my name in Japanese. They hit anime / porn characters with the same name as mine. They even thought I was involved in those crap seemingly. That was totally breathtaking. Sadly, I had no time to waste on their bullshit. [ … ] 

Dec 2nd ( Since yesterday, strong wind from the North have been hitting Tokyo. I’m happy that I don’t need to go to work nor outside for these couple of days. I wanted to avoid this winter wind but it seems a little too late. I hope nothing bad happens to my health. My eyes have been hurting since yesterday. From looking around on Twitter I can see that other people seem to have the same symptoms. In the cold wind, my parents came to my apt last night to correct our misunderstandings. They told me they payed back their education cost to their own parents. Also, that was the first time I heard of my mother’s father’s death from being an alcoholic, which I’m not supposed to say because it’s a shame of family. lol Anyway, they seem to understand how much risk I recognize though they won’t do anything for that. I hear a lot of the similar cases and lots of families are facing the crisis of falling apart. In most of the cases, the one who is the main source of money says that the job is more important than his / her life so he / she doesn’t want to evacuate. However, at the simplest level, they are just scared of living outside of Japan. I can understand it but I don’t think they should stop people evacuating from Japan. Use your imagination. They need imagination. Lots of. Because this is something we have never gone through. To quit my job, I’m supposed to write a letter to tell it’s my own will to quit, not the company’s. However, I’m not going to write that I will quit from my will. I’ll say, I have to quit because of Tepco. [ … ] Japan is nothing but a lawless area. In the US, they signed a law to start media black out to tell where / how much fall-out come from Fukushima to protect their nuclear industry. Same as other countries like in EU. To let the government remain the government, now they can’t help violating their own laws. But it won’t last for so long. No matter how much they lie, obvious damage will come out sooner or later and then international panic will start. When I talk to my dad, he didn’t evaluate this Fukushima Diary at all and asked me why no other “professional” journalist do the same thing as me, to make me feel like I’m nothing. That was annoying but actually has a point. I don’t know any other websites to focus on Fukushima. There are some sites but they mostly refer to official information, such as NHK English or Yomiuri English, which are full of bullshit. As far as I know the Alpha Sources are just: Enenews, Ex-SKF, and Fukushima Diary. Ex-SKF is “annoying” because it’s a good blog. lol They often have news before Fukushima Diary posts. But I think competing is a good thing and when we both feature the same news, it proves that is true. I can’t understand why they block me to follow their twitter account though. lol When I see Enenews refer to the articles from Fukushima Diary, I’m happy. lol But these are only the website I know. Do you know anything else? This is strange actually. I’m nothing in Japan. In “Japanese blog industry” I’m nobody. No one knows me. I actually don’t scoop. I don’t know why they don’t come out of Japan. Anyway, this blog is to let you know when to escape. All along the watchtower.

Dec 3rd ( I thought that I was going to have more time after quitting my job ,but unexpectedly I have a lot to do for some reason. I need to find someone to take over my furniture ,need to sort out my life insurance etc.. (If I abandon my furniture ,it costs 30,000~50,000 JPY in total.) I was meant to write 3 more articles but better give it up for today. [ … ] I have been telling JP gov must give it up ,buy a part of Australia with all the rest of money ,and let Japanese move to there. Open Japanese island to UN and let the armies build the fort to prevent contamination from spreading any further. Obviously Tepco is not capable to do it. Japanese government is still dreaming a dream to export “safe” nuclear plants to overseas. I think they will notice it. but it would be too late. I don’t want anyone to die because of Fukushima. “it should be done, whatever the cost.” > You can say that because you don’t know the pain of others. [ … ] On my communication with one of my sources,the person told me ,maybe our emails are being read by someone. This is so creepy ,but maybe that’s true. I can’t understand why I have to be punished to tell the truth. I want to tell you west coast and Canadian. Why are you quiet ? Did you give up living ? Why ? You have let the fall-out forecast concealed. Please ! Don’t let your kids die ! Wake up ! I know I ‘m too powerless ,but Fukushima is not only the problem of Japan. It’s the problem of pacific ocean. The sooner the better. I’ll try. so you do try to wake up your surroundings too ,please.

Dec 9th ( Can’t sleep on my back because it makes me cough harder, feels like sputum is stuck in bronchi. It’s been like this for this month but slowly it’s getting worse and worse. I know doc would only prescript me with vitamin and flour so I won’t waste my time and money on them. Rational docs have already evacuated themselves. My neighbors are coughing as well. I can hear them coughing all night long. At least my spirit is safe here. Today recycle men came to pick up most of the furniture, there’s almost nothing left. My favorite bar counter table and chairs were only 300 JPY though T T [Iori gives photos showing his preparations to move out]

Dec 12th ( Even to me, moving is not easy. Meeting my old friends or new friends. Giving my pets to foster parents. I’ve been swamped these couple of days. And this fatigue – I get tired easily recently. I had no energy to blog when I finally came home. It cost 30,000 JPY only to throw away furniture. The owner of the apartment may invoice me more to repair the room for no reason. Because apartment is less and less in demand, they try to rip off when someone moves out. The more I move, the more I’m ripped off. but I must go. I didn’t know it would cost this much only to move. Coughing, runny nose, fatigue and diarrhea don’t seem to get any better. I’d die if I don’t move. It feels like I’m running as I’m bleeding. [ … ] 

Dec 14th ( Time has come. In several hours, I’ll get up and leave this room forever. My coughing is not getting better. Now I take double dose as normal to stop coughing. I think everyone has something recently. They just don’t tell it or can’t associate it with radiation. One of my friends told me I look isolated. Yes, probably. People ask me if they should evacuate or not. I always say, yes, of course. take a breath, and they say, yeah I know, but that’s impossible because work is bla bla bla, money is bla bla bla.. No one seems to understand me. and I hope no one will understand me ever. I mean, I hope to be wrong to move. [ … ] Finally, I’ll show you how it is inside of my plastic bag bed. I have received some questions about how I made it. [Iori gives photographs.] This will be the last post from this apartment.

Dec 15th ( Leaving the apt finally – I got on the train to the airport. Now I’m homeless so staying at a hotel in Chiba. Leaving the apt was a little sad and made me a little nervous too. I still feel like my home is there, but not actually. I don’t really have good memories there – but it was absolutely a turning point of my life. I’m in Chiba now where is famous to be a hotspot. Obviously it’s irradiated. Soon as I came here I got fatigue, muscle pain, stuffed nose, sore eyes and headache. I can’t believe people are still living here. I want to fly away from here soon as possible. Though this is the main airport of Japan, I have hardly seen any Europeans nor Americans. I only saw 2 groups of Chinese. They were actually nice. I learnt how to get disguised like a tourist and Kung-fu. lol I’m staying at a Hilton class of a hotel but, believe it or not, it was only 3,300 JPY for one night. I’m on the 6th floor now but there are only 2 people on this floor, including me. It’s like a ghost hotel. I don’t think I’ll come back to here. I want to use my slippers in the room but try not to use them because of possible contamination. Though I’m leaving I’m aware that I’m going to die of cancer sooner than average. I could have evacuated temporarily in March but I thought temporary evacuation won’t solve anything in this situation. So I paid the tax of 9 months of exposure for a better chance but the “tax” will eat me up in decades. Yet, better than staying here. I’m telling you this because you’ll be in my shoes before you know. Beware.

Dec 16th ( I’m in Moscow right now. Because the staff wrote “gate34″ on my ticket, instead of “gate24″, I’m kinda lost now. The flight schedule is “1911″, not “2011″ for some reason. It’s as difficult as finding a creature in Siberia to find a nice clerk at this airport. A nice passenger told me where I can use wifi so I managed to find out where I am now. The flight was ok. The airplane was maybe older than me but the pilot did a good job. Staff was professional. They spoke Russian, English and Japanese but Russian was the easiest for me to catch. The guys behind me kept on talking for 11 hours non-stop as far as I remember. The man sitting next next to me seemed to be a Japanese business man. I saw him trying to calm down every time the guys behind us kicked and punched the seat. That was more entertaining than the movie on 16 inch screen in front of us, which was “Home Alone.” I could choose food, “fish or not fish”. I think I chose “not fish” lunch but it was fish and rice. Everything is so confusing here. A black guy rushed to me to ask where the smoking room is. Is it that important thing for him? OK, it seems like every time I post something bad for Russian, they cut my internet connection. I shall stop around here. It’s 3C outside. Rainy. But it’s really dry inside of the airport. However, still better than Chiba actually. I was feverish when I woke up, couldn’t work out my brain. I left my passport and airplane ticket in the toilet for some reason. The information desk announced my name. I thought I was gonna be arrested but it was to tell me they hold my passport and airplane ticket. It’s almost midnight in Japan but still 20:00 here. will go 3 hours behind more. It’s gonna be a long day.

Dec 16th ( When I finally boarded it was already 2 minutes before the departure from Moscow. Exploring the Moscow airport and reading all the messages that you kindly sent to me, I became like an information center of Terminal D. People came to ask me where is what, when is what. I didn’t notice the clock on my laptop was messed up by Xray or something. I “confirmed” it was still 30 minutes before the boarding time I got to the gate 36, (It wasn’t 24 ,not even 34 , it was no passengers were there. I thought I came to early but the staff cut my ticket with THE russian mask. A flight attendant found me on the elevator and got surprised for some reason. I was pushed to the airplane. I was like “Isn’t it too early ?” I thought all the other people were crazy to be waiting on the plane though the flight time is still in 2 hours from that time until I checked the time on my mobile phone. It was 22:23. The flight time was 22:25. Having unexpected thrills, anyway, I flew. The second airplane was ok, smaller but newer, and my next seat was empty. The guy sitting next next to me was European and traveling from Shanghai. His son was the same age as me, the same birth month as me. I had the third dinner on the plane. Because I flew to the west and the west, I ended up having dinner 3 times in total. lol When I finished it, I passed out. When I got back from coma, I was already in Europe. The smell of the city. Drunk ass, tainted ads, trash, bars, everything looked friendly to me. Everything was almost the same as where I came from and so much difference from Moscow . Though I missed the final train to the hotel, I managed to take a taxi and the taxi driver was honest. The taxi driver looked “moderate” but the car was Benz. It got to 80 km/h only in 2 secs . This is how I crawled to this bed. I’m now at a motel near the airport. The selling points of this motel was “Elevator” and “Openable window” but, unfortunately, my room is on the first floor. I had fresh vegetables. Haven’t eaten that in about 9 months already. Went out to the vending machine of the motel but I didn’t have change myself. The owner bought me a bottle of water for me. 2.2 Euro. When I got out of the airport, the ground was wet. It’s just stopped raining seemingly. The air was not cold as I thought. It was even steamy and milky. Now, no matter how much I try, I can’t get a sore throat. I’ll move by train after tomorrow. I’ll have some free time before the train comes. I’m thinking of sightseeing in this historic city. For the first, I’ll go to the Freud museum. (Geeeeek) He fled to London 1938. Tonight, I can’t update news. but other good blogs have already posted. The headline is the empty “cold shutdown” declaration of Noda. Actually, it’s not Noda. He’s just a puppet, like Hilary or Obama. Some people want to sell nuclear so much, and they own IAEA, UN, USA, Japan, England, and so on. This is just a beginning.

Dec 19th ( I was called Jackie Chan 3 times in Austria. It took me almost 24 hours to move from Austria to the new nest. I better not tell where the nest is on the blog, for the security of me, and moreover, for my host family. I changed the trains for couple of times but I’m sure it was worthwhile. I like European because they think much of privacy. In this meaning, I should have come to Europe sooner. People in Germany and France are almost like Japanese but men are more emotional and expressive. On the other hand, the women are less emotional and expressive. Soon as I got out of the hotel in Austria I got lost – lol – and got headache from the cold wind. I don’t know how I managed to get to the station, but anyway, I crawled to the main station and took the right train. Stations, towns, everything was so different from what I am used to seeing. Less shops, less people, nobody checks my tickets, but can use credit card wherever I go. I wanted to go sightseeing in Austria for a bit more but because I took too much time on changing the trains and it started snowing, I only visited a few museums but it was so much fun. I didn’t have so much free time since I left there. Only train, train, and train. I have seen only 1 Japanese guy in Germany and a few Asians. I have never seen so many “gaijins” in my life. lol The color of “blonde” differs from country to country. It was interesting. In Austria, it looked almost white but in Paris it was more yellowish. In Germany, I saw some people with red hair. The person in the same compartment was very fluent in English and knows much about trains. I was really helped. In Paris, I stupidly tried to move from Est to Lyon by metro. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew there was least elevator and escalator. I missed some stations because I didn’t know that I had to open the door by myself. lol Same as in Austria. I didn’t even know how to get on the train. I was too spoiled in Japan. lol But still subway is less complicated than in Tokyo, I managed to get to Lyon. The train from Paris was so comfortable. The only thing is, some European never stop talkin on the train. I think I slept better if they were a bit more quiet. Found a graveyard near the airport, so different from Japanese Buddhist graveyards. [Iori gives photos of his train journey across Europe and towards his new home, which he keeps secret.]

Dec 23rd ( It’s been a week since I left Japan. Now it’s honestly much less stressful to live. No need of taking care about food ,air ,and water. During this week ,sore throat ,coughing ,pain in my left chest ,runny/stuffy nose ,diarrhea ,fatigue ,headache have been fixed. Some people say the sore throat and coughing is because of the dry weather ,but that’s a lie. Here it’s way more dry. When I came here ,there were still some problems about the internet ,wifi ,and security not to let them detect where I am from IP etc.. but we managed to sort them out. There is still some problem about bank ,but it will be solved too. On Monday ,I found a lump on the right side of my neck. went to a near doc in the town. He said , I got the part of my neck about 3cm above the lump bitten by a bug. My ganglion may have been stimulated by it. He didn’t even charge me. My nerve might have become sensitive.At least I’m not dead yet. went to the city center yesterday. Because I don’t understand any of their language ,it was such an adventure only to take a bus. I saw a few asian but I’m sure I was almost the only Japanese in the city at that time.had so much fun. I thought I was walking to the south and south ,but I found myself at the starting point later. I was going There are so many people who want to escape but hesitating to worry about the job. I was pretty lucky to be saved by this nicest family. but if you stay in Japan any longer ,the possible medical cost will be to huge to cover from your salary whatever your job is. What’s more ,you can’t work anymore. Tepco did not even admit the former leader of Fukushima ,Yoshida got sick from radiation. Why would they compensate for your medical care ? You would be lucky if you can die ,just one day. but cancer is only one of the countless number of the symptoms from radiation. Death of cancer is the mercy of the angel. You may think “if you are unlucky ,you get cancer.” but it’s wrong. The reality is “If you are lucky ,you get cancer.” Look at Chernobyl. Hundreds of thousand people suffer from unknown illness ,they became unable to stand still but none of the medical test ,such as blood test or urine test shows any proof of illness. Their body got old as 50s though they were actually 30s. All of them died in agony or killed themselves to escape. Fukushima used MOX. There must be more alpha nuclides around in Tokyo. The symptoms show quicker than Chernobyl. Now Japanese are all in the same train. We know there’s no railway 1km ahead. Now we are passing on the last bridge.You don’t know how deep the river is ,but if you miss this chance ,you will no longer have a chance to jump out of the train. Take it seriously the risk of cesium pollen next spring.You may think you can avoid it with mask. I have been suffering from hay fever for longer than 15 years ,but from my experience ,even if I wore a mask ,I can never stop it. It’s only a tiny help. It comes into your eyes,ears ,and there are a lot of spaces between the mask and your face. Some people say ,I’m too nervous or it’s wrong to connect everything with radiation. ok ,so tell me your basis. What makes you think so ? I have proved the change of the environment solved all the problems of my body. Some people say ,”I don’t have any health problem in Japan.” you mean we are weak or too paranoid ? ok ,you may be right. but remember ,radiation is like bullet. If you got your foot shot ,you are still alive ,but if you got your heart shot ,you are dead. It’s just the matter of possibility.I don’t want to gamble my life. Nothing deserves exposing my life to the risk. [Iori gives some excellent photographs he made in his new city of residence in France. It seems like an irony, but is also to Iori Mochizuki’s great credit that, despite his excellent English, he has taken the chance that was offered to him and is now about to start a new life in a country where he doesn’t speak the language; however, one can assume he will, very soon!]

Dec 25th ( Though it’s the morning of the Xmas ,been busy at catching up all the news so haven’t even gotten out of the room yet. It’s 11:19AM Had a fabulous Xmas dinner last night. That was definitely one of the best Xmas dinners I have ever had. They seem to have opened the Xmas presents a couple of hours ago ,but I keep shooting the bulltes of the fact here in the room. In terms of the traffic and ads profit ,it has been the worst these couple of Probably nobody wants to read such depressive news. I’m doubtful that anyone wants to give urine test for Xmas present too. but I’m writing because radionuclides don’t have Xmas vacation ,and if I’m shut up ,so many of Japanese people would lose their mouth to all over the world. There were so many news about the plants and the contamination situation ,but I put higher priority to report people having the low dose symptoms already ,such as the minami soma woman or Nakagawa Shoko ,and Noguchi ken etc.. Apart from this ,it seems like the “flu” to cause you to vomit and diarrhea is prevailing. A lot of people have it in winter. I used to have it too. but I’m sure there are too many people to have it this year though mostly,it’s a flu of children. I suspect it’s because of the weaken immune system. As far as I know ,there are least blogs to report about low dose symptoms around in Tokyo. Maybe because it’s hard to find the connection between the symptom and the radiation.They are likely to receive lots of hateful (corrupted) messages like “I live in there but I’m totally healthy.Don’t spread the lies and make people scared. You only want to earn the money from the traffic.” but it’s worth of reporting. Trying to keep yourself sane from those hateful (corrupted) comments is one of the jobs of a blogger. Some people have symptoms no matter how low the radiation level is. It actually has nothing to do with the level of the radiation. It’s not the amount. It’s the matter of possibility. You could imagine a person who gets red and tipsy with just one glass of wine though none of the others are drunk at the party. Everyone is different. Let’s respect the difference of individuals and try not to leave them behind. Whether it’s Xmas or not ,people get sick. I must blog. If you have some time after Xmas ,please have a look. I guess enenews and will be busy after their vacation to check up Fukushima Diary.

There is much talk, especially in the case of earthquakes, about the possible criminal use of directed energy weaponry (such as HAARP resp. Tesla technology), to further the process of destruction and killing; what seems to be mostly ignored in that respect, is the fact that not only Western nations including the United States are in the possession of such technology, but that “Russia,” resp. the unchanged Soviet Union, seems to be leading in this field – and, as the unchanged Soviet Union with its unchanged world revolutionary cause, would certainly not hesitate to use this technology where it deems it suitable and profitable to bring their “class enemy” ever further onto the verge of collapse. In fact, a prominent Czech defector of the 1960s, Jan Šejna, who had held top military, intelligence, and party positions in communist Czechoslovakia, had informed the West of an utterly aggressive communist military strategy that foresaw for the last weeks and months before a final concerted military attack by the whole of the communist bloc the use of ”grey terror,” that could not be traced back to the Soviets (or the Chinese), be it via terror groups that are remotely controlled, often without their knowledge, or by application of all sorts of destabilising measures. Such a preparatory or introductory phase, Šejna told us, was in communist speak cynically referred to as the “overture”! Could the Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, among many other smaller events, be already part of that overture, that in such case would turn out to last significantly longer than what Šejna expected? (Jan Šejna: We Will Bury You: The Soviet Plan for the Subversion of the West by the Highest Ranking Communist Ever to DefectSidgwick & Jackson, 1982)



Furthermore, let’s keep in mind a number of major symbolic events of 2010 that seemed to strongly underline what has been pointed out so far throughout this article, namely a world having reached, according to the Masonic world planners’ logic, at the final stage of ‘transformational breakthrough’ (from the standpoint of both Christian and Islamic revelation, however, the approach indeed of the DAY OF JUDGEMENT).

The New Year 2010 almost immediately started with a most prominent and indeed historic celebration: the opening ceremony on January 4th of the henceforth tallest building of the world, the Burj Dubai resp. Burj Khalifa, 828 m high (i.e. 2,717 feet), which is about double the height of the WTC twin towers that once dominated the skyline of Lower Manhattan (and that are now being replaced by a “One World Trade Center,” to be read, rather, as One-World Trade Center, akin e.g. to notorious “State of the World Forum,” quite obviously implying World-State Forum!). 

This 1.5-billion-$ structure, by the unprecedented ascending spiral of its façade, strongly resembles Flemish Renaissance painter Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s famous painting “The Tower of Babel” of 1563 (click on image to enlarge).

This Babylonian symbolism of a tower yet to be completed seems to be quite popular elsewhere as well (without the fact being realised that the Biblical Tower of Babel was a failure, as God threw the people into a confusion of languages and dispersed them to all four corners of the world). As can be seen (although officially denied) in the architecture of the European Parliament at Strassbourg completed in the 1990s:

Yet, there is proof of that motif indeed playing a part in the minds of the Euro-ideologues. In the early 1990s, when after the installment of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty the former European Community had been transformed into a European Union, the Council of Europe issued a quite sinistre advertising poster, that, rather blatantly illustrating where the “new dynamics” was headed, showed a variation of Brueghel’s The Tower of Babel and read: “Europe: Many Tongues, One Voice,” thus already then underlining the firm intent to form an all-united and completely centralised superstate that would speak “with one voice,” which meanwhile has become definitive reality. Apart from the political, the even more disturbing point about that poster is a number of distinctly Satanic allusions in it: The yellow five-pointed stars of the European flag are Satanically put upside down and reduced from 12 to the Satanic number 11 (also, they aren’t arranged in an elliptical curve but rather in the shape of an unfinished rhombus akin to the Masonic symbol of square and compasses, with the highest and closest star still disproportionately big, thus sort of dreadfully dominating the scene).  Then, the people in this picture appear, except for one little baby, as square-shaped, robot-like figures, as if brought into that shape by some rigid, totalitarian regime; strangely, all of them wear red! Further, the mountains in the left-hand background aren’t mountains but Egyptian pyramids (!), so dear to the Masons. Also, the large medieval city in Brueghel’s original hasdisappeared; beside a tiny village of a few houses, the whole land doesn’t show a single human settlement (unless the whitish shapes on the horizon to the right are meant to be futuristic cities sealed under gigantic dome structures). So we are having, basically, an Agenda-21 outcome in front of us, with people forced out of their natural environment into packed mega-cities, if not killed in the first place (mind the giant, modern-day crane on top of the tower that, in such weird context, could easily be interpreted not so much as a crane but rather as agallows brutally threatening all who’d prefer to be left alone with this political monstrosity). Interestingly, the UN Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, also known as the Rio Summit, from which Agenda 21 arose (and that was massively pushed ahead by unrepentent communist Mikhail Gorbachev and pro-communist UN figure, Maurice Strong), was held in the same year of 1992  in which the EU’s Maastricht Treaty was signed, which happened to be also year one of alleged ‘post-Soviet’ Russia, which – remaining the old Soviet Union under a reformed, democratic mask – could now effectively unfold the full potential of its world revolution, of which the European Union, hi-jacked by the political left in the mid eighties, is one very significant stepping stone. In addition, the timing for the formation of notorious Gorbachev Foundation in December 1991/January 1992, exactly when the Soviet Union was seemingly dissolved, is no coincidence at all. According to the late political analyst, Christopher Story, the Gorbachev Foundation, that set up its headquarters in San Francisco, is nothing else but the exteriorised Foreign Department of the former CPSU; in other words: the Gorbachev Foundation is responsible for carrying forward the world revolution! So, 1991/92 wasn’t the end of communism, far from it: rather, it was the beginning of the final and ultimate phase of global communist destruction! – That ominous EU poster reveals the whole dilemma mankind is facing today: the much-cited “powers that be,” in stubborn disregard of and opposition to the God-given order of things, are seeking the impossible: a paradise on earth, from which of course God and all religion are excluded. It’s their ancient idée fixe, and due to the very real Satanic basis of this project, they are probably not in the position to let go of that illusion because they are bound in a pact.

To return to the Burj Dubai, that seems to be closely interlinked with the EU’s, the UN’s, and other supranational resp. antinational organisations’ rapid progress towards liquidating the individual nation state everywhere in the world  (let’s remember Herman van Rompuy announcing 2009 as “the first year of global governance”), it is no wonder that the world now HAS its completed Tower of Babel. And, sure enough, the Burj Khalifa was openend merely a month after the long-fought-for European Constitution, in the guise of the Lisbon Treaty, was set into force. (How almost interchangeable the UN and the EU, as platforms toward complete world domination, have meanwhile become, showed a very peculiar interview several years ago with the meanwhile deceased former UN Assistent Secretary General, Robert Muller, a distinct and very radical New Ager and utopist in the typical “UN tradition” of Alice Anne Bailey’s and finally Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s “Theosophical ” Satanism (they are Luciferians, and they don’t hide it: all their key publications, starting in the 19th century, have ‘Lucifer’ in their titles, as was Alice Bailey’s later-UN-connected publishing company at first named ‘Lucifer Trust’ and shortly later renamed into ‘more acceptable’ Lucis Trust). – In that interview of possibly 2004 or ’05 – the video unfortunately is no more on the web – Robert Muller very impatiently, and not ‘peacefully’ at all, declared that if the UN couldn’t provide the necessary dynamics for world unification, they would just turn over to the EU and use that framework as the driving force instead; which shows the late Robert Muller having been a key figure, obviously, within the central core of this worldwide occultist-futurist-communistic cabal, and shows us clearly the possible global function of the EU as the coming one-world state. The author would have LOVED to provide the reader with that video source, yet, it’s no more there, but here is that exact theme taken from the late Robert Muller’s still-active website, In the “ideas” section, one can find idea no. 126, indeed dated as far back as November 13, 1994:

“If the UN is not rapidly transformed into an effective world political union and administration, I recommend that the more audacious, better structured and better financed European Union be taken as the basis for a World Union. How to do it? First, by including as fast as possible the Nordic countries and the new Eastern European countries. Next, since Russia reaches into the North of Asia, the old dream of Eurasia can be implemented. The plan of Robert Schuman who dreamt of integrating the African countries into Eurafrica can also be implemented: these countries were mostly former European colonies and have maintained close links with neighboring Europe. In the meantime, the US can organize the Americas from Alaska to the Tierra del Fuego and the two unions can be integrated into a World Union.” (Robert Muller: “The first 4000 Ideas & Dreams for a Better World”:

The building of the totalitarian One-World super state, in a nut-shell! And, as one can see, they’re in the greatest hurry – for which there exist a number of quite metaphysical explanations, but the clear fact is: they seem to be running out of time!

One more glance at that tower from satellite, and you’ll get an even more powerful idea of the gargantuan proportions of this piece of latter-day hubris, this huge spear jealously, albeit childishly, stabbing into the skies as if it tried to kick God Almighty out of Heaven (again, click on picture to enlarge).

Finally, viewed again horizontally and this time from a slightly greater distance, one is even reminded of Stalin’s pompous “socialist-classicist” skryscapers of the thirties, forties, and fifties. Is the Burj Khalifa’s design a deliberate quote from that Socialist Realism?

Remains to be seen whether there is still enough time for even bolder projects to be realised -all of them, strangely, on the Arab peninsula: The Kuwaitis are planning a Burj Mubarak al-Kabir of just over 1,000 m high; Bahrain is thinking of a Murjan Tower of 1,022 m in height; the Saudis even have in mind a literal Mile High Tower (1.6 km high) for the city of Jeddah (with projected costs almost ten times those of the Burj Dubai); and, again, Kuwait is looking forward to a Jaber Tower 1,852 m high! The speed at which the petro-billionaires of the Arab Gulf states are erasing all traditional life in their lands and are losing their last remains of sanity is absolutely mind-blowing. Had their great-grandfathers still lived the traditional and rugged life of nomadic Bedouines (as, that’s what they are), they of today know themselves among the richest of the modern world. Having crossed in a few decades a civilisatory gap of at least 2,000 years, they’re now stuck in a happy but meaningless place otherwise known as adolescence. What they show to the world is merely the grotesque enlargement of what happens if a large fortune is put in the hands of somebody without mind and skill: the result is mismanagement, waste, and (ultimately) ruin. – Now, as shameful or ludicrous all this may be, the point here is the epochal symbolism around this erection of a literal futuristic ”Metropolis” on the Persian Gulf. Whether it’s the Burj Dubai (of which one researcher believes its opening date, January 4, 2010, is encoded in the proportions of the Georgia Masonic tablets that are 1:4:10) or one of its possible successors, there’s in any case an almost 1,500 year-old prophecy by none other than the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, who, according to the various Hadith collections foresaw that among the signs of the Day of Judgement is “when the destitute camelherds compete in building tall structures” (from the Sahih of Al-Bukhari; the other Hadith collections report accordingly). In other words: the peculiar rat-race after the highest building on the planet that’s going on in the once poor and rugged lands of Arabia (and that didn’t start before the mid 1990s) is a crucial pointer to where we stand; which is, according to this striking prediction, that we of today have now indeed entered the Last Days and are soon to be approaching the Day of Judgement! Hence, we can expect for the coming years a gigantic showdown, if you will, between Light and darkness. Yet, whatever nightmare may come up the horizon: seen from a spiritual perspective, the generation alive today is nevertheless immeasurably privileged as it is going to see the final glorious end and, God willing, salvation after a century-long road of spiritual decline right to the present point of next to total cultural, moral, and religious devastation (read for this prominent French metaphysician René Guénon’s main work, “The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times,” Sophia Perennis).



Then followed in June, July 2010 the Football World Championship in South Africa: the ball used in the games, made by the world’s second largest sports apparel manufacturer adidas, was named “Jabulani,” allegedly referring to the Zulu infinitive form, ‘to celebrate.’

However, the ball with the awkward insectoid design could instead well have been a pointer to a mysterious ritual word used in Royal Arch Freemasonry and possibly in the sinistre Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.): “Jahbulon.”  Despite the wide spectrum of opinions and beliefs regarding its meaning (perfectly mirroring not only Masonry’s secrecy but also its confusion and syncretism), it seems as if Jahbulon represents a composite of several ‘sacred’ names, possibly including none other than Ba’al, the ancient Levantine fertility god, in the semitic languages of the region expressing “master” resp. “lord,” but also having somehow inspired the later Ba’al cult of Carthago infamous for its cruelty and sacrifical bloodshed. And indeed, Albert Pike – theauthority, so to speak, in 19th century American Masonry – thought Jahbulon partly to be an appellation of the devil! So, here we were, in the year 2010, with one of the most prestigious events in the world of football seemingly dedicated to none other than the Prince of Darkness (and the deafening wasp-like noise of the thousands of ‘vuvuzelas’ filling the stadiums contributed to this aura significantly).



The next date of great significance was July 6, 2010 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II spoke for the second time ever in front of the UN General Assembly at New York (her first visit had been in 1957). Yet, what the Queen had to say in her economical 6-minute-statement must have come as a mind-boggling surprise to any loyal and patriotic subject of hers: it seemed here was not speaking a conservative (powerless) British Monarch, but on the contrary, as if from the very top of the Masonic pyramid and without a single smile, an extremely powerful, utterly progressivist and technocratic Macchiavellist, indeed a highly revolutionary commander-general of the world (which also tells us all about the alleged demise of the British Empire), and so fully d’accord with the Utopian, (Eco-)Marxist-globalist goals of the United Nations! Read below this shocking declaration by the Queen, that perfectly fits in with the overall world development (as well as with the demands of the Georgia ‘Guide’-Stones) and seems to contain a number of covert messages for the ‘interested,’ some of which sound frighteningly eugenicist; such key passages, therefore, have been highlighted by this author in bold-print. (Equally disturbing is the fact, which you can check out yourself via the original video recording, that the Queen, who was reading this as a prepared manuscript, three times (!) said ‘United Nation’ in singular, instead of the proper plural, ‘United Nations;’ ‘United Nation,’ of course, coming very close to the now popular terms, ‘One World’ and ‘One Human Family.’ – It goes without saying that the British Monarchy’s official website, that has the speech in print, gives these three passages with the correct plural forms, NOT with the singular forms as used three times – and hardly by mistake, we can assume – by the Queen.)




The Queen’s address to the UN General Assembly of July 6, 2010:


“Mr President, Secretary-General, Members of the General Assembly,

I believe I was last here in 1957.

Since then, I have travelled widely and met many leaders, ambassadors and statesmen from around the world. I address you today as Queen of sixteen United Nations Member States and as Head of the Commonwealth of 54 countries.

I have also witnessed great change, much of it for the better, particularly in science and technology, and in social attitudes. Remarkably, many of these sweeping advances have come about not because of governments, committee resolutions, or central directives – although all these have played a part – but instead because millions of people around the world have wanted them.

For the United Nations, these subtle yet significant changes in people’s approach to leadership and power might have foreshadowed failure and demise. Instead, the United Nation has grown and prospered by responding and adapting to these shifts.

But also, many important things have not changed. The aims and values which inspired the United Nations Charter endure: to promote international peace, security and justice; to relieve and remove the blight of hunger, poverty and disease; and to protect the rights and liberties of every citizen.

The achievements of the United Nations are remarkable. When I was first here, there were just three United Nations operations overseas. Now over 120,000 men and women are deployed in 26 missions across the world. You have helped to reduce conflict, you have offered humanitarian assistance to millions of people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies, and you have been deeply committed to tackling theeffects of poverty in many parts of the world.

But so much remains to be done. Former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld once said that “constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” Good nurses get better with practice; sadly the supply of patients never ceases.

This September, leaders will meet to agree how to achieve the Millennium Development Goals when each nation will have its own distinctive contribution to make. New challenges have also emerged which have tested this organisation as much as its member states. One such is the struggle against terrorism. Another challenge is climate change, where careful account must be taken of the risks faced by smaller, more vulnerable nations, many of them from the Commonwealth.

Mr President,

I started by talking about leadership. I have much admiration for those who have the talent to lead, particularly in public service and in diplomatic life – and I congratulate you, your colleagues and your predecessors on your many achievements.

It has perhaps always been the case that the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all. I know of no single formula for success, but over the years I have observed some attributes of leadership are universal, and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration, to work together.

Since I addressed you last, the Commonwealth, too, has grown vigorously to become a group of nations representing nearly two billion people. It gives its whole-hearted support to the significant contributions to the peace and stability of the world made by the United Nations and its Agencies. Last November, when I opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, I told the delegates that the Commonwealth had the opportunity to lead. Today I offer you the same message.

For over six decades the United Nation has helped to shape the international response to global dangers. The challenge is to continue to show this clear and convening leadership while not losing sight of your ongoing work to secure the security, prosperity and dignity of our fellow human beings.

When people in fifty-three years from now look back on us, they will doubtless view many of our practices as old-fashioned. But it is my hope that, when judged by future generations, our sincerity, our willingness to take a lead, and our determination to do the right thing, will stand the test of time.

In my lifetime, the United Nation has moved from being a high-minded aspiration to beinga real force for common good. That of itself has been a signal achievement. But we are not gathered here to reminisce. In tomorrow’s world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be United Nations.”


The print version you can also find on The Official Website of the British Monarchy. In any case, however, don’t miss the live video recording of the actual speech itself, that includes some quite coded welcoming words by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and wonderfully shows the degree of tense attention and even conspiratorial understanding on the part of this timelessly communistic body that is the UN General Assembly (the pictures seem almost like taken from the late sixties or early seventies!): no doubt, a hinge moment in the unfolding of the world revolution! – Here are Ban Ki-moon’s words (full with those usual deceptive UN-utopian-communist promises that have never come to pass and never will, but instead will bring about a global North Korea or Khmer Rouge Cambodia) – again, with some bold print emphases:” … the Millennium Development Goals: this is the blueprint of the world’s leaders to save lives of the poor and vulnerable, to combat hunger and disease, to promote gender equality, and to provide education opportunity and decent work to billions of people. We will once again heed Your call and devote our full strength to the ideals of our Charter and to realising a better world for all. Your Majesty, for Your dedication to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, to the United Nations and our common values [certainly meaning: our joint communist values; the author], we say: Thank You and Welcome! We wish You continued good health and we are happy to have You here today. Thank You very much!”

Thus, one might ask: Is former United Kingdom Independence Party member David Noakes right when he claims that the British Monarchy during WWII secretly sympathised with the totalitarian regime of Britain’s war enemy, Nazi Germany, and after the war, because Naziism was completely discredited, shifted to a Marxist line instead? Noakes even accuses the Queen of nothing less than Treason because of her signing the whole series of EU treaties, that have step by step undermined and finally destroyed all British sovereignty whatsoever. View the following 2-hour-interview with David Noakes on the rise of a veritable EU dictatorship presented on Theo Chalmers’ TV show, On the Edge, on January 14, 2010: Part 1 of 11.



The summer of 2010 – respectively winter, in the southern hemisphere – also brought another event that, at first sight, seemed to be a mere accident in a Chilean mine. In the afternoon of August 5, 2010, the troubled, 100 plus year-old San José copper-gold mine – 28 miles north of the provincial capital Copiapó, 800 m above sea level, and in the middle of the rugged Atacama desert – had two cave-ins. As this mine has no elevator system, but only this one spiralling-down roadway through which men and material can get in and out and that was now blocked, 33 miners and technicians were suddenly trapped 700m below ground and 5 km from the mine’s entrance, gathered in an emergencey shelter, that later became famous as the ‘refugio,’ of not more than 50 square-meters plus surrounding tunnels, in extreme heat and humidity, with poor ventilation, and left with emergency supplies for just  two or three days;  with the outside world, at first, not knowing whether the men were still alive. As the mine owner seemed to be unable to provide for a skilled rescue effort, the Chilean government, also pressured by great public concern, stepped in and began a huge international rescue operation that in its final stage was named after the patron saint of miners “Operación San Lorenzo,” that was to attract enormous media attention worldwide and was to cost estimated 20  million US dollars.

Day 5 after the cave-in, i.e. August 10, 2010: several exploratory boreholes are being drilled. Due to insufficient maps, the exact location of the 33 miners isn’t quite clear.

While around the site, and despite the chilling night temperatures, slowly formed a “Campamento Esperanza,” i.e. ’Camp Hope,’ where up to 3,000 relatives, friends, and others were desperately longing and praying for a positive outcome, the drilling works, as days went by, seemed to be but in vain.

The ‘Campamento Esperanza’ surrounding the drilling site at the San José Mine

Tent city of ‘Campamento Esperanza’

Candles of hope and life are placed at the 33 flags representing the trapped miners.

Miners’ wives, obviously, waiting and hoping their husbands are well and alive.

Not before day 17 after the accident, i.e. August 22, 2010, one borehole, 17 cm in diametre, indeed found its way right to that excavation where the poor miners were stuck. The drilling head brought up with it a handwritten note saying, “Estamos bien en el refugio, los 33,” i.e. “We are well in the shelter, the 33.”

Chilean President Pinera holds up the long-desired news that all 33 men are alive and well. A wave of relief and joy goes out to the country and the world.

A video-camera was then sent down through that borehole and filmed the miners in their underworldly captivity, visibly exhausted and having lost weight, but nevertheless in good morale. Given the fact they’d had supplies for just 2 or 3 days and yet made it through 17 days, was generally perceived as bordering to a miracle. Nobody seemed to be bothered by the slightly voyeuristic presentation akin to reality-TV-shows; everyone was happy and overjoyed.

“Los 33,” drained, but alive!

Although there still remained the great task to be accomplished of getting the 33 back through 700 meters of solid rock up to the earth’s surface, at least the men could now be supplied with fresh drinking water, food, medicine, freshly washed clothes, letters from their loved ones, as well as rosaries brought in person by the Archbishop of Santiago and sent all the way from the Pope in Rome. Indeed, this massive, ponderous, traumatic experience was to be a spiritual turning point in the lives of several of the miners.

One of the two supply tubes, that are now the veritable thread of life for the miners during many weeks still to come

Yet, there was the sobering prospect that the rescue operation could last until Christmas: four long months in an unstable mine that even could see more collapses; time was of the first priority. – Plans were now drawn up to drill tubes wide enough to transport the 33, one by one, in a special capsule, as had been successfully used in 1963 in Germany as well as in 2002 in the United States. Finally, with the help of NASA, three such capsules were constructed. They were named Fénix1, 2, and 3, after the Phoenix that arises from the ashes into a new life, and were equipped with communication devices, oxygen, and what not. The capsule’s tiny diameter of 54 cm (i.e. 21.26 inches), that had to fit into a tube of 71 cm diameter (i.e. 27.95 inches), represented of course a potential psychological nightmare, especially as that journey was to go through 2,000 feet of solid rock and was to last 15 long minutes.

The rescue capsule “Fénix 2″ as it was then used to bring back the miners to the light of day, and thus back into life.

The drilling, luckily, didn’t take four months, but only 7 weeks. During those seven weeks the whole world was gazing at the Atacama, Chileans abroad were seen with helmets with the number “33″ on them, and to one miner’s wife a baby girl was born, which was suitably given the name Esperanza: hope.

Chileans living in New York City celebrate the rescue of their 33 countrymen.

Precisely on day 40 after the accident, on the Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Cross, September 14th, at noon, a baby girl is born to one miner’s wife and is baptised under the name of Esperanza Elisabeth.

On October 13, an estimated billion of TV viewers worldwide held their breath as one after the other of the 33 miners indeed were brought up, all of them astoundingly fit and happy to be able to re-unite with their families.

The 24 hours that brought an end to the miners’ 69 days of tough subterranean existence.

October 12, towards midnight: A boy can be seen in intense prayer as the rescue operation begins. The process is shown live on a TV-screen.

Relatives of two of the miners strengthen each other as their loved ones are about to go through a second birth.

One of the 33, at last reunited with his wife!

Miner Mario Sepulveda, after his rescue, with himself and with God.

The Chilean variant of “Mission Accomplished” – All 33 miners successfully rescued; the rescue team turns off the lights and finally returns to the surface as well.

The men were still medically checked, in some cases had to be treated, and were later solemnly received, on October 24th, in the Presidential Palace at Santiago by President Sebastian Pinera.

President Pinera visits the 33 at the hospital.

The Presidential couple receiving “los 33″ in the Blue Room of ‘Palacio de la Moneda’ at Santiago.

Hence, after all the trauma, a bad story eventually found its happy end. 33 men had gone through incredible distress and imminent danger to their lives and had now risen to the status of national heroes. Some of them, including their families, may have used this horrifying experience so to rethink and reevaluate things; others may just have been unspeakably grateful for having survived, a gratitude that was certainly shared by the whole of Chile and far beyond. The drama also revealed a still vital Catholic faith in the country – a country where divorce and abortion had been illegal as long as to the year 1998, despite the communist interlude in the early 1970s -, with Masses being celebrated at the site, and wives and mothers sending prayers to the Virgin Mary. Life had shown itself in all its vulnerability and in the full range of its possibilities, from shock and despair all the way to ecstatic joy and limitless bliss. In an age full of bad news, the world had been reminded of the power of FAITH, a power so subtle and yet so fundamental that it truly makes the decisive difference between agony and death or life properly so called!

However, there remained a number of irritating details that didn’t take away from the human drama but seemed to indicate a second, more hidden, man-made script at work. Had they been only one or two, one would have ascribed them to coincidence, but they were many. To make a long story short (and this isn’t just the opinion of this author), the whole thing – whether staged or used – appeared like a thinly veiled Masonic ritual most likely linked to the now omnipresent theme of welcoming “illumined” Freemasonry’s long-worked-for goal of establishing a radically new order of things, in which man rules and God has been abandoned, in other words of the completion of the millennia-long Satanic project of creating a world upside down, an inversion very much akin to but much more complete than Hitler’s or Lenin’s occult empires, where worship of Lucifer would be mandatory and devotion of God Almighty, like in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, would first be made meaningless and finally be utterly crushed (following the deadly maxim of the patron of hatred against religion, Voltaire,“Écrasez l’infâme!”, i.e. “Crush the wretch!”, by which of course was meant the Catholic Church resp. faith as a whole, to the latter of which Voltaire boldly referred to as ‘superstition’). Let’s keep in mind that so-called “New World Order” isn’t merely about politics or economics; the scope is infinitely wider, the prospect much more horrible: the goal, frequently mentioned throughout this article anyway, is no less than a Satanic kingdom on earth – and Satan, even in his “brighter” disguise as Lucifer, don’t be fooled, isn’t man’s ‘liberator,’ but God’s and man’s eternal foe! Satanic rule will never produce justice and prosperity but will always constitute the most cruel enslavement of man one can possibly think of (and, lest we forget, that sinistre instrument of Soviet suppression known as the GULag is still in place, virtually unchanged, in the “post-Soviet, new” Russia, as the late British analyst Christopher Story frequently pointed out). We are talking here of no less than Biblical, in fact, apocalyptic proportions. The matter is predominantly spiritual, which is why a solely secular analysis (reflecting on greed for money, worldly power etc. as a goal in itself) doesn’t lead anywhere. In other words: By ignoring the spiritual – or rather anti-spiritual – dimension in all of this, we disenable ourselves from seeing the monster in front of us; a monster that is after much more than, bad enough, our wealth or citizen rights, but seeks to capture our very souls!

Buonamico Buffalmacco (? – ca. 1290-1340): Fresco at the Camposanto Monumentale at Pisa, Italy: “Guidizio Universale e Inferno” (i.e. The Last Judgment and Hell), ca. 1336-41 (detail) – Fatally, the Luciferic ‘enlighteners’ have achieved that general consensus that hell and the devil do not exist. Thus, everyone is open – like never before and without realising – to occult/demonic infiltration!!! — Click twice to enlarge fully!


There’s an epochal and quite famous work published in 1797, just after the French Revolution had sort of calmed down, written by a revered French Jesuit priest and writer, the Abbé Augustin Barruel (1741-1820). Its title: Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism(orig. Mémoires pour servir à l’histoire du Jacobinisme). In this superb four-part publication of altogether 1,500 pages, Barruel refutes the widespread error of the time as well of today that the French Revolution had been a spontaneous eruption of fury and discontent of the people, and offers concise and well-documented proof that that revolution had been long ahead and thoroughly premeditated and planned by a beastly coalition of anti-Christian, anti-royal, and anti-social forces centered around the occult core of Freemasonry, the ’Philosophers’ and Encyclopedists led by Voltaire, as well as Weishaupt’s most aggressive Illuminati network. Barruel desperately, and quite prophetically, warns the nations of Europe and the world of this well-organised evil and predicts – unless its roots, methods, and objectives be fully understood – every nation throughout Europe and the world will in due time experience its own French Revolution, with thrones toppled and altars crushed, societies thrown into a nightmare of rage and bloodshed, and all traditional order utterly destroyed. Read below the Abbé’s Preliminary Discourse to his grand work; his dire warnings can be easily applied also to the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Hitlerian revolution, and our present state of affairs:


[The Jacobins appear.] At an early period of the French Revolution, there appeared a Sect calling itself JACOBIN, and teaching that all men were equal and free!  In the name of their Equality and disorganizing Liberty, they trampled under foot the altar and the throne; they stimulated all nations to rebellion, and aimed at plunging them ultimately into the horrors of anarchy.

    At its first appearance, this Sect counted 300,000 adepts; and it was supported by two millions of men, scattered through France, armed with torches and pikes, and all the fire-brands of revolution.

    It was under the auspices of this Sect, and by their intrigues, influence, and impulse, that France beheld itself a prey to every crime; that its soil was stained with the blood of its pontiffs and priests, of its rich men and nobles; with the blood of every class of its citizens, without regard to rank, age, or sex! These were the men who, after having made the unfortunate Louis XVI., His Queen and Sister, drink to the very dregs the cup of outrage and ignominy during a long confinement, solemnly murdered them on a scaffold, proudly menacing the sovereigns of the earth with a similar fate! These are the men who have made the French revolution a scourge to all Europe, a terror to its Rulers, who in vain combine to stop the progress of their revolutionary armies, more numerous and more destructive than the inundations of the Vandals.

    Whence originated these men, who seem to arise from the bowels of the earth, who start into existence with their plans and their projects, their tenets and their thunders, their insidious means and ferocious resolves? Whence, I say, this devouring Sect? Whence this swarm of adepts, these systems, this frantic rage against the altar and the throne, against every institution, civil and religious, so much respected by our ancestors? Can their primogeniture in the order of the revolution give them this tremendous power, or were they not anterior? Is it not their own work? Where then was their hiding place, their schools, their masters, where shall we find these, and who will dive into their future projects? This French revolution ended, will they cease to desolate the earth, to murder kings, or to fanaticise its people?

    [Importance of their History] These certainly are questions that cannot be indifferent to nations or their rulers, or to those who watch for the happiness and preservation of society, and these are the questions which I will attempt to answer. I will draw their solution from the very annals of the Sect, whence I will show their plans and systems, their plots and their means. Such, reader, will be the object of the following Memoirs.

    Had I seen the conspiracies of the Jacobins end with the disasters they produced; had I even seen the cloud of our misfortunes dissipated with the French Revolution, still should I have remained convinced of the importance and necessity of disclosing to the world the dark recesses from which it burst into being.

    [to posterity;] When with aweful astonishment we read of plagues and other scourges that have desolated the earth, though the danger be passed, they are not to be considered as objects of mere curiosity. In the history of poisons we find the antidotes; in the history of monsters we learn by what weapons they were destroyed. When former calamities reappear, or are to be apprehended, is it not our duty to explore the causes which first promoted their destructive influence, the means by which they might have been opposed, and the errors whereby they may again be produced? The present generation is instructed by the misfortunes of the past; be then the future instructed by the history of ours.

    [to the present generation.] But we have evils yet more pressing to encounter, the present generation has been deluded; and such delusions must be done away as may double our misfortunes in the instant when we think ourselves most secure. [1st error. On the cause of the revolution.] We have seen men obstinately blind to the causes of the French Revolution: we have seen men who wished to persuade themselves that this conspiring and revolutionary Sect had no existence anterior to the Revolution. In their minds the long series of miseries which have befallen France, to the terror of all Europe, were merely the offspring of that concourse of unforeseen events inseparable from the times. In their conceptions, it is in vain to seek conspirators or conspiracies, and as vain to search for the hand that directs the horrid course. The man who rules today, knows not the plans of his predecessor, and he that shall follow will, in their opinions, be equally ignorant of those of the present ruler.

    Prepossessed with such erroneous notions, and acting under so dangerous a prejudice, these superficial observers would willingly make all nations believe, that the French Revolution ought to be to them no cause of alarm; that it was a volcano rapidly venting itself on the unfortunate country that gave it existence, while its focus and its origin remain unfathomable. “Causes unknown (they will say) but peculiar to your climate; elements less subject to ferment; laws more analogous to your character; the public fortune better balanced; these and such as these are reasons sufficient to make you regardless of the fate of France. But, alas! Should such be your impending fate, vain will be your efforts to avert the threatening blow. The concourse and fatality of circumstances will drag you toward it; the very ramparts which you shall build against it will fall back upon you, and perhaps level the space that now divides you from the horrid scene of anarchy and desolation.”

    Who would conceive, that I have heard this very language fall from the mouth of those whom the unfortunate Louis XVI. had called near his person to ward off the blows perpetually aimed at him by the Revolution! a language better calculated to lull all nations into that fatal security which portends destruction? – I have now before me the memorial of an ex-minister, consulted on the causes of this infernal Revolution, and particularly as to the chief conspirators (whom he should have better known) and on the plan of the conspiracy. I hear this man answer, that it would be useless to seek either a man or any set of men conspiring against the altar and the throne, or to suppose that any plan had been framed for that purpose. Unfortunate monarch! Are those who ought to watch for the safety of your person, for the security of your people, ignorant of the names, nay even of the very existence of your enemies! If then we behold both you and your people falling victims to their plots, can we or ought we to be astonished?

    [Truths combatting this error.] Strong in the facts, and armed with the proofs produced in the following Memoirs, we shall hold a very different language. We shall show what it is incumbent on all nations and their chiefs to be informed of: we shall demonstrate that, even to the most horrid deeds perpetrated during the French Revolution, every thing was foreseen and resolved on, was premeditated and combined: – that they were the offspring of deep-thought villany, since they had been prepared and were produced by men, who alone held the clue of those plots and conspiracies, lurking in the secret meetings where they had been conceived, and only watching the favourable moment of bursting forth. Though the events of each day may not appear to have been combined, there nevertheless existed a secret agent and a secret cause, giving rise to each event, and turning each circumstance to the long-desired end. Though circumstance may often have afforded the pretence or the occasion, yet the grand cause of the revolution, its leading features, its atrocious crimes, will still be found one continued chain of deep-laid and premeditated villany.

    [2d Error. On the nature of the revolution.] In revealing the object, and showing the extent of these plots, I meet a second error, more dangerous than the first. There are men who, though they hesitate not to believe that the French Revolution was premeditated, yet think that the intentions of the first authors were pure, and that they only sought the happiness and regeneration of empires; that if great misfortunes have since happened, they arose from the obstacles thrown in their way; that a great people cannot be regenerated without commotion, but that the tempest will subside, and a calm succeed the swelling billow; that then nations, astonished at the apprehensions they had entertained of the French Revolution, and true only to its principles, will be happy in imitation.

    This error is the favourite theme of the Jacobin missionaries; it was this that gained them their first instruments of rebellion; that cohort of constitutionalists, who still look on their decrees of the RIGHTS OF MAN as the summit of legislative perfection, and still look impatiently wait the fatal day when the world shall impetuously move in the sphere of their political rhapsody. It was this that gained them that prodigious number of votaries more blind than wicked, and who might have been mistaken for honest, if virtue could have associated with ferocity in search of happier days. It was this that gained them those men whose well-meant, though stupid credulity, misled them to believe in the necessity of the carnage of the 10th of August, and of the horrid butcheries of the 2of September; in a word, all those men who, in the murder of 3 or 400,000 fellow-creatures, in the extermination of millions of victims by famine, the sword, or the guillotine, seek consolation, in spite of this depopulating scourge, in the empty hope that this dreadful chain of horrors may be productive of happier days.

    [Truths combatting this error.] To confound these hopes, and to show the fallacy of these pretended good intentions, I will oppose the real views of this revolutionary Sect, their true projects, their conspiracies, and their means of execution. I will show them undisguised, for they must be divulged, the proofs being acquired. The French Revolution has been a true child to its parent Sect; its crimes have been its filial duty; and those black deeds and atrocious acts the natural consequences of the principles and systems that gave it birth. Moreover I will show that, so far from seeking future prosperity, the French Revolution is but a sportive essay of its strength, while the whole universe is its aim. If elsewhere the same crimes are necessary, they will be committed; if equal ferocity be requisite they will be equally ferocious; and it will unavoidably extend wheresoever its errors shall be received.

    [True consequences deduced from these truths.] The reflecting reader will conclude, then, that either this Jacobin Sect must be crushed, or society overthrown: that all governments must give place to those massacrs, those convulsive disorders, and to that infernal anarchy which rages in France. Indeed there is no other alternative, but universal destruction or extinction of the Sect. Let it however be remembered, that to crush a Sect is not to imitate the fury of its apostles, intoxicated with its sanguinary rage and propense to enthusiastic murder; it is not to massacre and immolate its adepts, or retort on them the thunders they had hurled. To crush a Sect, is to attack it in its schools, to reveal its imposture, and show to the world the absurdity of its principles, the atrocity of its means, and above all the profound wickedness of its teachers. Yes; strike the Jacobin, but spare the man; the Sect is a Sect of opinion, and its destruction will be doubly complete on the day when it shall be deserted by its disciples, to return to the true principles of reason and social order.

    The Sect, I grant, is monstrous, but all its disciples are not monsters. Its care in hiding its latter projects, the extreme precaution with which it initiated the chosen of the elect, shews how much it feared the desertion of the multitude of its disciples, and its consequent destruction, had the horror of its mysteries been surmised. For my part, I never doubted, how depraved soever the Jacobins have been, that the greatest part would have deserted the Sect could they have foreseen whither and by what means they were led. Could the French people have followed such chiefs, had it been possible to make them conceive to what lengths the plans and plots of the conspirators would carry them?

    [To know the plots of the Jacobins, the interest of all nations,] Though France were, like hell, a bottomless pit, impenetrable to every voice but that of the fiends of the Revolution, still it is not too late to acquaint other nations of their danger. They have heard of the crimes and horrors of that Revolution, let them contemplate the lot that awaits them should Jacobinism prevail; let them learn that they are not less within the grand revolutionary circle than France itself; that all those crimes, the anarchical and bloody scenes which have followed the dissolution of the French empire, equally await all other nations; let them learn that their altars and their thrones, their pontiffs and their kings, are doomed to the same fate with those of France: all are comprehended within the grand conspiracy.

    [and of all governments.] When a phantom of peace shall seem to terminate the present war between the Jacobins and the combined powers, it certainly will be the interest of all governments to ascertain how far such a peace can be relied on. At that period, more than at any other, will it be necessary to study the secret history of that Sect, which sends forth its legions rather to shiver the sceptre than to fight th power; which has not promised to its adepts the crowns of princes, kings and emperors, but has required and bound those adepts by an oath to destroy them all. At that period we must recollect, that it is not in the field of Mars that the war against the Sects is the most dangerous; when the rebellion and anarchy are in the very tenets of the sectary, the hand may be disarmed, but war glows warmly in the heart. – The Sect, being weakened, may slumber for a time, but such a sleep is the calm preceding the irruption of the volcano. It no longer send forth its curling flames; but the subterraneous fire winds its course, penetrates, and, preparing many vents, suddenly bursts forth and carries misery and devastation wherever its fiery torrent rolls.

    It is not the object of these Memoirs to treat of that state of war or of peace commenced between one power and another. In such cases it often happens that, all resources being exhausted, the sword must be sheathed, though the original grievances still subsist. Let the rulers of the people discuss the means of force; but we know there exists another sort of war, which a confidence in treaties only serves to render more fatal; we mean a war of plots and conspiracies, against which public treaties can never avail. Woe to that Power which shall have made peace without knowing why its enemy had declared war against it. What the Sect had done before it first burst forth, it will do again to prepare a second eruption. In darkness it will conspire anew, and calamities still more disastrous will teach all nations that the French Revolution was only the first step towards the universal dissolution which has so long been meditating and contriving by the Sect.

    [Object of these memoirs.] Such were the reasons by which I was impelled to investigate the plots and wishes, the tortuous means and nefarious nature of this Sect. We have witnessed the frantic rage and the ferocity of its legions; we have known them as the agents of the French Revolution, as the perpetrators of all its atrocious crimes and devastations; but few are acquainted with the schools that have formed them. Posterity, alas! Will feel for many generations their dire effects. To trace their ravages, it will only have to cast its eyes around. The ruins of the palaces and the temples, the fallen cities, the mansions destroyed throughout the provinces, will paint in glowing colours the devastations of the modern Vandals. The lists of proscription, fatal to the prince and to so many of his subjects, the deserted villages, all, in a word, will long be the vouchers of those fatal lamp-posts, of that insatiable guillotine, of those legislative executioners supported by bands of assassins.

    Circumstances so painful and so humiliating to human nature will not require to be recorded in these memoirs. It is not to shew what a Marat or a Robespierre has done, but to expose the schools, the systems, the conspiracies, and the masters that have formed a Philippe D’Orleans, a Syeyes, a Condorcet, or a Petion, and who at this very time are forming in all nations men that would rival Marat and Robespierre in their cruelties. Our object is, that, the Sect of the Jacobins and their conspiracies once known, their crimes shall be no longer matter of surprise; that their prospensity to the effusion of blood, their blasphemies against Christ and his altars, their frantic rage against the throne, and their cruelties against their fellow-citizens, shall be as clearly understood as the ravages of the plague. And may nations in future as sedulously guard against the one, as they shun the other!

    It was to attain this important object that all our researches into the Sect have been directed at its chiefs, its origin, its plots, its plans, and its progress; more desirous of investigating the means it employed to bring about the revolution, than to describe its conduct during that revolution.

    [A triple conspiracy to be denounced.] The result of our inquiries, corroborated by proofs drawn from the records of the Jacobins, and of their first masters, has been, that this Sect with all its conspiracies is in itself no other than the the coalition of a triple Sect, of a triple conspiracy, in which, long before the Revolution, the overthrow of the altar, the ruin of the throne, and the dissolution of all civil society had been debated and resolved on.

    1st. Many years before the French Revolution men who styled themselves Philosophers conspired against the God of the Gospel, against Christianity, without distinction of worship, whether Protestant or Catholic, Anglican or Presbyterian. The grand object of this conspiracy was to overturn every altar where Christ was adored. It was the conspiracy of the Sophisters of Impiety, or the ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY.

    2dly. This school of impiety soon formed the Sophisters of Rebellion: these latter, combining their conspiracy against kings with that of the Sophisters of Impiety, coalesce with that ancient Sect whose tenets constituted the whole secret of the Occult Lodges of Free-masonry, which long since, imposing on the credulity of its most distinguished adepts, only initiated the chosen of the elect into the secret of their unrelenting hatred for Christ and kings.

    3dly. From the Sophisters of Impiety and Rebellion, arose the Sophisters of Impiety and Anarchy. These latter conspire not only against Christ and his altars, but against every religion natural or revealed: not only against kings, but against every government, against all civil society, even against all property whatsoever.

    This third Sect, known by the name of Illuminees, coalesced with the Sophisters conspiring against Christ, and with the Sophisters who, with the Occult Masons, conspired against both Christ and kings. It was the coalition of the adepts of impiety, of the adepts of rebellion, and the adepts of anarchy, which formed the CLUB of the JACOBINS. Under this name, common to the triple Sect (originating from the name of the Order whose convent they had seized upon to hold their sittings), we shall see the adepts following up their triple conspiracy against God, the King, and Society. Such was the origin, such the progress of that Sect, since become so dreadfully famous under the name of JACOBIN.

    In the present Memoirs each of these three conspiracies shall be treated separately; their authors unmasked, the object, means, coalition, and progress of the adepts shall be laid open.

    Proofs of the most pointed nature are necessary, when such horrid plots are denounced to all nations; and it is to give these proofs the greater authenticity, that the title of MEMOIRS  has been prefixed to this work. To have written the simple history of the Jacobins might have sufficed for many; but these Memoirs are intended for the historian, who will find a collection of proofs, both numerous and convincing, all extracted from the records and avowals of the conspirators themselves. [Consequence of this Conspiracy.] Strong in these proofs, we shall not fear to proclaim to all nations, “that whatever their religion or their government may be, to whatever rank should the plans and wishes of the Jacobins be accomplished, their religion with its pontiffs, their government with its laws, their magistrates and their property, all would be swept away in one common mass of ruin! Their riches and their fields, their houses and their cottages, their very wives and children would be torn from them. You have looked upon the Jacobinical faction as exhausting itself in France, when it was only making a sportive essay of its strength. Their wishes and their oaths extend throughout Europe; nor are England or Germany, Italy or Spain, strangers to their intrigues.”

    Let not the Reader take this for the language of enthusiasm or fanaticism; far be such passions either from myself or my readers. Let them decide on the proofs adduced, with the same coolness and impartiality which has been necessary to collect and digest them. The order observed in the investigation of these conspiracies shall be exactly that in which they were generated. We shall therefore begin with the conspiracy against the whole religion of the Gospel, and which we have styled the ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY.


(Augustin Barruel’s complete “Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism” can be read, online and for free, at Google BooksPart I: The Antichristian ConspiracyPart II: The Antimonarchical ConspiracyPart III: The Antisocial ConspiracyPart IV: Antisocial Conspiracy; Historical Part).

By now, quite obviously, the wise and knowledgable Abbé’s worst fears have most cruelly come true: Whilst at least half of the globe is paralysed under the unchanged yoke of overt or covert communism, the exact ideological successor of the French Revolution, the other half is being vigorously pushed into that direction, with no Catholic Church in sight that would authoritatively stand up against the totalitarian tide, but on the contrary has joined the armies of utopianism! – So, he were stand, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, watching among so many other things a duplicitous ‘play’ in the far away deserts of northern Chile that, underneath a real human drama, almost certainly was a Masonically staged parable celebrating the birth of a new era, the approach of a second Renaissance (and let’s keep in mind that peculiar accord of secrecy regarding their weeks of captivity that was agreed upon by the 33 miners as if to hide something). So, what were the elements that support such an assumption of a staged Masonic ‘play’? To find out, we need to look at the whole process all over again, this time, as far as possible, “through the eyes of an occultist”:

1. The number of miners: As has been mentioned further above in this article, 33 marks the top degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Thus the omnipresence of that number throughout our staged history: the Masons seem to love leaving their secretive footprints. A brief selection: The infamous “Trinity Test” in which the first atomic bomb ever was detonated occured in the desert of New Mexico at 33° northern latitude (later, they even put up a bizarre obelisk on that spot, made of the very molten stone material produced by the enormous heat of that bomb; you see: it’s all ritual!), just as the two unfortunate cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that were subsequently grilled by “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” are situated very close to the 33rd northern parallel. In addition, the first of the two, Hiroshima, was knocked out on August 6, 1945: 8-6-1945; makes, via complete digit summing: 33! (They seem to be ‘playing’ with these dates, sometimes using day plus month only, sometimes including the last two digits of the year figure, sometimes the year figure in full; one time, they use simple addition, another time, like in 3-11 etc., multiplication, or division like with 18=6+6+6, in the latter case pointing to the number of the Beast, 666). The insidious assassination plot against JFK, that Masonic ritual slaughter, took place on a November 22nd (11+22=33) at notorious Dallas TX (33° northern latitude). We have two key events linked with the year 1933: Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, and socialist FDR’s inauguration into the office of POTUS, both representing powerful seismic shifts on our way to a Masonically controlled totalitarian Utopia. Almost all hot spots in the middle east lie along the 33rd northern parallel. The design of the UN flag shows 33 sections (and a world seen from its celestial north pole, as if from the polar star, another Masonic symbolism, and through crosshairs!). First news of uncounted dubious events, such as earthquakes, terror attacks and so forth, frequently are reported with a first number of victims as high as 33 (!). The Madrid train bombings of 2004, that were Spain’s 9/11 (and isn’t 9×11=99=3×33?), happened on a March 11 (3×11=33), 2004, at 7:38 a.m. CET (i.e. 6:38 UT), and even, by exact time difference, 911 days, 17 hours, and 52 minutes after American Airlines Flight 11 had crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower on September 11, 2001, at 8:46 a.m. EDT (i.e. 12:46 UT); likewise occured on a March 11 the horrible 9.1 earthquake off the east coast of Japan in 2011 that threw that successful industrial nation and highly cultivated people into a multiple abyss, the full scope of which the Japanese government seems to be afraid to admit. The two main political figures, at present, in the ever expanding European superstate known as the EU, German chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso  (two personages with a distinct communist ‘past,’ by the way), were both inaugurated into their respective offices on a November 22 (11+22=33), Barroso in 2004, Merkel in 2005. Not to forget the location of the Georgia Guidestones that is less then 100 miles from the 33rd northern parallel. The list goes on and on and on. – Beside the number of miners being 33 (and how prominently was that number emphasised everywhere: the miners were merely “Los 33″!!!), there was that handwritten note communicating that all 33 miners are well in the shelter. That note, in the Spanish original and including the blank characters between the words, adds up, again, to 33 characters: conicidence? – “ESTAMOS BIEN EN EL REFUGIO LOS 33″: ESTAMOS = 7 / blank = 1 / BIEN = 4 / blank = 1 / EN = 2 / blank = 1 / EL = 2 / blank = 1 / REFUGIO = 7 / blank = 1 / LOS = 3 / blank = 1 / 33 = 2. Thus: 7+1+4+1+2+1+2+1+7+1+3+1+2 = 33. – Not enough with that, was the rescue operation done on October 13, 2010; thus: 10-13-10 (=33). And what wonderful symmetry, even with the number 13 in the middle, that is another code number linked mainly with the history of the Knights Templar, who are widely regarded as the forerunners of Rosicrucianism and of Freemasonry. That numerologically so prominent date of 10-13-10 must have been long prepared for by the Masons; it seems to have been a key date for them (among the grand Arcanes of the Tarot system, that is so dear to those occultists, the “13″ stands for death and rebirth, whereas the “10″ is the “Wheel of Fortune,” and there indeed was a wheel with 10 spokes (!) via which the miners were pulled up; very suitable imagery for describing the dialectically orchestrated revolutionary process of what they’re trying to sell to us as evolution, portrayed in the “karmic wheel” controlled, as they are convinced, by them).

2. “Fénix 2″: The three rescue capsules built especially for this operation were named “Fénix,” thus Phoenix, the mythical firebird, mostly depicted as a heron and initially derived from ancient Egypt where it was named Bennu, that every now and then through the history of the world appears, gets burnt in the glow of the early morning sun and arises anew from its ashes, stronger than before (there is also a link with the symbolism of Venus, the morning star; oddly, also Lucifer, the “light bearer,” is known as the ‘morning star;’ whereas the Masonic department for women, whose emblem shows an inverted pentagram, is known as “The Star of the East’). The Phoenix legend has of course been applied within a variety of quite differing religious and cultural contexts, including Christendom; yet, the central theme of it remains: renewal; resurrection of the dead; rebirth. Indeed, the very word ‘Bennu’ is supposed to mean “the reborn son.” So, clearly, the rescue operation was following that symbolic theme. And, true, the poor miners, caught so deep under the earth’s surface in heat and humidity, like unborns in the warmth and moisture of their mother’s womb, were brought to the light of day through a narrow drilling hole like through a birth canal, some of them even receiving sedatives before embarking on that traumatic 15-minute lift-up! – The message couldn’t be any clearer: the Masons, who seek, following the concept of Humanism, to make the world and man anew (as opposed to man being created by God in His image), are hailing the final realisation of their age-old plan: a New World (the term itself is a constant theme throughout socialism and is, of course, intimately linked to the phrase, New World Order). Nietzsche’s “Übermensch” (i.e. Superman!!!) in a world where “God is dead;” the Gnostic-Manichean “new man” of both the Nazis and the Communists (no difference in essence): heartless, soulless, mechanic, cruel, and – as the Utopists have been dreaming of for centuries: incredibly ‘perfected.’ (Just read the compact madness propagated, for example, by a Ray Kurzweil and do get frightened by the extravagant as well as morbid craze that drives these people.) Another well-known futurist now comes into the picture, as the rescue capsule used for the operation (they had constructed three, but only this one was used) was “Fénix 2,” thus Rebirth 2, or “Renaissance 2.” And, sure enough, less than a year prior to the mining accident in Chile, there took place a futurist propaganda conference at Perpignan, France, titled: “RENAISSANCE 2″ – as New Agers would say, ‘Something must be in the air!’ Read below, and read it well, the transcript of a fairly bizarre advertising trailer for that conference featuring notorious communistic “spiritualist,” Barbara Marx Hubbard (even her name displays the ideological continuity); underlinings according to BMH’s emphasis in speech; square brackets inserted by this author:


I’m Barbara Marx Hubbard, and I am privileged to be here for Renaissance Two. I wasn’t here for Renaissance One, but I hear there were about a thousand people that changed the world at that time. Think of the shift from medieval world view to the Enlightenment, to the Renaissance, to democracy, to science, and how interesting it is that that whole shift from the time of the Enlightenment to the present has both created the glories of civilisation and the disaster that might affect our entire environment! This is more than cultural, it’s more than religious; it’s environmental, it’s the actual living system of planet earth has been affected by the growth of the intelligence and the brilliance of human civilisation and human power. So, here we are alive now, in time for Renaissance Two. And how many of us will it take to shift our world system from what appears to be devolution and possible collapse of our biosphere to evolution, transformation, and the unlimited and actually unknown future?

    My sense of it is: There are enough of us now, on this planet, in every field, in every function, in every category, in every religion [sic!], in every age, who are holding within us an impulse for creativity, for compassion, for innovation, for applying the sophistication and genius of business to the business of evolving the world. But we haven’t been brought together. We are separate at all the different places of this country and of the world, and ‘Renaissance 2,’ the conference and the process, is designed to bring together the co-creators of the new world. I cannot think of a more important function.

    Now, how would a conference and a process bring together the innovators, the creators, the people who want to participate in responding to the crisis and helping to create a world equal to our potential? We need a new social function to do it. It isn’t just about bringing lots of leaders together and making declarations and making statements.It’s a function of social synergy that hasn’t existed and couldn’t have existed until we had the internet and the communication systems of the modern world. What ‘Renaissance 2′ and the Great Shift, that is being designed by Robin Wood and others, is to take and develop a new social function, and here it is, in simple terms: It’s to scan for, map, connect, and communicate what’s working in the world to mobilise it for action [!]. If you can imagine a wheel to represent the whole system with every basic function within it – health, education, economics, environment, energy, relationships, spirituality -, now, imagine the function scan for what’s working in every one of those sectors. I have envisioned it as far more sophisticated than our war-rooms that scan for enemies and how to defeat them. This would be scanning for innovation, creativity, and how to map it, first of all.

    What would it mean to map what’s working? In another way, the way I see it, it’s part of a new living system. There are organs in the social body that are now forming. For example, in health: there are many different aspects of health. You would cluster together those parts of health that are working, those parts of education that are working, those parts of new energy systems that are working, and what you would begin to see, just by scanning and mapping, you would see the emerging world in our midst,now. Now, if we are facing a crisis of a very short time frame, and we’re told we have all these huge things to do, it’s disheartening. But if we start noticing what we’re already doing that’s innovative and creative, and see it as a map of an emerging whole system, first of all we’ll be encouraged, but secondly we’re going to begin to see what to do next. So you have scanning, mapping, and then connecting. One of the great functions of ‘Renaissance 2,’ as it helps scanning and mapping, is to connect us, so that the different parts of the system know what each other is doing, meet each other, and, as I understand it, form crucibles, actual working organic structures, where people who are drawn to innovation and creativity in different sectors of the field will continue to work together and become teams. And, what World Shift Alliance, World Shift Process is working toward, is – as we scan, map, connect, and communicate – we’re synergising and we’re inviting people to find partners, to find team-mates, to match needs with resources, so we develop the natural connectivity of a new social organism that’s forming in our midst.

    It’s a strange thing about the human nervous system and the human media: it’s very sensitive to everything that doesn’t work. If our own nervous system only communicated to us our pain, our brokenness [sic!!!], and our dysfunctionalities, we’d be a nervous wreck. Now, I just want to mention briefly the question of timing. What we hear is that the environmental crises, what Ervin László calls the ‘state of global emergencies,’ are speeding up so fast that we don’t have hundreds of years, like from the first Renaissance, we have ten years, twenty years, nobody knows exactly, that means you have to go non-linear [!!!] in order to have action that could possibly be quickened up. My own sense is that there’s a timing as to when the great convergence of that which is creative naturally happens. People are picking 2012 [sic!!!]; it doesn’t really matter exactly what the date is, but we might as well go toward great convergence as soon as possible [!]. I invite you to come to ‘Renaissance 2′ in Perpignan, France. I will be there with the greatest pleasure and privilege to know that this is happening on earth now. – And, thank you, Robin Wood and all who have put it together. – See you soon!


Watch that 7-minute-video here: – This little address by Barbara Marx Hubbard (just as BMH’s whole pro-Soviet, pro-New-Age, and pro-’Green’ engagement) certainly is a case in point demonstrating the threefold nature of the beast at work: It’s a) communist, b) theosophist/Luciferian, and c) supposedly environmentalist, at the same time (by colours, one could say it is black&white just as it is red and green)! In other words, the Satanic ‘main body’ of Rosicrucianism and High-grade Freemasonry turns out as operating through two seemingly separate arms (for which purpose they were created back in the 19th century, in the first place, when both were still forming one and the same subversive milieu!), political socialism/communism on the one hand, and ‘esotericist’-Luciferic Theosophy/New Age on the other, both equally anti-religion, anti-tradition, and anti-man (thus, one can include scandalous eugenics that ultimately seeks, with a variety of ‘reasonable’ excuses or just by using stealth, worldwide depopulation below 10% of present levels), with the supposedly noble Green cause (and who doesn’t want a healthy and clean environment and the well-being of plants and animals!) having been usurped by these forces as a vehicle to gradually subject the formerly free societies (whether First-world or Third-world) to an ever tighter regime of suicidal de-industrialisation and overall economic contraction, merciless taxation and blanket surveillance, and thus impoverishment, enslavement, and death (except for those willing to go along), all solely for the purpose of creating the most horrendous tyranny on the face of the earth ever known (and this time, the methodology seems to be a great deal colder, more technocratic and anonymous, with the result that there won’t be martyrs becoming known or famous but simply neighbours, colleagues, relatives, or friends quietly disappearing; remember the method of ‘vaporisation’ in Orwell’s ’1984′? Those ‘vaporised,’ i.e. the ones taken out and killed, are completely deleted: they have just never existed). No doubt, this ‘agenda’ – as in the case of German National Socialism and Russian Bolshevism – IS utterly insane, but, nevertheless, it is REAL. The reason it exists is to be found in the now mostly forgotten existence of an utterly hostile spiritual anti-force, once known by people as the devil, Satan, or Lucifer, to whom the whole of today’s pyramid of world power is subservient, knowingly at its top, and more or less unkowingly, we can assume, at its base.

Also, pay attention to the slowly moving geometrical configurations in the background of that video. Just at the beginning, one can see a possible allusion to a Satanic inverted pentagram, that’s mostly hidden behind Barbara Marx Hubbard or outside the camera angle.

Here it is outlined by this author. – Makes sense? Sure it does!

A few seconds later, there comes into the picture what appears to be the key Masonic symbol of an Egyptian pyramid. What a surprise!

3. “We are alright in the shelter. The 33.” – A further hidden meaning? As the 33 represents the hidden power elite, the apex of their Masonic pyramid of power, what inevitably comes to mind is a possible covert meaning of that handwritten message (that already consists, as described above, of 33 characters, when including the empty spaces between the words): Could that phrase have been a bold and cynical allusion to a future scenario in which the common man would be stranded in whatever plague or catastrophe “comes along,” whereas these all-powerful people just go underground for a while into their subterranean luxury resorts to most relaxedly sit out the “culling of the herd” going on at the earth’s surface? Such a possibility is greatly supported not only by the existence of such well-equipped long-term underground shelters for the selected but also by the existence of a stranger-than-strange, supposedly scientific complex on the far-off arctic archipelago of Svalbard, that is part of Norway. Merely 500 miles from the north pole, in the permafrost of 78° northern latitude, was built this more than dubious Global Seed Vault, co-financed interestingly by the seed giant Monsanto and by Bill Gates, who is meanwhile well-known for his eugenicist views. The idea is to store millions of plant seeds in the depth of a mountain at a constant temperature of -18° C and in an extreme low-oxygen environment so to provide optimum conservation. The project, naturally, has been wonderfully endorsed by UN and EU figures and hailed as a “frozen Garden Eden” resp. a second Noah’s Ark. Yet, especially if one considers that supposed ’Climate Change’ is but a giant hoax, the burning question arises: why that project??? Indeed, this seed vault is a key element in the puzzle we try to put together so to understand what may lie ahead. There is no real logical explanation for that seed bank’s existence, unless one envisages not so much an extremely unlikely natural world catastrophe, but a planned and fabricated catastrophe, that would in due time, according to the movers’ and shakers’ evil plans, brutally become manifest reality (and, given the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima disasters, that process seems to have been launched already). If one considers, for a brief moment, that they could even go as far as, by whatever more devilish means, to deliberately destroy the whole world’s fauna and flora (a result as can be seen in the heartbreaking movie, “The Road”), and then have the only seeds left, on which the whole surviving humankind would be completely dependent, then that seed bank in the chilling surrounding of the Polar Sea would “make sense,” at least according to the Satanic conspiracy’s upside-down logic!

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Spitsbergen, Norway: entrance (click to enlarge)

Svalbard Global Seed Vault: diagram of the complex (click to enlarge)

4. The duration of the drilling of the Plan-B bore hole, through which the miners were then brought up: As can be read on the various sources, there were 3 potential rescue holes being drilled by different firms and with different equipment. These three individual undertakings were named Plan A, B, and C. Plan B succeeded in reaching down to the miners’ shelter and establishing the necessary width for the Fénix capsule (using, by the way, a machine named ‘Miracle’!); it was through this bore hole of either 66 cm (2×33) or 70 cm diameter (depending on the source) that the 33 men were rescued. Now, the drilling of that hole took from September 5, starting somewhere during the day, until October 9, 8:05 a.m. local time, which is a bit less than 34, i.e. 33 days! Again, all coincidence?

5. The peculiar paint of the rescue capsule: No doubt, the paint of the rescue capsule was supposed to reflect the colours of the Chilean national flag. However, the way the colours were arranged, it looked more like a reference to the the “New Russia’s” tricolore flag. Some communist hidden hand involved? An echo of the days of Allende? Respectively, an hommage to the growing communisation of the whole of Latin America?

National flag of Chile

The Russian tricolore (that substituted the old Soviet Red Flag with hammer & sickle after the Soviet Union was “dissolved” in late 1991)

6. The name of the first miner to be brought up: As was said due to his good physical and mental condition, 31-year-old Florencio Ávalos was the first miner to be pulled up through the 700 m of solid rock. He emerged from the subterranean darkness to the star-lit night sky of the Atacama desert just 11 minutes after midnight; thus, during his 15-minute-voyage back, the calendar page turned to the 13th, 13 being, as mentioned earlier, the symbol of death and rebirth. The choice, however, of this particular miner as the first to be pulled up might well have been determined by the obvious symbolism of his name. Florencio comes pretty close to “Florestan,” the captive in Beethoven’s “liberation opera,” Fidelio, that essentially deals with the Masonic theme of “per aspera ad astra,” (i.e. through hardship to the stars) resp. “ex tenebris ad lucem” (i.e. from darkness to light), and plays in Spain! In that opera, a political prisoner by name of Florestan is unjustly held captive in the depths of a state prison. His loving wife, Leonore, in the guise of a young man and calling herself Fidelio, succeeds in being employed by that prison so that she can find out about her husband. Ultimately, she is allowed down to a hidden dungeon, where she recognises one political prisoner kept in isolation indeed as her beloved Florestan. The opera ends with the solemn rehabilitation and release of Florestan from his misery. – In line with the Florestan theme (Florestan returns back to life from a sub-human existence in complete darkness and isolation) as well as in line with the firmly established fake Darwinian idea of evolution of man, whether biological or cultural, we see the evolutionists’ clear fingerprint by the publication of that quite humiliating photograph (shown further above) taken via a remote-controlled mini-camera that showed the men very much as pre-historic half-naked people of the Stone Age sitting in their cave! Thus, this photo underlines the perverse pride and hubris of the Masonically controlled “Modern Era,” that defames everything that came before their allegedly glorious Renaissance period as dark, primitive, and entrenched in ungrounded superstition. They boldly deny the high and noble cultural and, first of all, spiritual standards of the Middle Ages (whose legacy they have been working overtime for centuries to wipe out as completely as they could), the Middle Ages being for them – again, perfect Satanic inversion – merely the “Dark Ages,” just as what they call ‘superstition’ is nothing else but the authentic and full-hearted faith in the True and Eternal God!!! On the other hand, their version of ‘light’ is the cold light of their so-called Enlightenment, whose primary basis is denial of everything Divine and thus of all Truth, Goodness, and Beautyproperly so called. In other words: their supposed light, in reality, is pitchblack Satanic darkness, that’s what it is!

Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio: Prisoner’s Chorus (drawing by John Pascoe); the prisoners briefly enjoy the fresh air of the day before returning into the darkness of their captivity: “Up here alone is life!” (Beethoven was almost certainly a Freemason himself, whether with or without apron.)

Yet, that miner’s family name, Ávalos, appears at least as interesting as it refers to the mythical land of Avalon that is linked with the medieval Arthurian and Camelot legends. The whole New Age is obsessed with these themes (as were the occultists of Nazi Germany, whose ominous Thule Society was an offspring of Theosophy), central among them the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail. The imagination of a mystical otherworld such as Avalon also resembles and interlinks with all those concepts of a sunk civilisation believed to have been Atlantis (not to mention another shadowy cosmos extremely dear to the Satanic occultists: that of the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet, that is, not recognised by many in the West, purest magic). And again, with that key word of Atlantis we end up at Francis Bacon’s utopian writing of 1624/27, “New Atlantis: or Voyage to the Land of  the Rosicrucians.” So, the choice of having Florencio Ávalos embark first on the journey from darkness to light, from lostness to a mythical promised land, indeed indicates and confirms a deeply esoteric or occult motive in this whole undertaking, one might say.

7The shirts in which the miners came up from the depth of the mountain: As each of the miners stepped out of the rescue capsule, every one of them, he was seen with an extremely disturbing shirt on. That shirt had a sort of deconstructed Chilean flag on it, but look closely: the five-pointed star is almost exactly put upside down, resembling a Satanic inverted pentagram! Worse: On top of that star, there is the duplicitous phrase in both Spanish and English, “Gracias Señor!”/”Thank you Lord!” Now, what “lord” was more than obviously addressed by that? God in Heaven? No way. After everything shown, this gratitude goes surely out to Freemasonry’s “Grand Architect of the Universe” resp. Lucifer, the light-bearer, the prince of the world, the arch-enemy, the old serpent, to Satan, the fallen one. It’s quite amazing to see their boldness as well as childishness as they consider themselves to be ‘initiates’ and the rest of mankind to be idiots. The exact opposite is true!    

8. The reception at the Presidential Palace at Santiago:  Beside the 33, always pops up the 11 that is said to be a key symbolic number in Satanism; Frédéric Lionel (1908-1999), a French more or less independent theosophist not too far from Teilhard de Chardin or Sri Aurobindo, who also wrote several books on astrology and the Tarot, firmly expressed his doubts regarding the established sequence of the Grand Arcanes to be correct, and believed that the card “The Devil” initially wasn’t the 15, but the 11; given Lionel’s very active role in the midst of some of the most prominent “spiritualist visionaries and futurists” of the 20th century, he most likely was a man in the know… – 11 days after their rescue, the “transformed” miners were received by Chilean President Piñera in the Blue Room of the Presidential Palace in the capital Santiago. The date: October 24th: United Nations Day!!! What a script, and what choreography: the end point being the very communistic structure designed for taking over the governing powers of the whole world! And it was even, suitably, the Blue Room where the 33 were received. Blue is the colour of the UN (and of the coming Luciferic age: watch major political celebrations, rock concerts, openings of big sports events etc.: it’s now always in deep blue; just as we have “Blue Tooth” and “Blue Stream,” “Blue Efficiency,” “Blue Beam,” and what not. Blue is the colour, if we put aside for a moment the Christian context, of the MIND! And Lucifer is mind; is electricity! Which is why, if we think about it, we should all pray for the complete vanishing of electric power (!), not in order to return to the Stone Age but to be freedfrom this overall madness that is about to turn us all into a bunch of cyborgs as for the ‘selected’ resp. an endless ocean of corpses as for the ‘less fortunate.’ – Also for Chile herself, the timing of this Masonic mega-show seemed to be of some significance: In the middle of the miners’ drama, Chile celebrated the 200th anniversary of her first historic step towards independence on September 18, 1810, when the country proclaimed herself as an autonomous republic, albeit still within the Spanish monarchy (full independence was reached in 1818). Thus, we have yet another indication for a thoroughly staged event, as opposed to a random accident. And doesn’t the Chilean coat of arms most beautifully fit the spirit at work then, when monarchy gave way to a republican system, as well as at work today, as the ultimate “Republic” led by a self-appointed, unaccountable circle of detached ‘wise men (and women)’ is extremely close to establish their age-old vision of an absurd Platonic “philosophers’ reign,” that in reality is going to be mere technocratic tyranny, and nothing else (and let’s not forget, they still have some ‘saviour’ Antichrist figure in store to delude the world)? Take note of the motto on the Chilean coat of arms depicted below: It means, “By reason, or by force”: The very Masonic/Illuminati mentality – manipulative, ruthless, oppressive – that now threatens the most fundamental essence of human existence (and that was expressed very similarly on February 7, 1950 in an adress to the United States Senate by American Banker James Paul Warburg, son of infamous all-powerful Paul Warburg who had played a key role in 1913 in submitting the U.S. economy to the criminal private syndicate known as the “Federal Reserve System,” not to mention his and his allied bankers’ deadly role in installing communist tyranny in Russia in 1917 and pushing socialism all over the place. The quote by James Paul Warburg, well-known anyway: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.


Nevertheless, as we sum up this peculiar drama, it does give hope: For, despite the obvious Masonic fingerprints, for the majority of the public, whether in Chile or abroad, it rather seemed to trigger the very ‘superstition’ (using the term of the revolutionaries) otherwise known as FAITH, that is so much hated by the godless conspirators! Such obviously unintended outcome reminds of the famous Yiddish proverb, “Man thinks, and God laughs” (orig. “Der mentsh trakht, un Got lakht”). Whereas Psalms 127:1 (KJV) clearly points out the ‘longevity’ of godless, tyrannical systems: “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh [but] in vain.” And John, the author of the Book of Revelation, provides us with a glorious prospect, at last (Rev. 21:1-4, KJV), bold print by this author: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God [is] with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, [and be] their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”


*    *    *




[yet to be written …]


*    *    *





(This last bit was written in early December 2011). As we are now coming closer and closer to the year 2012, all those 2012-doomsday-scenarios infused into our brains over a long time again rise up in front of us: Will the earth be hit by a comet? Will some sudden climatic catastrophe wipe us out; or some sort of planetary ‘shift’? As one looks at the sources of these fears and expectations – movie industry, the media, and the whole of the New Age – it becomes fairly clear there is a concerted will to manipulate the public into a sense of angst, hopelessness, and despair (on top of the very real crisis facing us already). – This author is in the position to offer a very different angle, which unfortunately is neither scientific in the modern sense of the word nor revisable by most people, but let’s give it a try.

Now in his late forties (and despite being a believer in GOD and not in magic), the author has been a passionate student of Classical Astrology for three decades (having studied in the 1980s with one of the last true geniuses in this round) and can rightly call himself now a scholar in that field. The religions know why they are so suspicious of this discipline, as it opens the door to all sorts of misconceptions and delusions (whereas Masonry, on the other hand, knows well why it is ridiculing astrology in public). This said, the author has through the 30 years of his intense astrological practice nevertheless reached at a point of absolute certainty regarding the accuracy, if we want to call it that, of astrology: astrology very much works. One can’t influence things with it (though many people believe so), one can’t even use it as a ‘crystal ball’ (which would all belong to the sphere of questionable magic); astrology shouldn’t be practised as a religion or a path of salvation, it just isn’t; astrology merely watches! That’s all. But from this watching, if based on proper knowledge and experience, can arise certain insights, whatever vague, at first glance, they may appear. Things get much more convincing as soon as one delves into the huge retrospective field of historical astrological analysis as in due time one can find certain regularities resp. patterns. One such pattern, that the author would like to present to the reader, even to the reader unaware of or uninterested in this field, is a pattern about to occur from mid 2012 to early 2015 and that, as a matter of historical fact, has always gone hand in hand with major revolutions; in fact, none of the grand revolutions, from the French Revolution, to the Revolution of 1848, to the 1917 Bolshevist Revolution in Russia, the Hitlerian revolutionary takeover of Germany in 1933 (after all, they too were socialist revolutionaries), to the Maoist Revolution of 1949, to the landslide revolutionary coup within the Catholic Church during the Second Vatican Council completed in December 1965, to 1987 proclaimed ‘Perestroika,’ which in Gorbachev’s own book published in 1987 under the title ‘Perestroika’ was openly apostrophised as “the second Russian Revolution,” none of these events went without that astrological signum, a signum due, in a new variation of course, in the coming years 2012 to 2015. This has nothing to do with the widespread speculations supposedly based on the Mayan calendar; rather, we are talking about the astronomically precise and accurate movements of the planets of our solar system, albeit interpreted symbolically by astrological means. Also, where this author is now heading isn’t geological cataclysms of any sort, but: REVOLUTION; communist world revolution (which is why, in this author’s opinion, this overall 2012 horror has been established, in the first place: to create a general sense of lethargy, or to distract people’s attention onto something completely far off so they won’t watch out for the very real monster of communism coming closer and closer, most likely to stand directly in front of them in 2012). So, what is that signum, and how can it be seen in retrospect with the revolutions that have already haunted mankind through the last couple of centuries?

That ‘signum’ is the critical aspects (i.e. angles measured by ecliptical longitude) between the planets Uranus and Pluto, meaning conjunction, opposition, square, semisquare, and one-and-a-half-square. Uranus and Pluto make an interesting pair, so to speak, as they represent utter rebellion and negation. Ruling over the zodiacal signs of Aquarius and Aries (NOT Scorpio, as has been written everywhere, mainly since the 1970s), the two planets, especially in combination, and especially in a violent stellium among each other, indeed are the key ingredients for revolution (which doesn’t mean that revolution needs to be a spontaneous thing, it never is, but it is always an act of fundamental overthrow, of chaos, of inversion, and madness, including of course insane violence, and always driven by a concerted, immeasurably destructive agenda that seeks to erect, as has been widely discussed in this article, a perverse counterfeit of the world and of man, as opposed to the way they were created by God).

Here is the astrological documentation of this clear correlation between grand revolutions and critical Uranus-Pluto aspects, which subsequently allows us to expect a very similar development for the coming three years (and let’s keep in mind: 2017 will be a very ceremonial time mark for the unchanged Bolshevists in the Kremlin: it’ll be the centennial of their ‘glorious’ October Revolution of 1917). Note that Uranus has an 84-year cycle, whereas one Pluto cycle takes about  247 years, the latter along an extremely excentrical and very elliptical orbit; thus, the two meet each other not in constant intervals, but between two successive conjunctions can be a time difference anywhere from 111 to 143 years (here are the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the last 2,500 years: 577/76 B.C. in Taurus, 437 B.C. in Capricorn, 323 B.C. in Taurus, 182 B.C. in Aquarius, 70 B.C. in Taurus, 74 A.D. in Aquarius, 185/86 in Gemini, 328 in Aquarius, 439/40 in Gemini, 582/83 in Pisces, 693 in Cancer, 836/37 in Pisces, 947 in Cancer, 1090 in Aries, 1201 in Cancer, 1343/44 in Aries, 1455/56 in Leo, 1597/98 in Aries, 1710 in Leo, 1850/51 in Aries, 1965/66 in Virgo, and 2104 in Taurus).

1. The French Revolution: If one looks at the planetary positions of July 14, 1789, when that revolution was pulled off with the storm of the Bastille, one finds Pluto at 18° Aquarius (in the sign of Uranus!), and Uranus in the opposing sign of Leo (the sign of the monarchy), but yet at 5° Leo. However, with the start of the revolution, its goal was still far from accomplished: the destruction of the monarchy, and, if ‘necessary,’ the killing of King Louis XVI. and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. Sure enough, the exact opposition of Uranus and Pluto, that occurred in this case 5 times (astrology functions geocentrically, not heliocentrically), at the first time happened on September 19, 1792, just two days before the proclamation of the Republic, in other words two days before the abolition of the Monarchy, on September 21, 1792. How is that! With Uranus turning retrograde on November 28, 1792, the second exact opposition occurs on the eve of January 21, 1793, merely 12 hours after the shameful execution of King Louis XVI!!! The remaining 3 oppositions marked fairly exactly the period of Robespierre’s Jacobinian Terreur from early June 1793 to his downfall and execution on July 27, 1794, which ended the worst period of the revolution, but didn’t, of course, revoke its political legacy. – This first event, because it is the mother of all revolutions, so to speak, truly is a marvellous astrological case in point as for the connection between Uranus-Pluto aspects and revolutions. And, it’s really no wonder that the same astrological fingerprint keeps coming up  again and again every time a new revolution is launched somewhere, given the fact that all these revolutions are carefully planned and staged by the very same forces who stop at nothing to get on with their project of a world ultimately thrown into complete nothingness. (Also, one can take into consideration the fact that the planet Uranus was discovered by Herschel merely 8 years before the storm of the Bastille, as if the principle of inversion had now for the first time entered the stage of world history, and inversion IS the main characteristic with Uranus, which is why you find that principle so dominant in the natal charts, as well as pre-birth new moon charts, of all sorts of ‘avantgardists,’ who deem themselves so very special and distinct from the rest without realising that they are mostly fanaticised, hopelessly narcissistic, dysfunctional, and in many cases outright crazy.)

2. The July Revolution 1830 in France: In this case, Uranus and Pluto formed a ‘harmonious’ sextile (60°) aspect. Yet, powerfully, Uranus in his own sign of Aquarius and Pluto in his own sign of Aries! Thus, the revolution of 1830 was a major stepping stone on the road from the French Revolution up to the Revolution of 1848!

3. The Revolution 1848: Here we have a conjunct of Uranus and Pluto in Pluto’s explosive own sign of Aries; the precise conjunct, however, didn’t occur before 1850. The Revolution of 1848 gave birth to Marx’s Communist Manifesto and, thus, to the formulation of that deadly and devilish political ideology, or should one say: that revolutionary sect known as the Communists. The instance that this was a conjunction of the two planets indeed illustrates the beginning of a new cycle of revolutionary zeal, the powerful initial spark of a grand and horrible undertaking.

4. The Foundation of the Theosophical Society in 1875: Suitably, also the ‘spiritual’ arm of the conspiracy, so-called Theosophy, made a major step forward with a Uranus-Pluto aspect (an approximate square between Leo and Taurus) when giving itself a firm structure known as the Theosophical Society. The Masonic-Gnostic influence in this stream is well-known, so is the deeply Satanic intent: to sweep Christianity, and every traditional religion, once and for all from the face of the earth. All pseudo-spiritual gobbledegook serves merely to delude the naive and draw them into their syncretist ‘belief system’ that, as a main characteristic, couldn’t be any further from the faith in God!   

(In 1901/02, there was an opposition between Uranus and Pluto, yet in the intellectual signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. Einstein must have been already working on his Special Theory of Relativity, Freud was about to develop his awkward system of ‘Psychoanalysis;’ both greatly paving the way – on top of Voltaire, Feuerbach, Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche – towards further secularisation and apostasy.) 

5. The October Revolution of 1917 in Russia: November 7, 1917 (by Gregorian calendar count), the day of the storming of the Winter Palace at Petrograd and final rise to power of the Bolsheviks around Lenin and Trotsky. The victory of the revolution in formerly Tsarist Russia at the same time established the future base for spreading this evil throughout the world. Uranus at 19° Aquarius (domicile!) in one-and-a-half square with Pluto at 5° Cancer (the final founding of the Soviet Union in December 1922 then happened with a closed Grand Trine of Uranus in Pisces, Pluto in Cancer, and Jupiter in Scorpio!).

6. The 1933 Nazi takeover in Germany: As is mostly being forgotten, also the German National Socialists were socialist revolutionaries, as were Mussolini’s Fascists in Italy. The ‘Deutsche Volksgemeinschaft’ wasn’t too far from the Soviet classless society; also the Nazis dreamt of a New Man; also they persecuted, beside Jewry, faith as a whole, as their new system at the same time represented a new ‘religion’ (or rather: demonic cult) every German had now to render his allegiance to. It is a fairy tale that National Socialism (resp. so-called Fascism) is the natural antipode to socialism/communism. In reality, these two totalitarian and Satanic ideologies were extremely similar and thus: competitors; not natural enemies! The real enemy of both being, however, like with the French Revolution, the thrones and the altars  and every aspect of traditional society whatsoever! – Hitler and his fellow occultists rose to power exactly at a square (90° angle) of Uranus and Pluto in Aries and Cancer, that was exact on March 8, 1933. This is significant, as it shows that Hitler’s inauguration as Chancellor on January 30, 1933 – still by legal means, lest we forget – wasn’t the full bit yet. Four weeks later, on February 27, 1933, the Reichstag in Berlin was on fire: as is well-known today, a Nazi provocation. Within less than another four weeks, on March 24, 1933, Hitler dissolved the German parliament and grabbed full power for himself and his Nazi clique. From that day onwards until the end of World War II, Germany was a dictatorship, worse: a tyranny. – It is not without conicidence that at the same time in the United States, a man came to power who was eager to install socialism in America (FDR).

7. The 1949 Maoist Revolution in China: The autumn of 1949, when Mao Zedong came to power, showed an approximate semisquare (45°) between Uranus and Pluto. The astrological situation is slightly less prominent than in 1917 or 1933, which also makes sense if we realise that communist China was and is basically an extension of the Soviet Union (as are Mongolia, North Korea, most of Indochina, not to mention all those unfortunate countries in Africa and Latin America that were ‘liberated’ by communist butchers)!

8. The Completion of the Second Vatican Council in late 1965: In the years of 1965/66, there was again, after 1850, the most powerful aspect you can ever get: a conjunct. Indeed, that so-called Council, through which the Masons finally took over the whole of the Catholic Church, was even frankly termed by progressivist priests as “the French Revolution within the Church.” Since then, that formerly timeless religious body has been brought down nearly to the level of extinction, with no institution or spiritual authority left that would stand up against the rising tide of totalitarianism.

9. 1986: Chernobyl; 1987: The Perestroika Propaganda Campaign (‘Perestroika: The Second Russian Revolution’): Two years after having succeeded Konstantin Chernenko in the post of General Secretary of the CPSU, and after thorough internal preparations, Mikhail Gorbachev announces the supposed new policy of Perestroika (i.e. restructuring, albeit of the West!!!). This new phase of longterm communist strategy directly led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and, in 1991, even the abolition of the CPSU and the Soviet Union altogether; as the foundation for a gradual merger with Western Europe. Yet, in reality, all alleged changes within the communist bloc were and have remained: cosmetic. There has been no change. Thus, 1987, the year of the launching of Perestroika, that the West took at face value, marked the starting shot of the deception of the millennium so to manipulate the West (except for those Western elites in the know) into letting down its guard and to embark on a suicidal road of basically selling to the communists the very rope on which the West sooner or later would hang. This late summer of 1987 was accompanied by a sharp semisquare between Uranus and Pluto (as had been the nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl in April 1986, which some analysts such as the late Christopher Story even doubted to have been an accident, but wondered whether this could have possibly been a monstrous real-life nuclear war exercise).

The question now lies in front of us, as clear as the blue sky: Is the world to expect the final act of the world revolution in those coming three years, when Uranus and Pluto will form, seven times, a powerful square (90°) between Aries and Capricorn (two cardinal signs, and at the same time horned signs, with Uranus being in the sign ruled by Pluto)? The current state of affairs, politically, economically, and militarily, couldn’t be any more foreboding: the communists seem now to be waiting for the suitable moment to finally crush the previously Free World once and for all (as Khrushchev predicted 50 years ago, “We will bury you!”). A worldwide communist takeover, with or without war, is imminent. (The first of the seven exact aspect dates will be June 24, 2012; the last, March 17, 2015. So, for those inclined to go along with the ‘programme’: there won’t be much time left to learn the text and melody of the Internationale …)




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